US Air Force’s Fighter Jets Launch Missiles On US Military Base: 1 Soldier Killed

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US fighter jets launched air-to-surface missiles on US airbase in New Mexico, killing one US soldier and killing another one.

US Air Force's Fighter Jets Launch Missiles On US Military Base: 1 Soldier Killed

The F-16 fighter aircraft (Photo: Flickr / US Army / Sgt. Antony Lee)

One US soldier was killed and another one was wounded in an incident, occurred on a military range in the southern part of New Mexico on Tuesday night, CBS News reported on Wednesday, citing Holloman Air Force Base’s officials.

On the night of February 1, two F-16 fighter jets, which took off from the Holloman airbase, were conducting an ordinary flight. For some unknown reasons, the aircraft launched air-to-surface missiles on a range that is a part of the White Sands Missile Range complex near Holloman. At that moment, members of a ground-control party, who provide guidance to military aircraft, including fighters attacking ground targets, were at the range.

As a result, a civilian contractor was killed at the scene, while an Air Force service member sustained minor injuries. The victim was taken to a hospital, and after provision of the necessary assistance, he was allowed to go home.

It was not reported what type of munitions was used by the fighter jets. According to officials of the airbase, the incident is currently under investigation.

A representative of the airbase noted that the F-16 fighter jets, involved in the incident, base themselves at the Holloman military base, but belong to the 54th Fighter Group, which is a part of the 56th Fighter Wing, headquartered at the Luke airbase in Glendale, Arizona.

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