US Military Redeploys Troops From Iraq To Afghanistan – Reports


US Military Redeploys Troops From Iraq To Afghanistan - Reports

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The US military is redeploying some of its forces from Iraq and to Afghanistan following the formal defeat of ISIS in the Arab country, the Associated Press reported on February 5.

According the Associated Press quoting Western contractors at the base, some of the US troops started their withdrawal over the past week. The groups of soldiers reportedly leave the base on daily flights.

However, it is unclear how many troops will be redeployed.

CBS News contacted US military spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon over  the issue. Dillon did not deny the report. However, he said that the US-led military coalition’s presence in Iraq “will be conditions-based, proportional to the need” and determined “in coordination with the government of Iraq.”

In November, the Pentagon released a report saying that there were 8,892 US troops in Iraq as of late September.

Following the reports, Iraqi government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said that “the battle against Daesh [ISIS] has ended, and so the level of the American presence will be reduced.”

Unconfirmed reports circulate that the US will withdraw about 60% of its troops from Iraq. This move will allegedly leave a force of about 4,000 US troops in the country.