US Forces Set Up Military Facility At Syrian-Iraqi Border – Reports

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US Forces Set Up Military Facility At Syrian-Iraqi Border - Reports

Photo: Kurdistan 24

US forces are reportedly setting up a military base in the area of Iraq’s Sinjar Mount, near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“15 military vehicles of US troops arrived on top of Mount Shingal and stationed themselves near Mira peak on the mountain,” Kurdistan 24 reported citing Jalal Khalo, Deputy Mayjor of Sinjar.

District Governor Mahma Khalil told Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency that the US is preparing to establish a military base on the mountain.

In turn, Iraqi Maj. Gen. Najim al-Jubouri told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper that US forces’ role is limited to providing Iraqi troops with military advise.

“US advisers are in Mosul, Qayyarah, and other parts of the Nineveh Province. They had told us that we should take precautionary measures at the border,” al-Jubouri said. “The involvement of the US military in supporting Iraqi forces in securing the border does not go beyond its scope, which is to provide military advice.”

While al-Jubouri is likely right that US forces are not establishing a fully fledged military base in the area, US troops may set up a military garrison in the area.

A similar garrison is established in the area of At Tanf, on the Syrian side of the border. Such garrisons are established to keep control of the Syrian-Iraqi border and to monitor possible land supples from Iran to Syria and Lebanon.

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so where are the people cursing at me and telling me off as I told u dont trust the us jew slaves with those fuckin agreements????????????????????
dont trust the us or russia
they are both controlled by jews…..thats the problem with people that have never been interested in HISTORY…..


ohh I nearly forgot…thats a sweet one coming now……russia is delivering S-300/S-400 to get this folks…….Rwanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so stop bs here……the supposed great ally syria wont get them…LOL but a fuckin rwanda will hahahaha
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Routes that once opened for ISIS and Al-Qaeda will be closed for the regional nations. US and Israel practicaly holding Palestini, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni etc nations hostage and keeping them separate from each other.

So they will be not able to help each other by free trade and share their defense hardware and army forces so Israel and US can easily air strike them.


Another proof in the basket of Serious theories. XD.

The iraqi army is owned.


spot on….but most folks still believe nonsense around here….then they start cursing at one for writing the those fucking agreements articles the past few days….i kept telling folks…”dont trust russia,dont trust the us and (i find it ridiculous having to mention them anyway) jews”……but people here keep writing pure NONSENSE , like yeajh its going the right way now, with russia and the us having agreements on syria for the good of syria…LOLOL one has to be on lsd,heroin and coke all at once believeing this bs.
and I bet u ,, check this page in 3 hours and you´ll have folks here writing about how good another us base is here and there, and how great the russians have been allowing the jews bombing syria over 120 times since the war began because thats the great plan of putin , and we are all stupid…and how great the plan of putin was allowing the turks invading etc……..


I know. I’m used to people like this. They see something but they say the opposite. It’s not only in this subject, it’s in every subjects. I have seen a lot of people like this. You explain why it doesn’t work but they still want to believe what they want because it is convenient for them until they can’t hide anymore.

The iraqi army is owned. It’s obvious. If it was not the case, ISIS will have never existed.

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Baron Von MuleBanger

Why? What offends you? The fact that Putin is a sholomo?

You can call me Al

Well maybe yes, but I totally fcked up the comment or misread it and when I read it back again -> it was too late. My apologies.


An aside… check out this link ->

It explains quite clearly why the knuckle-dragging psychopaths running the Deep State are the way they are, they never evolved from their first brain. :)

Feudalism Victory

It is actually. But what a poor investment!


Israeli migrants should keep their forces 60 km away from Golan Heights….

neil barron

You’ve got that backwards. They should be stationed 20 miles from Damascus.


A single platoon by the looks of it, on a mountain some distance from ISIS positions. It does appear that the US army is doing exactly what they say they are; training Iraqi forces, securing the flow of food and bullets, probably have some small recon drones, or maybe we have an artillery piece on the way.


No it’s not besieging ISIL. It’s not a prison guards. Just a guards. ISIL guards.

Rodney Loder

Its a diversion with a purpose, in Trump’s crowded head the deal is to swap Syria for Palestine, and with a bit of luck the Golan will get thrown in, I don’t think Trump will be here this time next year, the Democrats now are certain that there is no golden egg coming from the Goose, the Dems put Trump in and the Dems will take him out, they control his mind, that’s what it was all about, and now that it’s decided it’s good riddance to a real bad act.

So when Trump is impeached as the house changes hamds in December, the new order of US rapprochement economically and strategically will have Iraq as it’s no.1 customer, that is the purpose of the diversion, because there is much more oil in Iraq that Saudi Arabia.

Joe Dirt

WFT? Hey foreigner stay out of USA politics.

Rodney Loder

Come on “One Political Plaza” and talk about why I should do that, I’m really big on OPP _ ” RT friend” that’s me on OPP. besides that US politics nearly got my head blown off in Vietnam luckily however I went to New Zealand instead.

Joe Dirt

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