US-backed Forces Advance Inside Al-Baghuz Al-Fawqani In Euphrates Valley

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US-backed Forces Advance Inside Al-Baghuz Al-Fawqani In Euphrates Valley

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On September 16, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) advanced in the main street inside the town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani, in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, and captured 4 positions from ISIS terrorists, according to the SDF’s media center.

US-backed forces also attempted to advance in the nearby town of al-Susah and clashed with ISIS fighters. However, no significant advance was made there.

Warplanes of the US-led coalition conducted three strikes on positions inside the ISIS-held pocket. Furthermore, the coalition M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launched five heavy rockets at fortifications of the terrorists group.

The SDF’s media center said that 14 members of ISIS were killed during the clashes in al-Baghuz al-Fawqani and al-Susah. The media center also acknowledged that the terrorist group killed two personnel of the SDF.

Since the beginning of the SDF operation in the ISIS-held pocket, dozens of civilians have been evacuated. However, local sources believe that thousands others are still trapped inside the pocket under the US-led coalition bombing.

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You are done U.S….your Empire is done after only 250 years…


What are you predicting here? What is “done” to you?


The Downfall of Empire the Divided States of America….the End of the Petro-Dollar…End of the U.S. Foreign Bases….and the Bankruptcy of the States with $210 Trillion Dollar Debt…no Pensions for the Americans because the Government have send the U.S. Army everywhere to Loot & Overthrow Governments And Support Headchopping Terrorists…It will look Like Germany after WWI….


I’ve been hearing similar predictions for a long time. Some may come true, to an extent, others may not. The US is not going anywhere. Even with an economic collapse they will still be there. Might lose some world standing, but The only question is how long will they stay there. The Soviet empire collapsed, what, only 30 years ago and looks who’s back (almost). The American people can affect change (I believe). There have been upheavals and mini revolutions before. It’s actually a strength of the US.

You make posts directly addressing the US as your audience. Thats strange to me but probably it’s a cultural thing. But that’s why I ask your opinion and I appreciate the reply.


I’m not against Americans…. I’m Dutch & my Government is in it too…they are the Lapdog of the U.S…. the Real instigators & Criminals are the Elite….and the U.S. Army is used to execute their plans…obviously they are Dumping America at the moment…




The bombs and rockets of the “Coalition” forces are special civilian-avoiding models so no worries about a humanitarian disaster. Even though civilians are trapped there with ISIS troops they have no worries.

In Idlib Governate, however, the Russian and SAA are engaging in their usual deliberate targeting of civilians.


Big deal taking over a few fox holes manned by two terrorists each.

All for show