Uncoordinated Media Battle For Bakhmut

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Uncoordinated Media Battle For Bakhmut

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Uncoordinated Media Battle For Bakhmut
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Uncoordinated Media Battle For Bakhmut

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Despite the critical situation of Ukrainian troops in the area of Bakhmut, Zelensky demanded the country’s military to hold the city, the loss of which would entail significant reputational losses for Kiev and its Western patrons.

Following a meeting of the Ukrainian Supreme Commander-in-chief’s staff at its headquarters on March 6, the Ukrainian military command refused to withdraw its units from Bakhmut.

The statement was made shortly after reports regarding disagreements between President Zelensky and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny emerged, including in the Western media. Indeed, Zaluzhny has repeatedly claimed the need to withdraw the Ukrainian grouping in order to preserve the combat capability of the units.

Apparently, the great media commander Zelensky managed to convince the country’s military chief to fight to the last Ukrainian in the besieged city.

Not so long ago, Zelensky himself tried to solace public grief of the imminent loss of Bakhmut. He stressed that the Ukrainian military would not defend the city “at any cost.” However, the reputational defeat from the loss of Bakhmut for the Kiev regime and their patrons in Washington turned out to be too high.

Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin has recently acknowledged that the defense of Bakhmut has a more symbolic significance than a strategic one. The brave PR move of Kiev failed. Declaring the continuation of the “heroic defense of the fortress city,” Zelensky’s office attempted to justify the many thousands of losses that the Ukrainian army has already suffered in Bakhmut; but Western partners revealed that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers remain in the besieged city to fight for Zelensky’s reputation.

On March 6, an adviser to the acting head of the DPR said that about 10 thousand Ukrainian servicemen remain in Bakhmut.

From a military point of view, the continuation of the defense of Bakhmut is justified by an attempt to inflict maximum damage to the most effective Russian infantry units, the Wagner PMC. However, the more the pincers around the city tighten, the less room for maneuver Ukrainian forces have and the less chance they have of destroying superior enemy forces.

Despite an official statement on the decision to continue the defense, the Ukrainian command reportedly began a partial withdrawal of the garrison, evacuating the most combat-ready units from the city.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian sources claim that Wagner’s fighters have taken control of the Zabakhmutka district in the west of the city. In the northeast, Russian assault troops completed the mop up operation in the meat processing plant area and reportedly reached the local autodrome. On the southern outskirts of the city, Wagner fighters are moving north along Independence Street.

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Papa Hoth is coming to rescue the armed forces of the failed Ukrainian CIA project.

Thulean Drift

Russian Zigger Faggot Wearing Women’s Bra At Protest:


Emanuel Gomes Bueno - Brasil

Boa, é isso mesmo.

Cuban Mike

A lot of disinformation is being publish by each side. All this contradiction might be true, but I guess it is just an effort to confuse the enemy. I hope the the same is true regarding Prigozhin statements. You have to be realy naive to believe all those things.

Robert Shules

Defense Politics Asia (DPR) makes a good assessment of the situation. From DPR it looks very much like Bakhmut is a done deal, and Wagner and the rest of the Russian forces are already moving on. Zelinski is serious psycho scum for having troops remaining in Bakhmut get slaughtered. Time to rid the Ukraine of that dude.

William White

Just a horror! To think a Jew would instigate a holocaust like this shows he has serious mental problems.

Biden has AIDS in his mouth

Zio terrorist Nazi jews…yes jews, must have blood to survive. It’s the reason why for 200 plus years that they have been kicked out of any European countries they tried to settle. They are the children of Lucifer


Why would the Jew Zalenski care about sacrificing the goy?

Its funny how the jew is always ready to sacrifice others but disappears the minute the country he lives in declares war, I bet that those who left Russia were jews.

My belief is those who leave should be stripped of citizenship, but again the human rights charter says you can’t, and whose project is these world government organisations?

Biden has AIDS in his mouth

Correct 💯

Icarus Tanović

You are pretty much right on this one, simply must admit that.


Bakhmut is Ukraine’s Stalingrad.

Bernard Davis

Except that the Red Army held Stalingrad. The Ukiies will not hold Bakhmut.


Bakhmut will be a great russian strategic defeat. They give enough time to Ukraime army to build up new defens line Kostantinovka – Kramatorsk – Slavyansk. Russians should bypass the city and take advance deeper in Ukraine teritory forcing they army into open combat. But this way they got involved in fruitless street fighting.

Horváth Zsolt

hey man the ukrainians have nothing left to build new defense lines this is the ugly end of it

Last edited 21 days ago by Horváth Zsolt

There would be NO WARS ,if the COUNTRY LEADERS had to do the fighting