US Combat Drone Caught Flying Over ISIS Stronghold In Central Syria (Video)

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US Combat Drone Caught Flying Over ISIS Stronghold In Central Syria (Video)

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US MQ-9 Reaper combat drones are flying over Syria’s central region where Syrian government forces have been combating ISIS with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces, RusVesna.SU reported on July 27.

According to the Russian news outlet, US combat drones are flying over the region, in violation of the deconfliction mechanism with Russia, in order to carry out suspicious intelligence activities. The outlet shared a video showing one of the drones armed with what appears to be GBU-38 JDAM guided bombs.

One of the drones were spotted right over the Homs desert, the main stronghold of ISIS in central Syria. Hundreds of terrorists are reportedly taking shelter there.

The drones are likely monitoring the ongoing operations by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against ISIS cells in the region. RusVesna speculated that the US military may be providing the terrorists with advance warning.

Under the agreed upon deconfliction mechanism in Syria, US warplanes are not allowed to fly over government-held parts of the country.

Even before the beginning of Russian counter-terrorism operations in Syria, Damascus showed resolve in dealing with US attempts to “stretch” its aerial operations over the country. On March 17 of 2015, a US MQ-1 Predator combat drone was shot down by the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces while it was on an intelligence mission near the coastal Syrian city of Lattakia.

Damascus may use force to keep US combat drones off Syria’s central region, especially if they are indeed carrying out malicious activities.


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Chess Master

Impossible! Syria is covered by S-300!!!


How do you think they knew it was there? Ya think someone looked up and spotted a drone 8 miles up in the air then took a snapshot with their phone?


S-300 protects Syria’s urbanized eastern seaboard and Russian infrastructure. Another troll-brain-fart.


So the drone is flying ln violation of an agreement with Russia yet it is not shot down.


U.S. ally Turkey didn’t waste time shooting down a Russian jet for a supposed air space violation. Israel used a Russian jet as cover in one of their attacks resulting in it being shot down. Not to mention when all those Russians were killed in a U.S. air strike. What did Russia do?

The Russians must squirt their pants at even the thought of confronting the U.S. or Israel.


First Turkey’s a NATO country … you think if the Russians hunted Turkish aircraft in Turkish airspace it would have helped Syria reclaim their country? You realize that Russia is outnumbered like 100 : 1 in aircraft by the IAF, TAF, USAF, Jordan air force and the Saudi’s let alone retaliation for attacking a NATO member in their own airspace.

I’m happy that the Russians are professional soldiers who are disciplined and smart enough to do a quick cost benefit analysis before going full Rambo … and yea I’ll bet they are scared shitless going up against Israeli and US yahoos but they are professionals who stay on post and follow orders and worry about their dirty drawers when the threat is dealt with.


Only a retard would suggest that Russia hunt Turkish aircraft in Turkish air space. Stop showing ignorance by making lame strawman arguments.

Cost benefit is right. That’s what it is all about and more proof they are lackies to the “west”.

Threat is dealt with? The whole point is that they are not dealing with the threat and by your analysis they never will.


“Only a retard would suggest that Russia hunt Turkish aircraft in Turkish air space.”

Yet in the post above you were using the shooting down of a Russian SU-24 as an example of the lack of the Russian response to attacks. So just how should the Russians have responded to Turkish aggression? According to you they are cowards if they don’t take revenge and retards if they do.

“Threat is dealt with? The whole point is that they are not dealing with the threat and by your analysis they never will.”

Look at a map of Syrian held territory in 2015 and Syrian held territory today. Despite being massively out gunned, massively outnumbered against an enemy supported by the richest countries on earth who control a 90% of the media on earth spewing anti-Russia / anti-syrian propaganda 24/7 Russia, the SAA and Shia militias have been advancing and winning back territory in Syria … that’s called winning which makes the USA, Israel, NATO and the Saudi’s losers.

The last thing I want is war however it’s extremely satisfying to see the Israeli’s apoplectic, insulting and striking out in rage and the USA impotently playing dog-in-the-manger ‘guarding the oil” in a backwater desperately trying to make the Israeli’s and Saudi’s happy while trying to figure out how the fuck to disengage from the ME.

Last edited 3 months ago by HB_norica

So apparently I’m being censored by Southfront but I will try again.

First off I didn’t suggest Russia attack Turkish planes in Turkish air space and neither did Russia. It was you who made that retarded suggestion. So stop your straw man argument.

Second. Turkey, the U.S. and even Israel are occupying parts of Syria and Russia will never help Syria get that back. The only way Syria will get those back is when and if those countries decide to leave.

As far as the rest of your claims, they are just wishful thinking. According to Southfront Turkey is planning on taking another Syrian town, the U.S. is just where they want to be and Israel still does just what it wants.

Russia will do nothing to stop or end those occupations.


Your words are a testament to your intelligence, or lack thereof in your case.


Spoken like a true dysfunctional liberal idiot.


The Jews’ US Tyranny wardog’s tool of murder and destruction caught over the Jews’ “Greater Israel.”

I think that better describes it.


There are several upgraded variants of the overpriced garbage MQ-9. If it is flying around in central Syrian airspace, they are allowing it to. Do you think the SAA & allies are fools?


Localized intelligence gathering – the drone’s bomb armament is for plausible deniability, so that US officials can fool the gullible western public, claiming that US drones are targeting ISIS in central Syria.