US Adopts New Arms Exports Policy To Challenge Russia In Weapons Market

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US Adopts New Arms Exports Policy To Challenge Russia In Weapons Market

FILE IMAGE: AFP Photo / Bonny Schoonakker / AFP

On April 19, White House Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy David Navarro stated that the new US arms exports policy would give allies better access to US weapons and reduce their reliance on Russian systems, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported.

Earlier US officials shared their plans to implement new export rules on the US weapon sales to reduce the time required to approve the deals. For example, now US firms face less limitations in their drone sales abroad. However, such moves still have to be authorized by the US government.

Navarro emphasized that this US measure would uphold new sanctions on Russia’s defense sector:

“Providing our allies and partners with greater access to American arms will also reduce their reliance not just on Chinese knockoffs but also on Russian systems, consistent with Countering American Adversaries Through Sanctions Act [CAATSA]”.

He told that the decision had been aimed at reverting Obama’s “myopic” limitations imposed on US allies willing to buy drones. Navarro added that this will allow to “increase their [US companies] direct sales to authorized allies and partners”.

The chief trade advisor noticed that US allies had been forced to but Chinese “knock-offs,” claiming that some of the Chinese drones had been copied from the US models.

Navarro shared confidence that many US allies wanted to “buy American”. He also added that opening up the drone market would support millions of jobs in the USA and would help to achieve the presidential goal to eliminate the trade deficit.

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