“Unidentified” Helicopters Carry Out Missions To Support Extremists In Northern Afghanistan

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Comment by the Information and Press Department on “unidentified” helicopters’ missions to support extremists in northern Afghanistan (source):

We again point to flights by “unidentified” helicopters in northern Afghanistan to deliver arms and ammunition to local ISIS militants and the Taliban cooperating with this terrorist group. Specifically, Afghan media and local residents claim that these flights have been recorded in the Sar-e Pol Province.

We note that this is happening in the direct vicinity of Central Asian states’ borders and many ISIS militants in Afghanistan hail from these countries. There is no reaction to these events either from the Afghan security, defence and law-enforcement agencies or the command of the US/NATO contingent deployed there.

A legitimate question arises in this connection as to who is behind these flights? Who is arming the terrorists and secretly creating their bases near the southern borders of the CIS? Why is this happening in a situation where the NATO command is actually in control of Afghanistan’s airspace?

It should be noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry used a diplomatic language in its statement, which de-facto accused the US and NATO of providing weapons to ISIS in northern Afghanistan. For experts in the field and northern Afghanistan locals these supplies to ISIS are an open secret.

In the current situation, different players keep contacts with various terrorist and non-government groups in Afghanistan in order to pursue own geopolitical goals. In own turn, the US has repeatedly accused Russia of keeping contacts with the Taliban and providing weapons to the movement.

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That’s Eric Prince, picking up his raw opium and dropping a bit of cash for “the boys”.


lol UNIDENTIFIED, who has choppers there, only the United Snakes so what is more to discuss.


Whining doesn’t help. Shoot the fuckers down and you have a window before backup arrives to examine the wreckage, and take videos. Maybe take some orc bodies as a souvenir, which should make for embarrassing repatriation negotiations. Otherwise, this stays in the level of rumors.

Tudor Miron

Brave mr. Laoshi shoots everyone out of the sky and dreams about starting WWIII. Shooting down nato aircrafts in nato controlled airspace – thats one hell of an idea if one wants to ignite global conflict. Thank God, Putin doesn’t give a hoot about some internet loud mouths and realizes his responsibility to his nation and humanity in general.

Ivan Freely

We all can agree on Ma_Laoshi sentiments. I agree that direct confrontation is not a good idea. The Afghan Pukhtun tribal warriors on the other hand…


The Afghan Pashtun live in the southeast stradeling the Pakistan border,
Tudor might know what tribe is in the northern Sar-e-Pol province.

You can call me Al

I know what you are saying, but….. do you not think, the Global conflict has already started and only the likes of Russia, China and Iran are playing nice, using diplomatic measures in the main, to try and rectify the differences; whilst the US (in the main) is killing people left, right and centre – whilst also setting up, training, funding and backing terrorist scum in many continents.

PS Never mind the economic war.

PPS Sorry on this one, I am with Ma_Laoshi.

Promitheas Apollonious

You confusing playing intelligently and with a very solid strategy, with playing nice.



Promitheas Apollonious

I think they are smarter than all of us, since we are only one individual trying to making sense of what is happening and they are very big nations with correct info and not the assumptions most of us are coming with, due to limited info.

And in case is missed, it this is exactly what they do, they destroy step by step the international power over others, west has build, using financial and military power. Destroy their financial power and the rest will implode, in a natural way.



Promitheas Apollonious

Nothing will find me in more agreement as time to destroy evil once and for all.

But for this to happen thinking people around the world with many skills must come together and fight it from within and bring the war to them within their own centers of power.

What Russians are proposing as an idea is nothing knew all countries are sovereign decide their own future and all live within their means and from the size SCO is becoming it seems much of the population of earth agree with that idea.

So the change has began, in case you missed that. I understand you want it done over night or with a miracle. Obviously is not happening what you suggest because not many good folks exist in the west despite I am attacked each time I say this, other wise where are they? So they are a very small minority in west and not only that are saved from the holyshit brain washing.


“Obviously is not happening what you suggest because not many good folks exist in the west despite I am attacked each time I say this, other wise where are they? So they are a very small minority in west and not only that are saved from the holyshit brain washing.”

Bring this up again in January. I think that by then that you will stop saying φασόλια like this.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont need to bring it up on january, little people. especially with a mentally challenged, as you are.


I will enjoy January then. Then I can watch you squirming and trying to rewrite history and say that you understood what was happening all along. You will probably try to take credit for the efforts of others too.

See you then you vicious little man.

Promitheas Apollonious

you must be smoking real good shit. As usual the idiot with a chip on his shoulder, become a prophet.


…says the prophet who says that the US is going to break apart into 52 countries.

Right on cue.

The person who constantly attacks others, projects his ignorance on them as a defense for his viciousness.

You are both boring, and predictable. Roll yourself another, because you know that I don’t smoke.

Promitheas Apollonious

you really have a problem dont you, moron. I did not predict, I wished it to them, so they can slowly slowly, maybe… to re join the human race. You on the other hand, keep trying to make this personal and you stalking me, so I take a wild guess and ask you to stop overdosing on your prescription drugs. As the name indicates they are DRUGS, so go easy on them.

By the way the only reason I am not blocking you, is because your pathetic attacks, make me laugh and a reminder, that are crazy people out there, existing, in great numbers. Enjoy your american democracy kid and keep dreaming.


I don’t attack you, I defend my neighbors from your ignorance and bigotry. I am not sorry, and I will do it again.

Your ridiculous attacks on me only show what a low form of humanity you occupy.

Promitheas Apollonious

you defending your neighbors………. that’s new. What are you some kind of, don quixote? You do remind me of a clone who trying to prove is not one.


Ya just can’t let it go, can ya Pinocchio!

All the nonsense aside. I hope that you are well my bitter little friend. :-)

Promitheas Apollonious

yes you definitely a sick person. And by all means hold to it very tight.


Did I ever mention vicious?


We All. CREATE AWARENESS….if One of US Falls during this JOURNEY…. Other Ones Should take Over…. Don’t Forget we are Pretty much at the Beginning…

You can call me Al

Same same in my mind.


Can these three really be mentioned in one breath. Iran has been resolute in that they don’t seek American permission to defend either themselves or their Syrian ally. Tehran doesn’t really have a media megaphone to address Western audiences, but at least there is an effort to contest the crucial war of ideas.

China is not very visible in Syria, and berated on this forum for it, but once Trump’s people chose to start a trade war, China dished out as hard as they took it on the chin, even if it costs them some money in the short term.

Even puny North Korea has been crystal clear that, *if attacked* they’ll fight the US to the last man, even though they cannot win. As a result, for now at least they haven’t had to fight at all.

In contrast to the above, Russia makes a show of playing by Zionist rules: Americans and their allies are untouchable, everyone else is valid prey. Bombing Syria: not starting WWIII. Giving MANPADs to the moderates: not starting WWIII. Helping ISIS to assassinate a Russian general: not starting WWIII. Obliterating Wagner personnel: not starting WWIII. Acting in response to dissuade the US from doing the above: you can’t be serious, you wanna start WWIII?!

Guess which country ends up as Washington’s favorite punching bag?

You can call me Al

Interesting, but I disagree with your view regards Russia. I believe that Russia, behind the scenes are producing military equipment like mad + training the troops to an unprecedented capability. They wait until ready – similar to China.

Now regards China; the reason many of us get frustrated with China is that 2 or even 3 times, they have stipulated through official outlets that they would assist Syria and Russia, with ground troops ….. a week or 2 later, they suddenly pretend they never said it.

I do not know what a “stavka” is.

PS Learn to tick people, up or down to everyone on here please.


There’s a better move which is shooting at the Daesh forces from the airspace outside Afghanistan.

Jan Lavicka

Afghanistan is under full control of the uSSa, therefore no one can shoot it down and if it happens, no one would care
But for sure Russians cannot do it, they are just in Syria officially, they don’t care about Afghanistan now ;)


I knew you would say something like this. But as others are saying, it can be done by proxy. Russian and allied aircraft are being shot at, and shot down, by proxy in Russian controlled airspace all the time. If you sign off on that without fighting back, do you have what it takes?

Besides, there is a crucial difference. Russian aircraft over Syria is properly marked, and doing what the Kremlin said they’d do. Under discussion here are “some” helicopters, who just happen to ferry supplies to ISIS. They can never be claimed by NATO; next-of-kin will be informed their heroes died in a training accident and that’s it.


We should attack white house


American is
main terrorist organisation


Very easy to bomb white house


Exactly, why didn’t the 911 attackers attack the enemy, the White house, the Pentagon, a nuclear power station etc?

No these guys picked a target that would be one TV, and enrage Americans to kill whoever the US Government decided to frame.


Let see how they are reacting about


Russia should gather as much intel as it can and appear before the UNSC. Or out some resources in place to destroy a couple these aircraft. They’ll find out who owns them in short order.


UNSC member were dominated by submitted vassals. Sorry UN have ceased it’s use in maintaining peace through multinational forums in which the US has ceased to take any responsibility or being held responsible for repeated violation of international law and have ceased to partake in said forum dialogue that do not served it’s interest. It’s over. They’re much better take it become another 2 bloc again like in the cold war.



is lSD having a comeback???


Bloody Terrorists & The DEVIL in PERSON is what they are….

Tudor Miron

Everyone knows that ISIS/DAESH/AlQueda/rest of rats are nothing other than irregular armed forces of US/Israel. Too bad that only Russia is asking this questions publicly. The rest of civilized world knows very well what’s going on but prefers to keep their tongue in their tolerant a$$.

Promitheas Apollonious

one question who are, the civilized world?

jade villaceran

the exeptionals and its vassals

Promitheas Apollonious

your answer is open to interpretation, not an answer.

Hisham Saber

Simple solution to this. Russia, China and Iran arm the Taliban.


The US (CIA) already has via Pakistani intel.

hope springs eternal.

The Taliban is already half manned by the US.


Iran is having talks with The Taliban and are Operating inside Afghanistan… Kick All Western Terrorists OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

Very bad solution kid.



Promitheas Apollonious

why…what? Make a specific question and then, I will answer you.

Promitheas Apollonious

sorry just seen what you been asking. You never arm your enemies and because the enemy of your enemy, can become a very effective tool, if you use it right. But can never be your trusted friend. Prime example Russia & Turkey.


If you gave the Taliban the right kind of weapons, such as portable man held SAM’s, they could only destroy low flying aircraft and helicopters. The US gave them such weapons(Stingers) and that was a major blow to the Soviets.
To my knowledge not a single Stinger has been used against the US invaders.

You don’t need many of these kind of weapons to scare off the Americans, shoot down half a dozen of their choppers and film the bodies of the crews, and American politicians would pull the US troops out.
In the long run, it would save many lives. The US does not report the number of Afghans it kills, but it would be many thousands.

Promitheas Apollonious

maybe is time to try and understand the world, from another point of view and not the amerikanized way all western especially populations seem to have as the base of their thinking.

I think the way the ones opposing western NWO, are doing extremely well and the book they write now, is best we also learn it, rather than giving advice, to them how to behave and act like the americans.

It be a big mistake, for the russians or any one else, to arm the talibans, who by the way doing an excellent job kicking the ass of nato for a very long time now and keeping them busy and hurting, but still are a potential, future enemy, of fanatics..


Yeah stick to the tried and true.


If the Americanized way is to try and stop the slaughter, I plead guilty.


They already do so… Iran & Russia have some sort of Cooperation with the Taliban…. to keep American-Israeli-NATO-ISIS-Headchoppers out of Afghanistan… DESTROY THE ROTHSCHILD-POPPY-FIELDS….. TAKE AWAY THEIR DRUG-BUSINESS….


The Taliban asked for extradition evidence on 911 that the US didn’t have because Bin Laden didn’t do it. The US then illegally invaded and occupied Afghanistan with it’s NATO partners in crime. And turned into the biggest narco state on the planet.


There’s more on that since they even concede that they will hand over bin laden in exchange for the invasion to be called off.

John Mason

Shoot them down; there is the proof. No point making assumptions or accusations without the evidence.


bammmmmm…what a fucking surprise………but only if one is on LSD,heroin and coke!!!!

for all folks interested in the truth on the heroin trade on our planet from its beginnings dating back to 1715 read this book (online to find) ” Dope Inc. “……

secondly…..right now 2018 the USA has a new heroin epidemic, which is directly linked to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan

thirdly….. I have written about the BIG PICTURE over and over and over again, and u folks still believe in white and black, good and bad… you behave like very small children …..I´ll first give you folks an example what I mean in a diferent context…..take for example the USA, their political system…..Republicans and Democrats…..now how many of you believe that there is a difference for the BIG picture if either the Rep. or the Dems are voted into white house or have the majority in the senate??? most folks here have already learned that it makes no difference who sits in the WH or who controls the senate…….but as far as the Big picture for our planet is concearned you folks still behave like those 150 million american citizens who truly do believe it makes a difference who sits in the WH or controls the senate.

The big picture: THE AGENDA

A One World Government, with Jerusalem as its capital under Jewish Satanic Leadership.

All countries in the world that RECOGNIZE the illegal murdering, torturing,stealing, blackmailing,lying entity called Israel are part of the AGENDA.This includes the USA,RUSSIA,UK,CHINA,JAPAN,EU etc…

Those few countries that DO NOT RECOGNIZE the satanic entity israel are the only countries that are not part of the Agenda, this includes IRAQ,IRAN,SYRIA,LEBANON.JEMEN,NK,MALAYSIA….those are the countries beiing hammered now , each in different ways ie. Malaysia a country where even today 2018 no JEW is allowed to enter…..that was the reason for the “LOSS” of the several malasian airliners..it was a message by them satanic jews ” play ball or else”.

As far as Russia is concearned, they are part of the Agenda just like the USA.They follow ORDERS.
There is no good russia or bad russia or good usa or bad usa…just the Agenda.
Two sides of the SAME COIN you morons!!!!

I´ll give you a sweet example…..the brutal ferocious IRAN-IRAQ WAR through the 1980´s.
That was at the height of the so called “cold war” between USSR and USA.Do you folks dont know which countries helped, financed, armed Saddam Hussein????????????????


It was USSR and USA in partnership!!!!

You see for the donkeys they play this silly game of adversaries….and u folks are now 2018 still buying into it.mindboggling!!




Lets play detective.
NATO controls Afghan airspace
NATO is the only gang with helicopters in Afghanistan.
So who’s helicopters could they be?


I’d recommend a US strategy of suppling manpads to take them out. Only problem is that the US supplies and owns all sides in this facade, so who would they supply them to? All of Russia’s complaints fall on deaf ears unfortunately.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Having helicopters picking up supplies and dropping them of in a NATO controlled airspace without them knowing it, is highly unlikely, so in reality NATO have approved the drop off´s, and that is another proof of IS/AQ being armed and supplied by the US


I suppose this is exactly the kind of missions Hillary had in mind when she campaigned on establishing “no fly” zones in Syria. No great surprise that the Donald keeps the machine churning along. It would be interesting to know just how much the rest of the “civilized” world is actually privy to. I could see some adopting a, don’t tell me just do it, kind of an attitude.

As to the actual list of the civilized world club. I would think they all can afford the MSM façade and certain expensive luxuries, big churches and universities. But for a taste of genuine civility it seems the more primitive and ancient peoples would actually succeed, with no hidden altars to be stumbled upon after the show or special staff to clean up the gore.