USS Billings Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship (Infographics)

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USS Billings Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship (Infographics)

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On June 21, the USS Billings of the US Navy ran into a commercial vessel while getting underway in waters around Canada’s Montreal. The USS Billings took “minor damage above the waterline,” according to Lt. Cmdr. Courtney Hillson, a public information officer with the Navy’s Naval Surface Force Atlantic.

No injuries were reported.

The USS Billings was conducting a port visit to Montreal while in transit to Florida, when the incident took place.

“The Navy is conducting an investigation to understand what happened and why,” Hillson wrote in an email to the Billings Gazette. “We will incorporate lessons learned to ensure we conduct safe and effective operations.”

Later, Cmdr. Michael Johnson, commanding officer of the future littoral combat ship Billings’ blue crew, was relieved of command on June 27. The decision was made by Capt. Shawn Johnston, the head of Littoral Combat Ship Squadron Two.

The Billings is scheduled to be commissioned on August 3.


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