War Provocation 2.0: US Vows To Assist Ukrainian Ships To ‘Pass’ Kerch Strait, Deter Russia In Black Sea

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War Provocation 2.0: US Vows To Assist Ukrainian Ships To 'Pass' Kerch Strait, Deter Russia In Black Sea

IMAGE: TASS/Sergai Malgavko

As the Ukraine is moving closer to a second round of the presidential election, in which incumbent oligarch President Petro Poroshenko will face up professional comedian Volodimir Zelensky, the US has started undertaking fresh steps to destabilize the situation in the Black Sea region.

NATO is set to guarantee ‘safe passage’ of Ukrainian ships via the Kerch Strait and to deter Russia in the Black Sea, U.S. ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison stressed during a press briefing on April 2.

“I think that we have been working on a package to present to the foreign ministers, and it is a package that beefs up the surveillance, both air surveillance as well as more of the NATO country ships going into the Black Sea to assure that there is safe passage from Ukrainian vessels through the Kerch Straits, the Sea of Azov,” she said.

“It is very important that Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, as well as Georgia, have the security in that Black Sea area both for ships but also for their land-based safety,” Hutchison added.

She said that these measures are needed  in respnose to the incident between the Ukrainian Navy and Russian coastal guards near the Kerch Strait, which took place on November 25, 2018.

In November 2018, 3 Ukrainian ships carried dangerous maneuvers and attempted to pass the strait without an approval from the Russian side. After a half day of attempts to convince the Ukrainian ships to obey to the rules of the passage [previously followed by other Ukrainian vessels for multiple year], Russian forces detained the ships. The Kiev-provoked situation triggered a large-scale escalation in the region. However, all mainstream media outlets and Western diplomats blamed Russia.

NATO foreign ministers are holding their regular April meeting in Washington on April 3-4 as they celebrate the 70th anniversary of the U.S.-led alliance. According to media reports, the US will push forward with the Black Sea issue agenda and attempt to justify a further militarization of the region by the bloc.


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And where are the ships going to go…..I thought it was pretty shallow through that area? Would be funny to watch and embarrassing for NATO to have a Russian Pilot onboard! Or NATO can be arrogant and be boarded by full force….

Valerianus Maximus

Kay Bailey Hutchinson bravely shoves the US 6th Fleet into a confrontation. The Russians should mine the approaches to the Kerch Strait.


Am I reading this right? NATO announces its plan for a naval invasion of Russian waters? Hitler thought it better to keep the element of surprise; but he lost, so what did he know I guess. This will be fun to watch if the poodles can be made to join. All the Russian kabuki and judo moves in Syria must have felt so clever at the time, but the result is that your enemies no longer consider Russian deterrence credible.


Kay Bailey Hutchinson, war monger from Texas ….. most dried up ole hags with dementia, in America, are tied up to their nursing home beds. However, this does explain the lack of a US Foreign Policy: Lunatics are in charge. Pompeo, Pence, Abrams (a convicted war criminal) etc.


You forgot Rick ‘Good Hair’, the ex-gov of Texas…He’s in there too. Funny, he is the head of the ‘Energy Dept’…the same dept he said he would dissolve…and also couldn’t remember during the primaries. Another brain dead repug from the corrupt state of Texas. The swamp must be nearly drained by now…the Buffoon has hired them all.

Peter Bozich

NATO is a dead beat organisation. The reality is all this posturing up to Russia is from a position of weakness, not strength.
The west is having a nervous breakdown economically, the U.S is 22 trillion in debt, and heading down the shithole faster than most thought possible
In ten years the U.S will be a regional power, not a global lunatic like it is now.
For those who disagree, good luck, the reality is who will lend money to the U.S when it’s currency collapses Argentina style, noone.

Tony B.

You mention the real problem, worldwide, with all countries but you have no idea it is the real problem when you mention “who will lend money to the U.S.”
No government, anywhere on earth needs to borrow money, it is the one entity which is naturally and lawfully set up to CREATE ITS OWN MONEY AND NEVER HAVE A DEBT. Name the countries which have no national debt. Then name those which are “in debt” to the Rothschild criminal mafia which calls itself “bankers,” while loaning NOTHING but bookkeeping figures, extracts all wealth from almost every nation with this criminal bookkeeping as “repayment of debt” it purports to own. That cabal is now the owner of almost the whole world while almost every country constantly makes “debt” payments to it. The worst criminal scam in the history of the world. Practically every nation jumps to do its bidding, including the U.S.
You commenters here just WILL NOT SEE that you are playing the cabal game of divide and conquer while they walk away with EVERYONE’S FUTURE, yours included.


Yeah, a lot of people say the Rothschild’s, Soros and others are running things. Not from what I see. They are renting their home in the UK for tours. That is never the sign of a powerhouse. They were getting their buns kicked by the locals in Asia not too long ago, when a company buy went bad. Macron is their poster boy. pffffffffft ………. Stories and legends are what everybody wants, instead of how it is. My take Tony. A good one to you.

Tony B.

No matter how you see it the FACT is that just about all nations are in debt. But none seem to be the loaner who is getting rich. They almost all work on a debt system but none of them own the debt or collect the interest. How does that figure? If all are in debt then tell me who is the owner of the debt today that is benefiting if not the same cabal that has been looting almost all nations for several centuries. Then give me a logical reason why national governments should not create their own money for their own nations. And SPEND IT INTO CIRCULATION TO STAY THERE AND WORK FOR ALL AT NO COST WHATSOEVER TO ANYONE.


The debt is not real. It is imaginary. Just charge, no charge in computer storage. Generally thieves use illusion to get what they want from people. So, it is not, in my view, a subject of financial nature. It is within the realm of criminality, that the question resides. Seriously, who really can stay with confidence that US debt, for example, will really be paid off. At some point, the US will move to default without payment and maintain a straight face while doing it.

Real power, money power that is, needs to be protected and enhanced by force of arms. Without that, it is just another piggybank to be robbed. People like, as mentioned before, the Rothschild family, had the might of the US and French empires to keep them going. That nolonger exists. In the US, the new up and comers will take them out at their earliest convenience. This is one of the ways I view the situation as it stands. Paper, electronic money, is the most worthless financial vehicle of all. It is just the illusion that keeps the part going. My take Tony. I wish a good day to you.


So, it finally dawned on them that Venezuela is a lost case, just like Syria and now they move their kabuki theater to the Black sea. Is this the only way to keep poroshenko in power?


non-riparian black sea countries can only send one ship for a limited period into the blacksea, think its 2 weeks. bulgaria, romania and iran and turkey have a natural right to be there as does russia, I doubt that say england or france or italy or aggressive holland would like to spend a friggin fortune on behalf of the bankrupt ukraine rotating their naval vessels into the black sea. just moronistan (aka usa) and just as bankrupt, would have an interest in rotating one vessel at a time into the black sea, to ever so little avail.

dumb idea emanating out of washington dc no doubt – they certainly can concoct one idiotic plan after the other so it’s more than reasonable to assume that the average iq in the state department/white house is about the average shoesize in those said places.


What a load of Texas manure. The US will abide by all the provisions of the Montreaux convention, although they are not signatories. When they get to the Kerch straight, they will dutifully ask permission and will continue to abide by the Russians rules. Nothing more than a exercise in baloney politics. They will have then showed the Russians up…kinda like how the US defeated ISIS.


I am really concerned about the actions of the US. government lately blunder after blunder the spineless vassals of Europe and Eastern Europe must remember if allow them self’s to be used as a tool of US . policy into provoking Russia should there be hostility’s regardless of who wins it would probably be over in two weeks also the battle ground wont be the US. or Russia it will be in E. Europe and nothing will be left standing you simply cannot take on Russia in Russia.

Promitheas Apollonious

dont be. is all farting and hot air.

You can call me Al

Yawn, no one has ever stopped UKRAINIAN SHIPS TO ‘PASS’ KERCH STRAIT if they follow the correct procedures, procedures that are normal Worldwide.

Nigel Maund

All the US and their sidekick NATO can do is double down when their policies don’t work. They will never change their evil agenda because they are very evi and their objectives are control of the region and its natural resources at all costs. Russia stands in their way so must be humiliated and defeated. However, so far it’s Russia that’s winning this game! The west cannot play chess!

Promitheas Apollonious

single cells as the ones who run west the last half century usually can not play anything, beside with themselves, let alone chess.


Some of the NATO gang do like children to play with as well , I think.


Indeed, child’s play in a very particular sense.

Dušan Mirić

Provocation! No way. If they announce passage through the strait there will be a lot of people to take photo, otherwise thy won’t get even close enough to be seen before they end on the bottom of the sea

Ruben Taz

Hello trolls, how’s the Kremlin propaganda going these days? Btw, if you take you head out of your asses, you’ll see Crimea is Ukrainian on any political map in the world. Except from your maps that you can see when you’re having the heads inside your asses.
Like Putin, Hitler was also tolerated with his aggressive maneuvers and occupation of neighboring countries. But not forever.
Anyway, until then, you may continue to lick your own asses thinking Russia is the best.

Albert Mesrine

And the Golan Heights is Syrian…why doesn’t it get a referendum like the Crimea got? And most of us don’t give a fuck about either US/Russia…we just don’t want to get nuked.

Prince Teutonic

Hope that Yankees ships get’s torpedoed to the bottom of the sea…


or even better, detained and humiliated like the ukrainian sailors

Promitheas Apollonious

that be the cherry on the top of the cake.


usa is a reckless, wild bully stomping around harassing everyone. If they don’t listen to America, then it’s sanctions or WAR. Every problem is a nail for the hammer. Time to show the hammer what a Sledgehammer is like


The Kersh straits incident which occurred during November 2018, had nothing to do with a “face-off “with Russian forces. It was in fact part of a very devious and highly dangerous Ukrainian plan hatched by the SBU and aided and abetted by the British secret services and SAS/SBS, to demolish the bridge foundations using SADM…….Underwater Nuclear demolition mines. More info can be found on VT’s website;- https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/02/09/has-a-nuclear-conflict-in-the-black-sea-begun/ Believe me, or not, it makes for scary reading, and the Brits are up to their necks with their involvement.


This is shaping up to be the last stand before the missiles start to transverse the Globe, there is absolutely no chance of Russia backing down here…


US is also guaranteeing the security of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Yay, we need more of that kind of security.

Ruben Taz

…and Russia was guaranteeing the security of Ukraine after taking over the nukes from it. We do NOT need that kind of security anymore. ;-)

Ray Joseph Cormier

On November 19, US News published this article, ‘Ukraine’s War With Russia Poised to Escalate in Azov Sea.’

None of the MSM picked up on it, and still hasn’t after the Military clash November 25. The article
revealed it was Ukraine that initiated the escalation, not Russia.

Radio Free Europe published a report on November 16 saying,
“On November 15, Ukrainian border security spokesman Oleh Slobodyan said that Ukrainian authorities had seized or imposed restrictions on 15 ships heading for Crimean ports. It was not clear how many of those ships were Russian.”

RFE is US government Propaganda designed to MEDDLE in Eastern Europe.


This was just a week before the 1st clash since Ukraine and Russia signed a protocol governing traffic in the Azov Sea in 2003, fifteen years ago.
Then, Crimea was an Autonomous region of Ukraine, facing Russia on the other side of the 50 mile Strait.

Russia regained control of both sides and the entrance to the Azov Seal only AFTER the US orchestrated Coup against the Russian friendly government, changing that regime for a Neo-Nazi anti-Russia government..

The Russian speaking majorities in Crimea and the Donbass, that area bordering Russia, who voted for that Russia friendly government, have every right to rebel against the regime change.

Crimea was part of Russia since 1783 until administrative control was transferred to Ukraine in 1954 when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

Clearly, the provocations are being initiated by the US proxy regime it changed in 2014.