Ukrainian Parliament Moves to Make ‘Unauthorized’ Contacts with Russia Illegal


Ukrainian Parliament Moves to Make 'Unauthorized' Contacts with Russia Illegal

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Members of Ukrainian parliament proposed legislation that would punish all unauthorized “separate negotiations” with Russia.

The authors of the bill suggest that any attempt to establish any sort of rapport with officials of the “aggressor state” be equated with treason. This would mean that a member of Ukrainian parliament cannot negotiate with a Russian official on any issue, whatsoever, since it could be deemed as treason.

For this crime, MPs wish to send the guilty party to prison for a term of 13 to 15 years with a possible confiscation of property.

The same bill prescribes punishment for mass media that disseminate information justifying “aggression against Ukraine and/or the occupation of the territory of Ukraine”.

According to the MPs, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting should have the right to fine the guilty media.

Separately, budget payments were blocked in Ukraine, as a sort of Christmas gift to citizens.

Budget payments in Ukraine were halted. A message appeared on the Finance Ministry’s Facebook page that the Treasury would pay the payments that were registered in December “after analyzing their priority.” The reason is a severe lack of funds.

Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk instructed the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the State Treasury ceases making payments and records budget expenditure obligations. This is allegedly done to reduce the budget deficit.

This means that there will be no payments by the end of the year,” said Alexander Slobozhan, executive director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

The restrictions will not affect the so-called protected items – pensions, public sector salaries, social benefits, etc.

But various development projects such as construction, investment, infrastructure projects, etc., as Slobozhan says, will be “put on a file cabinet”, meaning they will either not be given money for them at all, or will be divided manually.

As the State Treasury Service reported, as of December 18th, the income to the budget was fulfilled up to 89.8%. The deficit in the budget since the beginning of the year exceeded 100 billion hryvnia ($4.3 billion). At the same time, about 38 billion ($1.8 billion) were missed by customs.

The main reason for the chronic shortage of funds is a sharp strengthening of the hryvnia. This led to a decrease in revenue from duties that are tied to the dollar or euro, as well as import VAT.

“The information that we have certain shortfalls in the state budget is true,” Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said. “Indeed, certain programs will not be financed before the end of the year.”

The authorities are forced to not only recognize the problem, but also urgently look for ways to solve it. After all, there is simply no money to finance all the articles planned for the expenditure side. That is, either it is necessary to revise the budget, increasing its deficit, which the IMF is unlikely to like, which closely monitors precisely this budget indicator, or turn on the printing press.

Thus, payments were stopped.

Finally, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to recognize the merits of the Nazi-infested Volunteer battalions and deem all of their fighters as “combatants.”

In particular, the law allows members of the volunteer battalions, who participated in the operations to “defend Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty during the anti-terrorist operation and were not part of any law enforcement agency, to obtain the official combatant status, as well as social guarantees in line with the law of Ukraine on veterans and their families.”

The law provides for the granting of the combatant status to those who participated in the ATO for at least 30 calendar days (including the total number of days spent in the ATO).

Essentially, the Nazi “defenders of democracy” are being recognized as heroes, white supremacism receives further verification, and more funds from the struggling budget will be given to these new veterans.

In terms of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Special OSCE representative in Ukraine Martin Sajdik that the Trilateral Contact Group had agreed on the exchange of prisoners by the end of 2019, in the remaining 8 days, as it was announced on December 23rd.

“During today’s videoconference, the Trilateral Contact Group, with participation of representatives of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, reached an agreement on a mutual release and exchange of conflict-related detainees by the end of the year,” said Sajdik’s statement.

Whether that will happen or Kiev will, once again, sabotage attempts towards a peaceful settlement remain in question.



  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Still happy to live off the shirt tails of the “aggressor state” but not to have normalized relations just as long as Washington pays bribes not to do so.

    • Z.P.

      They do not that because of “bribes” only.
      But for their own survival.
      Since their identity and reason of existence is based on everything anti-Russian.
      If the relations with Russia normalize in any possible way. Ukraine will not be hijacked and controlled by them any more. And they will not be in position any more to rip off Ukraine as much as they want, for their own interests only.
      In US for example country is stolen by “deep state” while in Ukraine country is stolen by oligarchs and neo-NAZI’s (on anti Russian slogan).

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Bwahahahahaha WTF…them Filthy fuckn Ukro-Ashke-ZioNazi Traitors dare to Speak of TREASON??!! That is the TYPICAL ZIONAZI WAY….always blame the others! Keep it up ZioNazis…perhaps your Sabbatean Magic will return some day…Keep praying to Baphomet….😂😂😂

    What a pathetic Clowns…Who has put that Comedian up there?!

    • FlorianGeyer

      It appears that the Ukie leaders have gone Full Retard as they try to emulate the US clowns and worship US Democratic Values :)

      Whereas, in the real world the Ukranian citizens have suffered terrible depravation since the US backed illegal coup in 2014. Depravation that is is wholly due to US and NATO intervention in Ukraine, and the average Ukranian citizens are now living the American nightmare.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Ukrainians could & should have known what it means when you invite AngloZioNazis to come over….They always Completely fuck up your Country, Steal Everything you’ve got, leaving your country behind Completely Raped & Destroyed with a nice huge Debt…It definitely tells us something about the Intelligence of the Ukrainian Peoples…they had it comin’….And this UkroNazi Clown-Puppet reminds me of all the other European Puppeticians…ALL COMPLETELY RETARDED FOOLSss…what a friggin embarrassment…

        • FlorianGeyer

          ” .who DID?!! ”

          Braindead Libtard Cunts perhaps. :)

          They all lack a sense of humour as well.

  • Daily Beatings

    We have legislators in the US trying this all the time, they’re called Democrats. When someone else is in the White House, they’re called Republicans. So what’s new?

  • JustPassingThrough

    UE is getting funnier each day.
    Must have been a black friday sale on lobotomies.

  • Peter Jennings

    All this talk of defending Ukraine is a side show. They will be fighting for isreal soon enough, when Ukraine is reclaimed by zionists as their ancestral home. The greater isreal cannot expand without more fascists.

  • chris chuba

    Just saw a commercial on FOX noting the alarming rise in nazi based anti-Semitism in ‘Karkhiv, a city in the former Soviet Union’, complete with showing a map of the old USSR in red with the Hammer and Sickel. I noticed that they avoided mentioning that Karkhiv is a city in UKRAINE. Everything bad has to be tied to Russia, once you associate yourself with the U.S. it’s like a cleansing baptism, you are white as snow.

    Seriously, these people are deranged propagandists.

  • AM Hants

    The only thing that interests me with regards Ukraine, is which mentor the comedian will side with. Koloimoisky/Avakov or team Soros/Pinchuk.

  • Vitex

    Strange that little bob has nothing to say about this failed state

  • AM Hants

    There is a very good video, over on Stalker Zone, running through the history of Ukraine, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991. What they were promised and what they got. It is a long video, but, well worth viewing and with some wonderfully descriptive views, that your imagination can link into.

    Whether is be comparing Ukraine to a life without haemorhoids, which you have suffered for the previous 30 years. Or, this:

    “Terrible trials and wars with Russia, will make them Ukrainians. The nation is above all and that all this is in the name of the nation. Even poverty, devestation, suffering and death.

    If you do not believe me, then read Dmity Dontsov, the official ideologist of Banderists and now their current nationalistic followers argue in exactly the same way. Just fantastic blockheads. Why are they blockheads? Well, because they still live in a land world of illusions, ignoring reality with the persistence of idiots.

    The fact is that the situation that has developed in Ukraine, the so called Ukrainian nation, will never be formed. Because no nation can be formed on the conditions of distinction, degeneration, degradation and active migration. Moreover in such conditions, those idiots who believed in the ideological abracadabra of Stephan Bandera, will be set to zero. I don’t understand what kind of a fool decided that a nation might arise in a situation of rapid depoparisation.

    For example, in this year in Ukraine there were only 47 live births per 100 deaths, i.e. there were more than two fold deaths than births. In 2018 the population of Ukraine decreased by 233,000 people. On average, every year there are 200,000 fewer Ukrainian than there were the previous year.”

    The above was taken from the video:

    ‘Why the US Democrats Need Ukraine’…

  • AM Hants

    Off topic, but, UK Foreign Office and the NGOs, it funds, such as Integrity Initiative/Statecraft etc, etc, etc, are involved in Ukraine and trying to kick start a regime change script in Russia. Why are they so focused on using the LGBT and 62 varieties lobby, to get it going? m How would the UK Government handle things in the UK, if Russia was doing the same? In fact why does Russia allow the Uk and US to actually have idiots posing as Diplomats, on their territory? What benefit does it bring to Russia?

    British Secret Agent in the Urals Conducted a Covert LGBT Operation…