US Charges Former Member Of Venezuela’s National Assembly With ‘Narcoterrorism’

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US Charges Former Member Of Venezuela’s National Assembly With ‘Narcoterrorism’

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The US is adding another round of ‘lawfare’ to its already vast repertoire of attacks against the government and people of Venezuela in its effort to regain control over one of the last corners of its backyard in Latin America that remains independently minded and governed. In Colombia the latest operation would be called a judicial ‘false positive’, as it appears fabricated out of evidence-free allegations and dubious accusations to prepare the way for more drastic forms of intervention if Venezuela can’t be subdued by other means. No evidence was presented to the court other than the affirmations of an anonymous witness.

Specifically, on Wednesday Federal prosecutors in New York accused a former Venezuelan lawmaker of participating in ‘narco-terrorism’ in an indictment claiming that a cartel headed by government leaders conspired with the ‘terrorist’ groups Hezbollah and Hamas to commit attacks against the U.S.

Presumably it is intended to back up the US’ announcement in March of this year that it is offering a reward of $15 million for information leading to the arrest of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and $10 million for information on other senior figures in the government and armed forces. The flip side is that the US has been offering many of the same people large sums of money and protection if they agree to betray their president and their people and turn their country into yet another US dominion.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan accused Adel El Zabayar of conspiracy to commit narcoterrorist acts, conspiracy to import cocaine, and two weapons-related offences. If found guilty, he could face 10 years to life in prison.

El Zabayar is the president of the Venezuelan Federation of Arab Associations and Entities and was previously a member of the country’s National Assembly.

US Charges Former Member Of Venezuela’s National Assembly With ‘Narcoterrorism’

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According to the indictment, El Zabayar is an active member of the Cartel de los Soles, or Cartel of the Suns, a network of officials of the Nicolás Maduro regime involved in drug trafficking. The cartel allegedly includes Maduro himself and his number two, Diosdado Cabello. They were both indicted along with other officials in March on charges of drug trafficking, “narcoterrorism,” corruption, and money laundering.

“We further allege today, for the first time, that the Cartel de los Soles sought to recruit terrorists from [Hezbollah] and Hamas to assist in planning and carrying out attacks on the U.S., and that El Zabayar was instrumental as a go-between,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman.

The indictment claims that El Zabayar held several meetings in 2014 with Cabello, who instructed him to travel to Syria and Palestine to obtain weapons and recruit members of Hezbollah and Hamas to train them in Venezuela.

Cabello explained that the purpose was “to create a large terrorist cell capable of attacking United States interests on behalf of the Cartel de los Soles,” the indictment says.

Weapons allegedly obtained by El Zabayar included rocket-propelled grenade launchers, AK-103 assault rifles and sniper rifles.

The prosecution cites the testimony of an unidentified witness who was present at these meetings but presented no further evidence.

The Justice Department declined to comment on El Zabayar’s whereabouts. He reacted on Twitter to the U.S. accusation, at first saying he was surprised, then “daring” the department to pay his “round-trip ticket to the USA” to respond to the accusation “UNDER THE GUARDIANSHIP OF THE UN.”

In other tweets, he referred to the accusation as “infamies”, “lies” and “comedy”. “An honor that the empire HATES ME AS MUCH as the rest of the comrades,” he added.

Reuters also reported that the Department of Justice is considering pressing drug-trafficking charges against Cilia Flores, Maduro’s wife.


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Jimmy Jim



And they still haven’t indicted any of the CIA executives sitting next to them? Not very smart I’d say :D


Just more preparation for the upcoming war. When the US Zioterrorists made the narcobanana republic necolony Colombia a NATO partner, it was for this. The fuck are Russia and China doing? 24 Su-30s and a couple of S300 batteries are not enough to defend against global Zioterrorism, and the value of Venezuela’s natural resources far exceeds the costs of those pieces of military hardware. Are they gonna wait for the US to occupy 40% of Venezuela, like in Syria, to react too late?

Jim Allen

Yeah……no I’m thinkin’ not. Venezuela is well defended, there’s far more Russian military hardware there than you’ve listed, and all have the latest upgrades. Two S-300 missile batteries add up to a lot of firepower, and can load with a variety of missiles, including hypersonic weapons. Remembering there is no analog. There are two Tu-160 strategic bombers also able to load hypersonic weapons. There’s no analog for these bombers either. There’s Russian submarines off both US coasts, in the Caribbean, also equipped with hypersonic weapons, and a real problem for the West to track, the D/E boats are almost impossible to track. There’s a few surface ships as well, Kalibr Cruise Missiles, hypersonic weapons there too. Russian military technology, and hardware is decades more advanced than Western military. Like everything else in Russian military equipment all have the latest upgrades. Venezuela has a well trained, supplied, military of 300,000 determined to defend Venezuela. Russian training upgrades to these forces above their existing military training, and the military knows it’s country like the back of their hand. Venezuela does have some kind of Navy, likely Russian hardware, US Navy has placed the forces it sent at risk.
Russia isn’t going to just walk away, it has both trade, and military alliances with Venezuela, and is heavily invested in several areas resources industry. Setup a means of Venezuela Being paid for products imported/exported.
We’ve just seen US do nothing with the Iranian tankers, as it threatened.
Iran is itself a strong regional power, in the Middle East, and can project that power for considerable distance. Extra longtime allies with Russia, which is again a world power, that US military cannot defeat in conventional war, and in Russia’s case nuclear war.
Russia, or Iran as stand alone countries. With Russia’s presense in the Middle East, Venezuela, and other countries, US isn’t about to attack either one. Putin’s announcement that Russian strategy is to attack 7 military targets in US, and whatever it needs to in Europe should Russia, or allies be attacked. Nukes are unlikely to reach Russia, or the Middle East, South America, Africa. Keep in mind Russian military isn’t all that much smaller than US military, and currently Russia outguns US, by a lot. Russian military is also 71% modernised, something US is not.

Alberto Garza

do you think russia will attack the u.s. because of venezuela ?

Jim Allen

No. Russia, at the moment, will not attack unless, US attacks Russia, or an ally particularly if nukes are launched towards it, or an ally.
Russia doesn’t want war.


of course not – venezuela sits quite nicely there although life there due to the stupid twats in the white house is difficult but the better part of the venezuelans are for Maduro and against the treacherous right wing quislings

Bill Wilson

Venezuela isn’t worth fighting over. The US will get all the heavy sour crude they need once the Keystone XL is completed while the rest of the World gets their from the ME, Africa and Russia. Venezuela will remain a shithole country until the lazy Venues get off their asses and dispose their current government. Then we’ll see how willing Russia and China will be to sink billions into rebuilding the country’s nationalized O&G infrastructure.

Gary Sellars

You’re still raving like a spiteful hateful lunatic i see? What a poster child for todays murica.


yeah a lot of canadian crude will pass the pipeline when prices are at what 32 bucks a barrel and canadian stuff at what 27 28 bucks a barrel. loss making prospect for them sad idiots in canada.

Jim Allen

There’s much more to Venezuela than oil.
US isn’t the only country that is able to refine, or build a refinery to process the oil. Dumbass excuse. US has been buying oil from Venezuela for 100 years, what the Germans didn’t sink in WWII, anyway. There’s plenty of oil and gas, and the truth is Koch brothers doesn’t want to lose the oil to another country. If Venezuela wasn’t worth it, then explain why The City of London is directing the US Government to do all the stupid shit it’s doing there ?
You can start with the coup de farce.
Shut the fuck up stupid.

Wayne Nicholson

Amazing how ‘drug trafficking’ became “narco-terrorism” over the years. Way scarier and camouflage for military intervention against left leaning latin Americans. If you want funding for a raid against peasant land reformers you’ll have a hard time getting it but if you call them “narco-terrorists” you get the resources of the entire 4th fleet at your disposal.


“Narcoterrorists” are in some cases the drug traffickers that resist being handled by the CIA/DEA, like Pablo Escobar when he said he’d pay Colombia’s external debt, he got totally on the wrong side of the global Zioterrorist corporate banksters and financiers and then he died.

Jim Allen

That is insufficient resources to take on the issue of Venezuela on a military level. US military is already countered by Venezuela, and Russian military assets. It the 4th fleet, moves to act, it sinks.

Alberto Garza

because they are terrorist just look at the mexican cartels they have commited massacres against civilians .

Wayne Nicholson

“Terrorism” is a political act.

When states attempt to control a population politically through violence it’s referred to as terror.

When a political group not in power tries to affect political change through violence it’s called terrorism.

if I punch someone in the nose it’s a crime …. not terrorism.

When a group of people conspire to commit a crime it’s called organized crime …. not terrorism.

chris chuba

We are a freakin’ banana republic. If a federal prosecutor in St. Petersburg issued such an indictment (one which I’d be more inclined to believe), FOX would interview their Muppets to declare it misinformation but now FOX is going to demand that we incinerate Tehran.

The U.S. is lost. We lost all semblance of an independent MSM after Vietnam and now the U.S. Justice Dept has gone totally insane because they know they can get away with it.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, what a bunch of dumbass stupid morons, the streets are burning and they want to sanctions others. I would be funny if not that so ironic.

chris chuba

FOX viewers are in heaven because FOX claims that our heroic President blocked the last two Iranian tankers from reaching Venezuela. They said that the tankers are registered in Liberia and we used our Treasury Dept black magic to force them to re-route. This evil act of aggression thrills the insecure FOX audience.

Since,the people here are actually decent does anyone know if this is true or not? I cannot stand those people taking such joy over the suffering of other people who have never harmed them.

chris chuba

I was worried about nothing. The good guys won, from Fars, “the fourth of the Iranian flotilla, carrying gasoline and related products to Venezuela, has successfully anchored in a Venezuelan port in the morning of May 29.”

In FOX and the WSJ it said, ‘An official’ from the State Dept. Pompeo wanted plausible deniability when this stinker of a story blew up. Maybe it was a test to see how loyal their sock puppets on FOX are. Hmm .. if they believe this then we can say anything, actually that is pretty scary.


most are just miserable and don’t know why. they are doing what they are told they are supposed to be doing but things aren’t getting better. somebody must be at fault but at the same time it cant upset their world view. hence they can make anyone or anything a boogieman.
it comes down to health I think. people don’t have healthy brains. 95% of people live like drunks for at least a few years of their lives. some are pushing 40 years of it. they function just enough to do their boomer jobs then come home and keep drinking


Well : what about the tutrump-popompeo opium afgan logistics ?

Bruno Santos

Let me understand. If you (based in CIA, FBI intel) consider Padrino a main regime susteint column, why damn hell you apply charge as narco-corrupt-criminal?

Alberto Garza

los soles cartel military and goverment members,

Blas de Lezo

Que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera: que bonita bandera, la bandera ……

Blas de Lezo

Colombian cocaine is the best, Nobody buys Venezuelan cocaine.

El Mashi

Go back on your meds.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

his medication is cocaine so good advice


Another CIA criminal scam,these people are vermin.

chris chuba

Reading FOX news is like holding an power line, I can’t let go. They are relentless propagandists.

Here is a story from Jan 2019, “Venezuela, Iran and Hezbollah – all hostile to the US – forge closer ties”
I get that people will disagree but how can you not recognize mindless indoctrination, it has a pattern and a stench regardless of how they are brainwashing you.

1. It makes you angry at the target, very angry, 2. the object of your anger doesn’t even have a rational motive, they are evil, they enjoy harming you, 3. it makes you feel comfortable about hating these people, 4. it usually includes a hero narrative where your side is uniformly good.
(btw not unique to FOX)

This FOX post, yes it’s all coming together, [“I’m not a lunatic American who wants to dominate the world.
I am a victim of an Iranian plot to using Hezbollah agents and Venezuelan drug money to buy weapons to murder me and my family in our beds”. The evidence? The Global Organization for Intelligence says so.

This is depravity. I like the part about how the GOI describes how U.S. trained Iraqis liberated the Quds part of Mosul. WOW, so now we liberated Mosul from Hezbollah and ISIS. Liars. How many readers on FOX are going to think this one through?

It does not matter, the message was received, ‘must murder more Iranians and take over Venezuela’.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

they are calling it narco terrorism so it all fits in nicely with the anti-terrorism legislation so they can ‘legally’ drone strike latin america

Liberal guy

Hey the zio dogs are barking to much again with no victory in future for these zio dogs and there masters