Videos: Russia Strikes Terrorists’ Command Post, Fuel Depot & Fortifications

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The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) reelased new videos of the airstrikes against terrorists in Syria. According to the official report, Russian warplanes hit 27 terrorist targets in Syria overnight.

There are videos and comments from the MoD’s Youtube channel:

Airstrike on the ISIS POL depot near Khan al-Asal. Destruction of the depot and burning oil products are registered. The object is located in the outskirts of the town. This is another evidence of the fact that the airstrikes are not aimed to the inhabited areas.

It’s Russian air strike against the ISIS command centre near Tamana. Smashed concrete and fire confirms the total elimination of the target.

Airstrike against the ISIS fortifications near Tamana. Direct hit resulted in detonation of munitions and total destruction of the militants’ strong point. Flight of the Kalibr naval cruise missile, which engaged another militants’ facility in this area.

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