US still not decided combating ISIS in Libya?

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US Department of Defense spokesman said Wednesday that US was considering troops deployment in Syria

US still not decided combating ISIS in Libya?

On Thursday US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told reporters that the US government has not yet made any decision about whether to send military forces to Libya to combat inroads by Daesh there.

“We haven’t made any decision to take military action… We’re not in the lead for doing that,” US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said. “It’s a situation that bears close watching and concern.”

Department of Defense spokesman Peter Cook told reporters Wednesday that the Pentagon was considering deploying military forces including ground troops in Libya.

Ash Carter expressed that there is a lot of civil war disturbance going on in Libya.

“We’re looking to help them getting control of their own country,” US Secretary of Defense added.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford also said this week that the Obama administration wanted to take decisive military action against ISIS in Libya, in an effort to create a “fire wall” between them and other terror groups operating in Africa.

ISIS is a designated terrorist group that is outlawed by the United States and Russia, among many other countries.

However, On January 27, Wednesday afternoon, several firefights were reported between Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS at the villages of Wadi Hamid, Al-Zimrani, Wadi Mira, and Al-Khayl in the ‘Arsal Barrens of Libya.

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