US & UK Push for Major NATO Spending Increases

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The US and the UK calls for increases in military spending of NATO members due to “Russian aggression.”

US & UK Push for Major NATO Spending Increases

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Saul Loeb)

NATO members should dramatically increase their military spending, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during his first appearance at a NATO meeting on Friday. The diplomat also loudly denounced “Russian aggression” and pledged US support for NATO. The statements were rewarded with applause from NATO members.

The idea that NATO needs to greatly increase spending was initially put forward by British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and US Defense Secretary James Mattis, who noted that all member nations needs to spend 2% of their annual GDP to support the alliance, as well as must commit to increases in “real terms” year over year.

The most part of the alliance’s members do not spend 2% of their GDP on the military needs because they have not any real need to do this, as these states do not participate in massive foreign wars and do not have even potential enemies near their borders. So, Germany made it clear that it does not want to waste such money on military spending.

During his speech, the US Secretary of State also reminded all NATO members about the need to commit to “stability” in the Middle East, as well as stressed the importance of readiness to fight against “Russian aggression,” which was used as the main explanation in appeals about the spending increases.

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El Diablo

Spend more. Maybe in beautifuls projects like F-35 :D


Every true freedom lover of the world should hope that F-35 comes to full fruition as the preferred fighter/bomber and leaves Nato impotent and stuck with this logistical/maintenance nightmare until 2050+, as originally planned.

John Whitehot

yeah right. spend more in defence and let the welfare based societies collapse under the weight of millions of illegal immigrants. that’s the original plan of the clique.

Peter Moy

These NATO countries are just too weak to stand up to the US when it comes to policies. They are wise by letting Uncle Stupid (Sam) carry the defense burden for the alliance but have little muscle to stand up to the US. Concerning the migrant invasion since the summer of 2015, what is going on in some countries is an absolute disgrace. Increased crime committed by these so-called refugees and the draining of the welfare states’ treasuries is occurring in Germany and Austria. Besides free housing, medical care, language courses, meals, free or heavily discounted public transport tickets, they can receive a monthly minimum cash allowance. In many cases it is almost as much as the pensions of citizens who have worked and contributed to the fund for decades. German Chancellor Angela Merkal is the chief culprit in this insane welcome policy. These people have not been adequately vetted and will continue to be a major drain on countries – both on the criminal justice system and the treasuries – for many years. The Russia threat is just a big distraction to the disastrous US/NATO policies in the Middle East.


Nato is the single largest contributor to the immigration invasion. Previously you thought US was setting Saudi influenced puppet jihadist regimes in only the Middle East but they have plans to convert EU countries into those as well, because they think the indigenous servants in those countries are unreliable and possess too much capability, a.k.a intelligence of seeing behind the smoke screen. In many countries Saudi/Qatar/UAE money has built mosques where they preach hate against infidels a.k.a indigenous ethnic Europeans. Kind of ironic considering those countries are nothing but desert wasteland, built too fast and too large based purely on dwindling oil reserves. One day they are going to crash, but before that happens they are allowed to take over Europe with EU and Nato as their main collaborators.

I have long predicted that there will be a new metaphoric Berlin wall, but this time around the flow will be from the west to the east, and those who don’t submit will be running for their lives from sharia laws. Massive humanitarian catastrophe in the makings here.

Expo Marker

The real scandal is how many NATO members don’t pay the %2 GDP, and at the same time are the ones who call for more NATO in their country.