United States Crossed Threshold Into Dark Age Of Neo-Liberal Totalitarianism

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Despite the joy of mainstream media and Big Tech over the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, Joe Biden’s “landslide victory” and assumption of power by the Democratic Party are not happening without a hitch.

On January 6th, in Washington, in the United States capital, something never seen before in the 21th century took place.

Protesters charged the Capitol building, leading to the evacuation of all Senate members, as well as US Vice President Mike Pence, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, refusing to acknowledge the results of Joe Biden’s Presidential Election victory attempted to take matters into their own hands.

It could be described an attempt at a sort of “color revolution” that the U.S. is all-too-familiar with, due to its experience of stoking them abroad. On home soil, it is an entirely different thing.

During the siege on the Capitol building, and the subsequent standoff, protesters, or as MSM refer them “Domestic Trump terrorists” looted offices, and even stole the speaker’s podium.

An armed standoff took place, one woman was shot, and subsequently died, a police officer also lost his life after injuries in the clashes. Three other individuals died due to “emergencies” on site.

The chaos was present in most of Washington, as a pipe bomb was found at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters, and two more were found and defused at the building that houses RNC offices and one in the US Capitol complex.

At least 52 people were arrested, many were injured. Trump supporters took photos for their scrapbooks, and took videos of security forces and police officers brandishing their guns at them.

Expectedly, Trump was blamed for inciting violence, after telling his supporters that he loved them, but also urging them to be peaceful and go home.

Almost immediately after the standoff, the Capitol building was cleared out, Senate was allowed back in and the total capitulation of US President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Republican party began.

President-elect Joe Biden was confirmed as winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump issued a statement, confirming Biden as the winner, promising a smooth transition of power, and strongly condemning the violence at Capitol.

He still faces calls to be removed from office, and even calls for him to be brought to court and face criminal charges, and he still considers the elections to be “rigged.”

For that transgression, and for the alleged guilt of stoking violence and being behind the Capitol riots, Trump is subjected to a sort of censorship – he is “indefinitely” banned from Facebook, which will, at the least, last until January 20th and he steps down. Initially, Trump was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours, with a warning that if he didn’t, essentially, watch his mouth – would get permanently banned. His videos on YouTube were removed, and Google issued a warning that any account which even mentions that Joe Biden didn’t fairly win the elections three times would be permanently banned from the platform.

However, just several hours later Twitter banned the personal account of Trump and started censoring the official account of the US President deleting Trump tweets there. Multiple accounts of Trump allies and supporters were also censored. Google and Apple also coordinated their efforts to restrict the access to the social media platform Parler because it was not censoring Trump supporters.

One should not drift too far to consider that when Trump became president in 2016, speculation that Russia played a part in his victory, and various accusations were not only welcome, they were encouraged. Despite former FBI director, Special Counsel Robert Mueller spending millions of taxpayers’ money to discover nothing.

There is no doubt, that this is a turning point in the American politics, and the power structure of the United States. There is one functional party left in Senate, Congress and the White House, and it is the Democratic one. The neo-liberal, pro-globalist part of the elite entrenched on the all levels of the governance system.

The “Kamala Harris administration”, featuring President Joe Biden, and forces behind it has already started its witch hunt, and only time will show how far censorship, and the neo-liberal agenda will go.

The United States is officially entering the dark age of the neo-liberal totalitarianism.

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