Turkey Pursues To Manage A Violent November In Syria’s North

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Turkey Pursues To Manage A Violent November In Syria’s North
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Turkey Pursues To Manage A Violent November In Syria’s North

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The first signs of more significant escalation, involving all sides in northern Syria are being observed.

On November 1st, all eyes are on Turkey and whether it would kick off the month with a large-scale military operation against the Kurdish groups in northeastern Syria.

On the days leading up to it, the Turkish military and the militant factions it backs continued to carry out small attacks, similar to a constant harassment, on the US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In the afternoon of October 30, a Turkish combat drone, reportedly a Bayraktar TB2, carried out an airstrike on a checkpoint of the SDF near the town of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

After that, the Turkish military and its proxies shelled SDF positions in the outskirts of Ain Issa with artillery.

This is a very obvious attempt to force some sort of response by the SDF or other Kurdish groups that would justify the beginning of further military actions.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) maintains a strong presence around Ain Issa.

The Russian Military Police are also present in the town to monitor the 2019 Russian-Turkish de-escalation agreement on northeastern Syria.

On the next day, October 31st, Russian warplanes were spotted over different parts of Syria’s northeastern region.

Media released videos of a Su-35S fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) maneuvering over the town of al-Qamishli in the northern al-Hasakah countryside, along the Turkish border.

Videos showing a number of Russian Ka-52, Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters landing in al-Qamishli airport were also shared.

These are just some of a plethora of videos showing increased activity.

According to some reports, a Su-35S fighter jet intercepted a Turkish ANKA-S in the skies above al-Qamishli.

The drone attempted to approach the Syrian border and enter the airspace over the city where the Russian military airbase is located.

It is likely that Turkey has attempted to gather some intel, as VKS and SAA kicked off joint ground and aerial drills in the northeastern region, in a very apparent show of force.

According to SDF-affiliated media, during the joint drills SAA troops moved near the town of Tell Tamr along the frontlines with Turkish forces as VKS warplanes dropped flares and launched rockets.

Just in time to further exacerbate the chaos, Israel carried out a rare daytime missile attack on Damascus.

Syrian air-defense systems intercepted two out of eight missiles launched by Israeli fighter jets during the recent attack on the northwestern suburbs of the city.

Additionally, in the southern province of Daraa three separate militant attacks were reported within 24 hours on October 30th.

The reconciliation process was reportedly completed, but the situation seems volatile.

It is also notable that these attacks take place while the SAA and the VKS are planning to tackle a potential Turkish military attack, and also deal with the Ankara-backed militant factions in the north.

ISIS in the central region ramped up its activity, as if in concert with the rest of the chaos.

Nine pro-government fighters were killed in three separate ISIS attacks, while the VKS ramped up its airstrike activity on militant positions.

The Turkish military with its allied factions, as well as Israel, Daraa’s former rebels and even the ISIS terrorists, all of them, will benefit if chaos spreads further.

There is a strong impression that they are carrying out their actions in a single coordinated effort.

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Nato and their alqueda friends won’t make it.


arra célzol baszki, hogy dzsingisz kán csak az erőszak nyelvén ért…???!!!


All roads lead to the Knesset.


Yeah, because Israel controls Erdogan….

Rodney Loder.

Eternal life awaits the faithful, not the jew loving Kurds, the jews betrayed Israel and Monotheism, without Monotheism Allah (swt) would not have been able to realize His (swt) place in cognitive existential reality, all praises be only for Allah (swt).