US Air Force Vet Tried To Join ISIS

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US Air Force Vet Tried To Join ISIS

Tairod Pugh, 49 years old, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison by a US federal court for trying to join the ISIS terrorist group. Tairod is a former technician in the US Air Force.

Tairod considered the court’s decision against him racist.

“I am a black man, I am a military man, I am a Muslim man. I have protected this country and this constitution but all my services were returned with the degradation of my name,” he said.

From its side, the judge saidthat the court relied on strong evidence, and that propaganda videos for ISIS were found on Tairod’s personal computer. Tairod had also published pro-ISIS posts in the social media.

Tairod was arrested by the Turkish Police and was deported quickly to the United States where he bought a one-way ticket from Egypt to Turkey in 2015. The Turkish Police found several maps in his possession showing ISIS territories in Syria alongside border crossings.

Tairod’s specialty was aviation electronics. He served in the US Air Force between 1986 and 1990.

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He should have joined the CIA and helped ISIS that way:)




Especially considering that John Brennan is a Wahhabi convert .

Kim Jong

No eyes. No soul.

jirka maly

he will end in hell, it is sure


Should’ve let him go with the condition that he never leave Syria, dead or alive…

Haywood Longview

What’s interesting is how he seems to be surprised, even feel betrayed over his prosecution and conviction. How many other veterans have been allowed to join ISIS with a wink and a nod? (I don’t know but suspect it is common.) Was he singled out because he’s Moslem and scary looking and good to make an example of? Or was he just careless?


He’s just plain stupid Negro.

Rodney Loder

He should have waited for the new IS. Manifesto that I’m working on in conjunction with my informants in Heaven, everything is much the same as Brother Baghdadi stated only minor reforms, Shi’ite are no longer the enemy, borders between Iraq and Syria are no longer in flux, and cognitive injunction is given a place by the leadership which is me, but even so I hope he doesn’t do it hard, he gets out n the end which is more than I can say for Christians.

Dave Gray

I agree all he had to do was join the CIA and help enforce the long running operation” Tilt ” designed to keep the middle east in turmoil and Israel safe.