US Dispatches Additional Units of Marines to Syria to Assist Fight for Raqqa – Washington Post

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Additional units of marines from an amphibious task force have been dispatched to Syria in order to participate in the liberation of Raqqa city.

US Dispatches Additional Units of Marines to Syria to Assist Fight for Raqqa - Washington Post

Photo: AP / US Army / Paul Sale

The US has dispatched additional units of marines from an amphibious task force to Syria to participate in the liberation of the city of Raqqa, which is considered to be the capital of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the Syrian Arab Republic, the Washington Post newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing sources in the US Defense Department.

Earlier, the US claimed that there are 500 servicemen of the US Special Forces in Syria, who train and advise units, fighting against terrorists.

According to unnamed sources of the newspaper, the new units of the US Marine Corps, deployed in Syria, include artillery batteries of the M777 155-mm howitzers, which should provide fire support to troops during the assault of Raqqa. In addition, additional units of marines will provide security for US servicemen, as well as will become a part of the logistic scheme for supply of the expeditionary forces.

On Tuesday, the AP news agency also reported, citing its own unnamed sources, that several hundreds of US marines have been deployed in Syria in the framework of preparation for the operation to liberate the Syrian city of Raqqa from the IS.

The news agency noted that the presence of US marines in Syria will be temporary. According to AP, heavy artillery, including the M777 howitzers, were also deployed in the country along with US military.

According to the RIA Novosti news agency, the Pentagon said that for security reasons the US would not comment on the deployment of its troops in Syria.

Earlier, on March 4, the Washington Post reported, citing sources in the White House, that the Pentagon had proposed a new plan for an offensive on the Syrian city of Raqqa. As the newspaper’s sources said, the plan envisaged strengthening of the US contingent, deployed on the territory of the country.

In particular, they meant an abolition of the limitation of the number of military advisors and US Special Forces‘ soldiers. The Pentagon’s plan provided that they would have to be closer to the front line, though not to take direct part in the fighting. In addition, according to the sources, the Defense Department proposed to send additional weapons, including attack helicopters and artillery, to Kurdish and opposition troops.

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On the bad side, they’re now illegally in Syria. On the plus side, if it helps the Kurds to put more pressure on ISIS, it might allow the SAA to make more gains more quickly elsewhere. Methinks if it wasn’t for the Kurds tightening the net around Raqqa ISIS would put up far more resistance in Palmyra and East Aleppo province.


True. What’s so hard about asking Assad for permission to come in?


Kinda hard if for years you’ve been denouncing his regime and no longer recognize him as the legitimate government.

Actually, once you have done that its quite easy not to ask him for permission. Might makes right. Unless somebody else that you don’t like does it to you, then its suddenly bad.


Well that was Obamas doing, I haven’t heard trump really badmouthing Assad at all


True, but Trump seems to be limited in what he can do by the hawks on both sides of the Isle in Congress.


If he was a real man he wouldn’t care what those cretins think!


If they pass a law in Congress that prevents him from easing sanctions on Russia, or to legitimize the Assad government, with overwhelming majority to overturn a presidential veto then there is nothing he can do.


why would they pass such laws?


The American militairy never asks permission and Assad would never grant permission!


yeah, i guess if they didnt keep “accidentally” bombing syrian army bases and positions, assad might be more inclined to give them permission

Dod Grile

This illegal outside invasion force must not only be robustly resisted and repelled by Syria, Russia, Iran and China but obliterated if not immediately removed. Furthermore the arch criminals responsible for this must be brought to justice for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.


You are right.

On top of that, Nato should push Russia out op Crimea, China should be pushed out of Tibet, Marocco out of Sahara, KSA out of Hedjaz etc etc.

Dod Grile

Not so quick, “Mr/Ms Dishonest.”

The people of Crimea made their feelings quite apparent in an open and fair plebiscite concerning the illegal CIA/Soros Euro-Nazi Banderite 2014 putsch in an election far fairer than anything in the USA.

As to China, its involvement with Tibet predates Henry VII and a united England.

Time to close down the CIA and the NSA (the anti democratic big brother agencies of repression, oppression and terror) and disband NATO, to start.
In the words of General Smedley Butler. “To Hell With War!” End the war racket and bring the war racketeers to justice for their many crimes. .