Venezuela Blames New Round Of Blackout On US-backed “Terrorists”

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Venezuela Blames New Round Of Blackout On US-backed "Terrorists"

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On March 27th, power in Venezuela returned after an almost two-day blackout, for the second time in just March.

On the previous day, Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab announced that a criminal investigation was initiated into the new sabotage of the country’s electricity system, which left a large portion of the population without service.

Attorney General Saab also initially posted on Twitter that 6 suspects were arrested in connection to alleged sabotage of the electrical grid:

The suspects’ names were: Cesar Valencillo, Judith Lara, Venetza Leonett, José Herrera, Melvin Romero y Julio Ruiz.

The tweet has since been deleted by Saab and changed to the following one:

“We inform public opinion of the beginning a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by the Public Ministry related TO THE NEW electric SABOTAGE IN the GURI… In this we have appointed a Prosecutor with national competence and 2 prosecutors from Edo Bolivar to clarify these criminals facts”

Electricity War Continues In Venezuela.

Venezuela's electricity system was attacked again twice on the same day.

Posted by teleSUR English on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A prosecutor with national jurisdiction and two prosecutors from the state of Bolívar in southern Venezuela were appointed. The Guri dam is located in the region, and it was the one whose computer system came under attack.

The previous blackout that began on March 7th was also caused by an alleged attack at the Guri dam, and the infrastructure was supposedly protected by the Venezuelan military.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro released an official statement, condemning the alleged attack on the infrastructure and vowing that the Venezuelan people will not bow down to the US.

“Every attack against the tranquility and stability of the Fatherland will be met by the forceful response of a mobilized people, in a Civic-Military union, who will never surrender to any empire.”

He also tweeted that “the enemies of our Homeland do not cease in their attempts to destabilise the Country. I assure you that in every action of hatred against our Homeland, you will find an increasingly united, conscious and mobilised people. We will defeat them!”

Work and school were suspended for 24 more hours on March 26th, according to Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez while work is being done to restore power “in record time.”

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez blamed the blackout on two terrorist attacs.

“We Continue working on the Restitution of Electric service under the direction of the President @NicolasMaduro who valuing the scope God damage caused by this terrorist attack and to facilitate the work has extended the suspension of school and work activities throughout 27/03”

“We reached, as of 7:00 pm, the highest electricity generation levels at the national electric system since the terrorist attack of March 7. The electricity distribution was behaving in a robust and harmonious manner until 9:47 p.m., when criminal hands provoked a big fire in the Guri transmission facility”, Rodriguez said and explained that such act affected both three electrical transformers and all the essential transmission wiring.

In all the history of the Venezuelan electric system, Rodriguez commented, “there has not been such a big attack,” which demonstrates that “these terrorists, whose actions have no limits, are protected by warmongers that make up the military, financial and media framework of those supremacists who are currently ruling the U.S. and seeking the hegemonic control of the global geopolitical realm.”

Meanwhile, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido was linked to a plot to “rob Venezuela of $1 billion,” according to teleSUR.

In addition to that, Guaido called on citizens to put maximum pressure on the Venezuelan authorities and force the government to resign.

He also tried to allege that the Maduro government doesn’t trust the Venezuelan military and that is why a Russian military delegation arrived.

“They Don’t trust the Armed Force, because they know that 80% is with change in Venezuela. They Did Not bring power plants or technicians in those planes, nor technicians to deal with the problem, much less humanitarian aid. They Brought in Russian military.”

A video was also posted on social media by VPItv showing Guaido’s car come under attack.

“When the President-in-Charge of The Republic @jguaido Leaves The National Assembly, the vehicle in which he is moving was attacked with blows and blunt objects by an armed paramilitary group”

According to this version, the people kicking the car and throwing objects at it were likened to “an armed paramilitary group,” employed by Maduro.


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Tony B.

Oh, drop the theatrics. Everyone is hurt when power is shut off. What – not “America” but the Israel/Rothschild criminals who have hijacked the U.S. government – are doing is trying to steal Venezuela’s crude oil. These thugs don’t care who gets hurt.


The US backed terrorists operate in every country in the world.

comment image>


cant wait for when the headlines will read: 200 tomohawk missiles launched at Maduro Regime Military targets from US 4th Naval Fleet. Massive USAF/US Navy air campaign ongoing against Maduro Military, NATO countries set to join, Columbian Military and Brazilian Army fighting Maduro’s Army on the ground


You are entitled to your wet dreams, Tomahawk’s vulnerabilities were exposed in Syria by Russian EW, they are a non factor where the Russians are deployed, as far as US Air Force there are no staging areas, NATO countries are thousands of kms away, naval action will be tepid considering that Russia has submarines in the area, and they can equip comercial ships with Kalibr missiles, or that Suk 30 can be equipped with Oniks missiles, the Brazilian army will not get involved and the Colombian army is a joke.
That is the extent of your wet dream, a Zionist armchair warrior spewing nonsense.


Tomahawks are a joke? Is that why almost all of them hit their targets in both 2017 and 2018 Syria strikes? Is that why there is video of Syrian BUK failing to intercept them, firing aimlessly into the sky and self destructing? LOL ok then. Syrian Air Defense had a very hard time against tomahawks, and wasted dozens of interceptor missiles firing at targets which they couldn’t even get a lock on or locate entirely

You can call me Al

Lies. You failed and made yourselves look like incompetent twats AGAIN.


tomahawks don’t fail :)

Concrete Mike

That Oprah one was good.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Wohl Name Meaning: -got this from internet search.
Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name adopted in a spirit of optimism, Wohl ‘wellbeing’


All the Tomahawks hit their targets in Syria? Says the lying neocons and Pentagon?
In 2017 59 Tomahawks were launched against Shyrat base, almost two thirds did not make their destination.
In 2018 over 100 Tomahawks launched, same rate of success as the previous year, and some cruise missiles were captured intact.
Talking about Buk 2, they are doing a good job taking out Israeli standoff weapons fired from Lebanon, their rate of penetration is about same as the Tomahawk’s about one third or less.

Concrete Mike

How about we talk about the tomohawks that didnt make it in 2013? There were just 3.

Lets see what your script has for that.

Real Anti-Racist Action

‘Wraith’ His real name is Jacob Wohl (just look at his information when you scroll over his picture) and he is the CEO of Surefire Intelligence, LLC. and is a known Zionist supremacist bigot.
There is a Wikipedia on him at:



Real Anti-Racist Action

I actually found an audio recording of Jacob Wohl on youtube, he is threatening another person in a phone conversation who then began recording (Jacob Wohl did not know he was being recorded as he was making threats).

You can call me Al

You really are a vile pathetic little creature. I thought about blocking you, but you are so ridiculous, you make me sound intelligent.


a mouse can make you sound intelligent

Real Anti-Racist Action

I dug up more intel on ‘Wraith’ real name is Jacob Wohl.
He is the founder of and CEO of Surefire Intelligence, LLC. -(Which is a pro-Israeli and anti-Goyim fake intelligence agency that frames people and blackmails them)

Wohl, 21, was banned from Twitter today due to allegedly running fake accounts, according to The Daily Beast. But like every story associated with Wohl, this one had some real twists and turns.
More on that here at this SOURCE:

What we know about Jacob Wohl the shady ‘intel agency’ behind an alleged GOP scheme to pay women to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct

VIDEO of Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman two (((Zionist-Jews))) spreading a disinformation campaign.

Real Anti-Racist Action

We here know that you are a Zionist-Jew and that you are racist against Goyim.
Just know that you have been exposed.

William Wallace

You appear to be one sick Ba@#$%

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is his official Twitter, which was recently deleted a few months back.
Twitter banned him for life for creating dozens of fake twitter accounts and running a frame and black mail job against Robert Mueller and hiring women to falsely accuse him of sexual harassment.comment image

Concrete Mike

My my my your full of goodies today…what gives?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Just having a good day is all lol It’s like I carry a tune in my heart, a skip in my steps, an aesthetically applicable approach to new age uncommon sense.
I think I like this feeling, perhaps this can be a new me.

Carlos Correia

see? Americans have wet dreams to fire useless rockets and killing, the eagle empire is here and the only hope is a new Attila, chaos? yes but the world needs new leaders or billions gonna die in the upcoming ice age. and less 380million souls is a good price to save 6billion. but dont take my word from a unemployed pleb in a empty house sitting in the only kitchen seat using a Celeron to write nonsense, while article 13 is being approved


Brazilian army vetoed any military action against Venezuela, including an american one. Bolsonaro, the Zionist puppet, is already facing a big crisis and will probably fall very soon. You and your ilk are losing ground everywhere, on a daily basis. The total collapse of the American/Zionist Empire is only a matter of time.


nothing’s gonna happen in venezuela – the coup, badly planned a la moronistan (aka usa), just did not take off and guaido is nothing but a quisling and (vidkun quisling who was stood up against the wall at aaker’s fortress and shot) guaido will hopefully be sentenced to life in prison for being traitor to his country. and moronistan can put another defeat in the ledger. quite few there by now – in fact I think moronistan is entirely left behind and there is virtually no respect for them any longer.


This is almost 100% US-backed espionage or cyberwarfare, no doubt. An act of war against Venezuela if proven. Never have blackouts happened at this rate and intensity in Venezuelan history, coincidentally now it occurs with US backed regime change plans… hmmm wonder why

Carlos Correia

funny how the puppet claim “the government failed” providing electric power, but he is using one electrical device to talk that… time to Maduro call Russia, Iran and China PMUs to help protect all infrastructure, pay in petrol

Thunder got traitors among you Maduro traitors who are being paid to destabilize that area same in a way as isis was years ago they trained em and sent them in to destabilize the entire middle east well the americans and fake jew bankers have done the same to you and they tried the same in haiti recently.So yes these..generals of trump are becoming a huge thorn in my side hell just last saturdayu the americans killed over 40 civs in afghanistan used phos bombs on civs in syria 2 weeks ago and they have kidnapped and occupied an entire city in syria in which they won’t let the civs leave and won’t allow in aid they even have been shi[pping isis fighters in and out of syria and lastly they stole syria’s fckn gold!!YOU TRUMP AND GENERALS ARE GETTING ON MY LAST FCKN NERVE!!!your acts of late are that of war crimes trump!!and his zionist generals!!


alls i see is that YOUR the enemy trump to all us brown folk even in somolia and other areas of africa that you americans are killing black civs too!!careful lest you isolate yourselves on the worlds stage war criminals!!