US Air Strikes Killed 35 ISIS Fighters In Afghanistan. Army Prepares Another Operation Against Taliban


US Air Strikes Killed 35 ISIS Fighters In Afghanistan. Army Prepares Another Operation Against Taliban

On October 13, Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan announced that 15 ISIS fighters were killed in a joint operation of the Afghan Army and US Air Force in Haska Mena district of the province on October 10, according to the Turkish Anadolu Agency.

Moreover, spokesman for the northern Kunar province Abdul Ghani told Anadolu Agency that another 20 ISIS fighters were killed by US Unmanned Combat Areal Vehicle (UCAV) airstrike. The UCAV airstrike targeted a position of ISIS in Ghani Khel district of Kunar province. Local sources claimed that civilians were injured in the airstrike.

On October 13, Abdul Wadood Rasikh, the police chief of Baharak district of Badakhshan province in northern Afghanistan said that the Afghan Army and Police are ready to launch a military operation against the Taliban in Yumgan and Wardooj districts.

“We are always ready because we are on the first line of the battle. If the relevant organizations provide the equipment and also give the permission to us we are ready to save the people from oppression and insecurity,” Rasikh told the Afghan Tolo news TV channel.

Rasikh said that the aim of the operation will be to push the Taliban out of the districts in order to provide “education and healthcare services”. The sources reported that many locals and Badakhshan governor Ahmad Faisal Begzad supports the military operation against the Taliban in the two districts.

Yumgan and Wardooj districts are considered one of the heartlands of the Taliban in northeastern Afghanistan. The Taliban resumed its activity in the districts since 2015.


  • Rodger

    The only place they ‘kill’ ISIS is where there’s nobody around to check if they did.

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      They are becoming the laughing stock of the World.

      As a side issue, have a look at this site (and save it); this is just one city in the US –

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          I thought the same. I am from Europe, but I must look at it at least 3 times a week; the numbers (to me) are truly baffling; as I mentioned above, remember, this is only one city.

          Cheers for now.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Most murders happen in Democrat states and cities, it’s rather appalling to see how political social engineering is going awry.

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    None evidence, just blab bla bla bla….. to continue keep dreaming american people.

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      Stop watching the DEEP STATE controlled MSM, open your eyes to reality.