US State Department Bounty Hunters Offer Top Dollar For Venezuelan Scalps: Latest Target, The Chief Justice

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US State Department Bounty Hunters Offer Top Dollar For Venezuelan Scalps: Latest Target, The Chief Justice

Mr Moreno has been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court since 2017

The US is offering a reward of $5m (£3.9m) for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, Maikel Moreno. The US accuses Mr Moreno of participating in transnational organised crime. Mr Moreno rejects the allegations. He is the latest of many senior officials in the administration of President Nicolás Maduro for whom a multi-million dollar reward is being offered. The bounties have been shrugged off by the Venezuelans as absurd and unfortunate, but ultimately of no importance.

Maikel Moreno, a 54-year-old veteran of Venezuela’s judicial system, has been Chief Justice of Venezuela’s Supreme Court since February 2017.

The US State Department alleges that Mr Moreno has received bribes in exchange for telling judges to release defendants or in return for dismissing cases altogether.

Earlier this year, he was charged with money laundering by a court in Florida.

On Tuesday, the US Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program offered $5m for information leading to his arrest or conviction for allegedly “participating in transnational organised crime”.

Mr Moreno dismissed the allegations, saying it was “not the first time that the mouthpieces of the North American empire seek to attack me with their clumsy attacks, full of manipulations and lies”.

He added that “cowardly and unfounded accusations like these only strengthen my desire to keep working from the Supreme Court to guarantee access to justice and due process to all citizens of the land”.

Previous offers of rewards for top Venezuelan officials have so far had little effect. In March of this year, the US accused President Maduro of “narco-terrorism” and said it would pay $15m for information leading to his arrest.

Maybe the Department of State should speak with the Taliban, they say they have some very capable bounty hunters?

US State Department Bounty Hunters Offer Top Dollar For Venezuelan Scalps: Latest Target, The Chief Justice

President Maduro’s scalp is still the most expensive in Venezuela, fetching a whopping $15 million.

Mr Moreno, who as chief justice wields considerable power, will not face any problems within Venezuela or should he decide to travel to any of Venezuela’s allies.

However, he could face arrest if he travels to any countries within the US orbit, and he and his wife are now banned from entering the US. LINK

The US and its local collaborators have resorted to all possible measures in its failed efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan Government and install a client regime, outlined in a leaked SouthCom document in 2018.

The measures have included a years-long economic blockade against shipments of essential goods and services, an assassination attempt against President Maduro at a military parade in 2018, a massive media disinformation campaign to generate propaganda against the Venezuelan Government and officials, and an maritime invasion attempt by several small but heavily armed groups of mercenaries earlier this year. The US has been further tightening its sanctions on the Venezuelan government for months, but is running out of additional targets and they appear more and more to be acts of frustration and spite.


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Ivan Freely

This reminds me of US accusations against Russia. The US accuses others of the crimes that they commit themselves. Venezuela should return the favor.

Jens Holm

USA dont deny that. Some in USA do.

Venesualians cant leave the country by bicycle.


yep, a bounty of 5 million bucks on pompeo alive and in custody and a bounty of say 10 million bucks on trump alive and in custody in venezuela. and also of course of slimebuggy kushner and abrams and a few more of the swamp creatures ruining the lives of millions around the globe.

cechas vodobenikov

cowardly insecure feminized amerikans must resort to bounties—these cowards r so incompetent they could not produce regime change in Cuba

Jens Holm

We know. Bombarding Mosul and Raqqa is macho, but they were blamed for that too.

Lone Ranger

Because the U.S. did it…


Venezuela became just a colony of Cuba. There are about 20000 to 60000 officers of Cuban secret service that run Venezuela. Maduro is just a puppet. Salary in Venezuela is about EUR 2.00… PER MONTH! Yes, one have to work one month to get a salary that allows to buy 6 eggs.
If the Venezuela run by the communist Cuba is a good place in your opinion, so move to Venezuela!

Lone Ranger

Disney called they want you back…


Yes we know the Mafia and Batista did a great job in Cuba,STFU Nazi.


You are just a narrow minded imbecile who does not understand Venezuela’s assests have been confiscated illegaly and billions in gold have been stolen by UK , dont forget the economic sanctions too. That is is why they are suffering, you big fucking moron! CUBA is just helping Venezuela overcome what I have just mentioned. What kind of jackass are you seriously ? Or are you just some paid troll wasting time here to convince everyone ? Shoot yourtself in the head please.

Lone Ranger

Crumbling U.S. Empire exposes itself more and more.
They are in a panic…


in fact it’s nothing but a dead or alive bounty offering, thereby skirting the law prohibiting wanton murder/assassination on behalf of the government. shame on the dysfunctional states of A and jack kennedy and bob kennedy would be ashamed of what the country has become.


Indeed if those criminals can murder their own President and others like Luther King they are capable of anything.


Time to put a bounty on some of those SOBs in Washington,in fact its time to take out a contract on them,they should be put down like Rabid Dogs.

Tommy Jensen

We are not clumsy. How can we be clumsy since we have dollares and they have no dollares……………………..LOL
THEY are clumsy. Venezuela mirror themselves, accusing US for what they did! And are.