The United States Is Working Hard On Its Own Variation Of The Israeli Iron Dome

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You can read this article in German: LINK.

In June 2021, Dynetics, a company owned by Leidos, which in turn is part of Lockheed Martin, unveiled its “Enduring Shield.”

It was not known that Dynetics even took part in the competition for the US Army’s enduring indirect fires protection capability, designed to defend against a variety of airborne threats.

One competing team consists of Rafael and Raytheon, offering up the Iron Dome launcher and Tamir interceptor.

Currently, the US Army is using Iron Dome as an interim cruise missile defense capability as it works to adopt an enduring solution to counter drones and cruise missiles.

For the live-fire test, Dynetics was bringing a launcher based off the Army’s internally developed, but then canceled, Multi-Mission Launcher along with the Raytheon-produced AIM-9X Sidewinder interceptor.

Initially, the interceptor was a mystery and kept secret. But its launcher, Enduring Shield, takes know-how from the Multi-Mission Launcher’s development and improves upon it.

The system is built with a modular, open-system architecture which makes it possible to use any interceptor with the launcher.

The MML had trouble with reloading, and the AIM-9X had issues with overheating. With changes to the launcher all issues were resolved by Dynetics.

The company has relevant experience designing launchers, as mentioned it has history on the MML program, and also its current efforts to build the launcher for the Army’s ground-launched hypersonic missile. Dynetics is also building the first glide bodies for those hypersonic missiles.

Dynetics also has experience on the Indirect Fires Protection Capability program, developing a 300-kilowatt laser on a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, to serve as a possible countermeasure for enduring solution.

The Army is expected to choose a winner to proceed in building an initial lot of prototypes in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. The winner must deliver all prototypes to the Army in time to reach initial operational capability by the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023.

But currently, even with Dynetics’ impressive history, the US Army has limited options – one is a combined Iron Dome with an older interceptor, while Dynetics is using a refurbished system that failed once before.

Still, it appears that the company hopes to be the winner, as it attempts to meet the accelerated schedule that the US Army wants for the defensive system, as well as it has invested quite a bit of its own funds in the program, unlike Rafael and Raytheon, who simply bring ready solutions to the table.

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amerikans tried to make an airplane—they have f35
for 1.5 $ trillion they could at least paint them in LGBT stealth

Ccp eats batshit

Stop lick!ing Putin’s @$$

jens holm

Putin might need it and not many do:)

jens holm

No matter most of their weapons works pretty well and they have world record in export, You mention one of a few, which dont work.

Putting LGBT into it certainly makes You to an expert to rely in too.

A Clown like you

The big fuking question is why?
Who are they going to use it against? Russian or Chinese, now that’s a good joke.
I hate people who buy shi* stop…you don’t need it and it is shi*.

The US beloved air forces jets are 30~ years old, the F-35, F-XX didn’t help at all…
The US wants to make new Subs and the word is each going to cost 10B…
Why because remember what happened to USS Zumwalt? Cost a lot and was overall shi*.
The US needs to stop and hire Ger/Fra/Italy/etc to build their shi^, fuk yankees companies they make shi& for money only.


I’m guessing it is mainly targetted for export.

jens holm

It seemes You are not aware of all countries do renew or upgrade their many weapons. I dont want to shoot back, but the best Leopolds very fast was upgraded to be winner against the 20 ARMATAS.

Russia cant even efford to use themself. Who will bouy them. Russia normally is known for some export, so USA and Britts could smash the many 1000s of the T72 selfexploder in Kuwait/Iraq.

The shield USA by this company is trying to build is for local protection and most likely very mobile.

If Iran overheat themself again it would be a good idea to install someof those systems and shoot down an Ayatollah or two.

You also kind of conclude USA has no good weapons for defence as well as attacks. Even many things are not new, they have a lot of it. Here Russia s a declining star and hina is rising fast but it might bee to fast.

So its for different purposes. USA very seldom are in war withRussia as well as China and none can stop North Korea from bombarding South Korea.

S Balu

A Clown Like you

Icarus Tanović

We all see how mich they’re effective against Yemenis offensive capabilities. 0 points.

Ccp eats batshit

Slav needs to be taught a lesson again

jens holm

My Grandmother moves around faster then them even she is knitting too. She could be armed too with a couple of small RPGs as well.

She is rather old, so she need 1 hour break between 6 and 18 o`clock – and coffee with a lot of sugar. She sometimes a goat for milk with her too.

S Balu

Icarus Tanovic

Arch Bungle

They must be anticipating bottle rocket attacks from kids holed up in concentration camps.

Everything is a threat to the American.

jens holm

Guerilla is like that. You take in what You can and use it and not only against americans.

Its always forgotten in Your narrowminded world, that the main part of the world is no winning some bags of sand from Al Tanf and a bottle of water.

the same goes for the Jews. Hard times to be them being blamed for every single mistake done by mulsims – even several 100 million muslims are laughing too.


Every school and wedding party in the world needs an “iron dome” to block the Jews’ US Tyranny’s bombing of them.

jens holm

My dog already has one and a helmet. He has seen no ladydogs since then:)


Pindos are good at siphoning public money for crap. From that POV most pindo weapon systems are brilliant successes.
Using IR guided missiles for a CM/drone defense system, especially under battle conditions, isn’t exactly “rocket science”.

Djibril Al Kamylles

Cet this think in syria and Palestine and club Poutine and Nétanyahou to death

L du Plessis

Just buy the Russian iron dome 👌


Turks are laughing about it ^^


american fools cannot build anything anymore. Gone are the days when they could employ the best and brightest from around the world.

Only in hollywood and for stupid american zionist clowns are american products worth anything. See the f35. A dream product for corporate shareholders, otherwise a massive POS.

Last edited 1 month ago by block
Rodney Loder

Firsy I’ve heard of US ground launch hypersonic, l do know only Russia has achieved it, not sure if it’s hypersonic cruise, could be, China’s deployed hypersonic glide missiles reentry but the US is yet to achieve any type of controlled hypersonic flight. Far as i know intersept is impossible with incoming above Mach 5 (hypersonic). The other thing is Nuclar Missiles can’t be flown on to target in swarms because of loading procedures and there simply is not enough in the arsenal. Russia and China also have a far greater land mass for survival after the encounter.