US-backed Militants Attack Syrian Army At Damascus-Baghdad Highway. Russia Responds With Airstrikes

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US-backed Militants Attack Syrian Army At Damascus-Baghdad Highway. Russia Responds With Airstrikes


The US-backed coalition of militant groups, known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), launched a large-scale attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the vicinity of the Zaza Triangle at the Damascus-Baghdad highway in the southeastern Syrian desert. The attack was dubbed “The land is ours”.

Furthermore, pro-militant sources said that the FSA had received a significant support including weapons from the US and other countries. The provided support was aimed at increasing the FSA’s military capabilities for an attack on the SAA in the Damascus and Homs deserts.

The US-backed groups of Assoud al-Sharkia and the Ahmed al-Abdu Battalions and Liwa’ Maghawir al-Thawra attacked the SAA positions in the Zaza triangle with Grad rockets, and claimed that the SAA withdrew from several points. However, according to reports from the ground, it seems that these claims were false.

Meanwhile, warplanes of the Russian and Syrian air forces bombed FSA units involved in the attack.

Since its takeover of al-Tanf, the US-backed FSA has repeatedly attacked the SAA and its allies, ingoring the so-called ISIS threat in the area.

Some FSA sources claimed that the US-led coalition is not a partner in the attacks on the SAA. However, the militant coalition used US-made weapons such as Switchblad suicide drones and TOW missiles in its attacks against the SAA.

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Shylo Duffy

May God bless the Syrian Army and have Mercy on the souls who are killed.


The US proxy mob from Jordan is acting very predictably – making a nuisance of themselves and trying to tie down south as many of SAA troops as possible. I hope Salamiyah salient gets liquidated ASAP and than it’s time for simultaneous Palmyra-Der Ezzor and Ithriya-Tabqa advace…

Fülöp Kiss


Solomon Krupacek

what is sgf?


Need to find those FSA grad launchers and take them out.
Maybe need some Russian attack helicopters involved.
To teach the FSA trash a real fricking lesson.

Free man

That was expected. The Americans will not let the Syrian army / shiite militias advance in this area.
It’s not smart to start a fight that you can not win.


If FSA is making attacks outside the 55 KM Al Tanf “safe zone” they should be fair game for Russian and Syrian air power.

Free man

I understand your logic. But right now it seems as if all sides are being drawn into a war they do not want. Imagine what would happen if American soldiers were killed by a Russian bombing or worse by Syria.

Alex Black

i am with you on the fact that war between US and anyone is undesirable for anyone. However, if the US military persists on this abrasive course of action in Syria, the fight is unavoidable, and it may as well be a decapitation strike, in order to avoid the need for escalation. I am not sure its wise for us to be present in Syria if the risks include fighting the russians.


I do not see the gravity of events of 1962 identical to the Syrian showdown between Russia and US. In 1962, and prior, US deployed MRBMs close to the Russian border, and Russia reciprocated by deploying similar missiles in Cuba. They were playing nuclear poker with nuclear weapons as chips. The situation in Syria does not involve nuclear weapons, in involves proxies armies and US and Russian troops inbedded respectively.
US Is the clear aggressor in this situation having formented a civil war with the goal of removing Assad, Russia has opposed this attempt successfully and US is desperately trying to get a winning hand. In case of a shoot out on the ground where Americans are killed, they will not have strong options. They do not have their own boots on the ground and their installations and bases in the area can be attacked easily.
It is possible they would try to escalate, but militarily speaking their position in the area is not strong. Cooler heads would prevail and work out an agreement where US will drop its ambitions in Syria.

Alex Black

The issue is not that the events are identical, but that Trump seems to make the error Kennedy warned us about, namely with Syria, Trump has created a situation where Assad must face embarrassment and surrender his own land or attack a superior force of Americans and possibly escalate the situation further. In NK Trump is cornering the midget with surrender the weapons or die. With Iran, Trump has assumed a binary position. When we force ourselves or our enemies to choose from two terrible options, we may find ourselves facing a third that maybe even less to our liking.


Trump’s own personal position in Syria is not clear, the official position is that he is against Syria, however, earlier his convictions were opposite. In my opinion at the present time he is going along with the neocon flow for political expediency, if it comes to a showdown, Russia will let US take the first punch, followed by a Russian counterpunch. When the myth of the US military superiority bubble is burst and US is facing the possibility ef existential destruction, Trump would have a unique opportunity to purge the mentally deranged neocons and get rid of them, since their actions do not benefit US.


It is interesting g to me that both the Russians and US are using special ops soldiers as “human shields”.

This is extremely dangerous and it seems intended to spark a major conflict to draw the major power to the table to sort it out WHEN a munition kills the wrong guy in camo. It will happen and soon if my guess is correct.


It is clear that the stakes are getting higher in the Syrian desert.

The risk of matters getting out of hand is increasing. Arming these little fragmented, often islamist, groups has not worked out very well for the US up till now.

Maybe the US would have better formed these groups as part of the SDF (or not at all), though at this time the SDF is a regional player, not a country wide player.

Harold Smith

If the U.S. didn’t want war, the U.S. wouldn’t be trying to start wars. BTW there are no “American soldiers” in Syria; there are only Zionist crusaders willing to do Jew dirty work for a lie and a paycheck.


What right do American soldiers have being in Syria , none .
Syria in being attacked by many sides , ISIS , Al Qaeda , FSA and USA , self defense is the very first basic right .
US and all these jihadists need to back off or die , stop attacking and live .

Free man

Are you looking for justice in this war?
The sentence that is more appropriate here is: Be wise and live, be stupid and die.


There is no “safe zone” @ Al Tanf except for the one the US created in a wishful press release.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Responding with force is the only language the USA understands, good on Russia for recognizing this. Al Tanf must be cleansed of the cancer there.

Interesting to see you here :)

John Brown

It is now obvious for all to see the FSA, the SDF (kurds), Al Qaeda and ISIS are all Israeli puppets, they have minor skirmishers with each other for show, like in a WWF wrestling match, but fight against the SAA in an integrated joint effort and expend the majority of their resources fighting against the FSA.

Free man

One of your bullshit contradicts your other bullshit.

Tom Tom

which means he knows exactly what’s going on.

Free man

In mathematics it is true. Here it just stinks.


You’re right that US plays different factions in Syrian war against each other – but those guys do fight and kill each other in serious numbers, not just skirmishing


yes those TOW missiles and switchblade suicide drones the FSA are using are american supplied….interesting to see if the US tries to use air support for the FSA in the area for that would bring a showdown with Russian fighter aircraft…..look for the israeli scum to try and use its airpower soon on the SAA…der ezzor is where the US wants to capture….


As I understand it Switchblade drones are currently only officially supplied to, and therefore operated by, US Special Forces?


officially everything is a facade with the US and its proxies…..


The US have put themselves in a difficult position. The Russians acknowledge that they have soldiers embedded with the SAA. They have warned that they will protect their own forces, hence the attacks on the FSA. The Americans deny that they are actively joining in the fighting, merely suppling advisers and weapons to those opposing Assad. Any fighting that the US does is supposed to be only against the ‘terrorists’. They cannot attack Syrian/Russian forces under the guise of protecting US forces, which are not supposed be involved in fighting the SAA. Any attacks on the SAA can only be categorized as accidents. Russia has retaliated against western forces for transgressions, but called them attacks on terrorists, which they are. The US checker players have hamstrung themselves with all their lying and backstabbing. The race is on for the Iraqi/Syrian border and the base at Deir Ezzor. With the inclusion of the PMU into the equation and their reaching the Syrian border, which has the SDF crying, the US plan is looking pretty bad. I look for a major incident to further muddy the waters…maybe a US attack on their own proxies to use as a pretext? It won’t matter how stupid the excuse, they’ll justify it one way or another in the MSM.

gfsdyughjgd .

This is what I expect from mother Russia crush every obstacle in SAA way.

Kim Jong

u.s. backed? then make hamburgers of them!

Free man

It is a shame for the Syrian soldiers who are killed in this meaningless battle. Instead of saving the soldiers and civilians of Deir Azur.

Doom Sternz

Its a;ll about the US delaying the advance to Deir Ez-zor, America wants to partition Syria. The terrorists are US proxies to overthrow Assad and loot oil.


Not a general, but isn’t it a meaningFUL battle to cut the supply lines between Jordan and the moderates?

Free man

The Syrian army has more important things to do. It is a marginal Syrian interest at the moment to occupy the southern border especially when there are American soldiers there. But it is an important interest of the Iranians.

Bente Petersen

I hope SAA and Russia will wipe the attackers out… including their US supporters…


Time for some cruise missiles!


This is exactly how Russia must unswer to moderated terrorists. Well done, and I hope continue in this way or harder. Syria-USA-Iran-Hezbolah must considere now and right away to attack all FSA units in Syria. Russia missiles must help to get rid of these mercenaries and syrian traitors.


This is an important development.

The best way to prevent the partition of Syria is to proceed on
toward the al Tanf boarder crossing along the Damascus – Baghdad
highway. This is the subject of the above South Front article. The Saudi
/ Israeli alliance wants to prevent the re-establishment of the Shia
crescent by creating a Sunni buffer State between Syria and Iraq, which
would also deprive Syria of important oil resources. Keep in mind that
this is their plan B. Their plan A was for regime change in Syria. And
that was promised to the Saudi’s in return for their participation in
the Iraq war back in 2002, during the buildup.

That regime change is now history thanks to
Russia. But, once the SAA connects over to the al Tanf crossing, the
Saudi paln B is also up in smoke. There would be no land bridge between
Sunni Arab states, like Jordan, and their desired plan B Sunni buffer
state. This will not require many resources for the SAA to accomplish
this important mission. With Russian air support and a few Russian
cruise missiles, it will be over soon.

It is all worth it just to put a final dagger into the Saudi-Israeli plan B, and to do it now !

As far as Deir Ez Zor is concerned, the SAA has recently re-enforced it.
Any attackers, whether ISIS or SFA or SDF (Kurds), will suffer extreme
losses from Russian and SAA air superiority, especially being exposed in the dessert.


Wouldn’t these switchblade drones be great for assassinations in the West itself? Sounds to me like a great risk is being taken putting these into the hands of the moderates.


Now we know the real source of the forces that attacked Palmyra from the south last December.


Just FOAB the FSA trash and be done with it already!!!

Nigel Maund

Great stuff Russia – smash the US supported militants and hit them very hard!

Manuel Flores Escobar

Now we can see How SDF and FSA are being used by USA coalition to stop SAA forces in its way to liberate Raqqa and Deir Ezzor…and the east of Syria!……no strong oposition vs SDF or FSA in exchange of secret agreement with ISIS.. as we have seen when USA attacked Homs airbase, Deir ezzor 2 times, Al Tanf..etc..beside support to retake Palmira…..USA seek a non fly zone with the excuse to protect the US special forces….Turkey didnt fall into the trap and launch airstrike when SDF was deployed near Turkish army….Russia and Syria sooner or later are going to attack Al Tanf or any zone or moderate terrorist deployed with the purpose to stop SAA advance!

Addison DePitt

It’s clear the U is trying to keep the Syrian war alive for as long as possible (actually an early Israeli-suggested objective for the entire region) to achieve some of its ends, like finally toppling Pres. Assad, or bleed the SAA to death, by attrition, or expand the war until Russia itself, refusing to be bogged down in another “Vietnam”, pulls out or starts to curtail its role in the Mideast. Is the latter likely to happen, not in the near future, but the US is also pressing to create other flashpomts and zones of conflict for Russia and her allies, including creating possible trip wires for larger confrontations with Russia, Itself, China and Iran, where the attack on her Parliament may be seen as an invitation for Iran to respond in kind…thereby giving the Western press and its legions of presstitutes the opportunity to claim a “Pearl Harbor type of attack by Tehran, opening the gates to some form of broader attack by US aviation, naval assets, and so on. Washington and its Zioncon ideology is a cancer on the face of the planet, nothing good will ever be accomplished until it is finally neutralized, but for that the power of the filthy Western disinformation apparatus must be broken.