US Openly Accuses Kremlin Of Using ‘Novichok’ To Poison Navalny As New Round Of Sanctions Introduced

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US Openly Accuses Kremlin Of Using ‘Novichok’ To Poison Navalny As New Round Of Sanctions Introduced


UPDATE: The statement of the United States State Department on the topic also includes the claim that Russia is also being added into “the list of countries subject to a policy of denial for exports of defense articles and defense services, with certain exceptions for exports to Russia in support of government space cooperation.  Exports in support of commercial space cooperation, however, will be restricted following a six-month transition period.”


Super deadly chemical weapon/poison ‘Novichok’ that the Kremlin likes to use all around the world (if we believe in MSM fairy tales) seems to be not very effective.

So, now, the United States and the European Union are introducing a new round of sanctions against Russia over the supposed poisoning of well-known agent of Western forces in Russia – Alexey Navalny. Fortunately, as in all other cases, Navalny appeared to be healthy enough to survive the attack with the super duper chemical weapon.

Now, the overhyped ‘fighter against corruption and the bloody Putin regime’ is in jail over the corruption and fraud case as part of which he and his brother stole about $500,000 from two Russian firms, one of which was affiliated with French cosmetics Yves Rocher, between 2008 and 2012, and of laundered part of the amount. Until recently, Navalny had a suspended sentence over this case, but regular violations of the terms of his suspended service, the Russian court ruled to change the suspended sentence with the real one.

Therefore, the democracy is in danger and Western puppeteers behind the Navalny team are on the offensive in a fierce attempt to meddle in the Russian sovereign affairs and influence the court.

On March 2, the United States and the European Union imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia targeting seven senior members of the Russian government and nine commercial entities inside Russia that are involved in biological and chemical research.

The US also claimed that its special services concluded with “high confidence” that Russian officials were behind the alleged poisoning of Navalny in August as well as blamed the Kremlin for the alleged usage ‘chemical weapons’ (that apparently barely work if we follow the mainstream variant of the story).

On top of this, the US announced that Washington will respond in the coming weeks to “a number of destabilizing actions” by Russia, including the supposed Solar Winds hack and bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

Both these stories are a part of the Russian hysteria narrative, which was already used against the Trump administration in the MSM and neo-liberal smear campaign against then the President of the United States. While Solar Winds hack is at least exist (while the ‘Russian trace’ is still not confirmed by any evidence), the ‘Afghanistan bounties story’ was already debunked as a rough example of fake news. However, the truth has never been the priority of the globalist establishment.


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