United States ‘Likely’ To Deploy Patriot Systems To Protect Troops In Iraq From Iranian Missiles Strikes


United States 'Likely' To Deploy Patriot Systems To Protect Troops In Iraq From Iranian Missiles Strikes


The US military will likely deploy Patriot missile defense systems to Iraq in response to Iran’s  missile attack on US military facilities earlier in January, Fox News reported on January 23 citing “a U.S. defense official”.

“The move comes after U.S. troops were sent to a medical facility in Germany after complaining of head injuries following the Iranian missile attack.

Eleven U.S. troops were flown out of Iraq late last week for treatment out of an “abundance of caution,” according to a spokesman for American forces in the Middle East,” the Fox News report says.

After the Iranian missile attac on US forces, Trump claimed that no US personnel were injured. Later the Pentagon confirmed that at least 11 US troops received some injures. The real number of casualties and the state of troops remains unclear as the US military is actively censoring reports on this topic.



  • Concrete Mike

    Oh so thats the excuse now, they were never there.

  • ruca

    Aat least it will finally be tested.

  • Daniel Martin

    Last time I checked, they where told to leave, by the Iraqi Parliament, now they say they are deploying more troops and equipment, now that’s the true definition of arrogance in my opinion.

  • Damien C

    Wouldn’t fill me with confidence if i was a U.S service person, it’ll handle some drones and a few granny-rockets with a zimmer-frame attached.
    As for anything serious I’d be under the bed with my arse in the air

  • Selbstdenker

    That sounds like a real plan, thought through from the beginning to the end, and taking in account all previouse successes of this system. Well done US!
    But didn’t you miss anything, I wonder?

  • JoeAlpha

    Headache? Send a failed Patriot system to Iraq to protect US troops from headaches caused by Iranian missiles. Lol .. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the strongest army in the world, the Holywood army of the United States. *Facepalm

  • good american

    I have a fly swatter that is proven to be just as effective as the Patriot. I could part with it for only $2 million dollars. Good deal Uncle Sam!

  • verner

    guess it’s about time for erdogan to secure the nukes the disunited states of A has stockpiled in the incirlik air base before it’s to late – the morons in the white house are truly working away towards the next major war and they will, once things go badly, which they will, be more than willing to use the nukes they have, thus erdogan must relieve the morons of the stuff in incirlik and so should the friggin germans and the belgians do.