War-Torn Syria Takes To The Voting Polls

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In Iraq, attacks on various US positions are becoming the norm, rather than incidents that seldom take place.

IED attacks on American convoys are simply an everyday occurrence now.

On May 24th, rockets were fired at Ain Al Asad Air Base in western Iraq’s Anbar province.

According to the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, one rocket was fired. Some other sources reported their number was at least 5.

No casualties or damages were reported.

The attack took place two days after the Iraqi Resistance coordination room had issued a statement threatening the US forces of resuming attacks.

May 23rd, just one day before the attack, 6 US logistical convoys were reportedly targeted with roadside bombs in various regions of Iraq.

The explosions were reported in Babylon, Aldewanea, Alsmewa, Alnasrea and Basrah regions.

The attacks on US supply convoys and facilities in Iraq are a response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.

In neighboring Syria, the situation appears calm, as citizens take to the voting polls in the presidential election.

On May 26, 12,102 election centers opened in all provinces for Syrian citizens, as the number of eligible voters registered inside and abroad Syria has reached more than 18 million.

There are three candidates: Abdullah Abdullah, Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Mar’ai.

The US, UK, France, Germany and Italy released a statement claiming Syria’s elections are “neither free nor fair.”

Their foreign ministers said the elections should be put under UN supervision “to the highest international standards of transparency and accountability.”

Their joint statement reads that all Syrians should be able to participate in the voting process, including Syrian refugees living abroad.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated “moderate opposition” slammed the elections as “illegitimate”. The Istanbul-based “Syrian National Council” said that the only acceptable elections were those in which Bashar al-Assad didn’t take part.

Still, the ability to hold elections in most of the country and establish some sort of normalcy is a result of the efforts of the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian support. Including measures for containing ISIS, and the “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib and the northern parts of the country.

Despite efforts to rebrand terrorists such as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the situation is slowly but steadily normalizing in Syria. Some refugees are returning to their homeland, and certain parts of the country have already been rebuilt. A lot of problems remain, of course, but the overall trajectory is a positive one.

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john wooh

So the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and their Western Colonial Master wanna dictate for who and how to vote ???

jens holm

No, they and we dont. Ypou say we do and even not hiden blame us for it.

Thats ISIS tunnel toilet level.

jens holm

Syria is not voting at all. They havnt the last many decades.

Half of the socalled Syrians not even has a chance to participate in that fake.

How can it be named as election. One You could use “selection”, because most people there are not a part of the Russian Oblask named Syria minor and people also cant be elected because Assads and the Baahthist jail, torture and kill them.

Jens Holmosexual

Nonsensical garbage from clueless and retarded NATO trans-whore from Denmark, Dikmark or whatever you call that puny vassal toilet ‘county’.
Wtf you know about Syria you stupid twat, you can’t even find Syria on the map, or Asia, or planet Earth…

jens holm

It very visible I know more about Syria then Ypu. I semes to ahve all sources for it as well as a deep and old background.

You seemes only excused if You are a senile or born yesterday. Even people born yesterday know, they not even can feed themself.


“War torn Syria takes to the polls” is indeed incorrect. Only parts under government control take part. The two other candidates had a bare 10 days to campaign and practically without funds. Official support went exclusively to B. Al-Asad.

Jens Assholm

But no vote-by-mail? Still better than Murica.

Florian Geyer

The Germans actually PREVENTED Syrians from voting at the Syrian Embassy in Germany.


Another example of utmost disrespect of int. law and common decency by so called civilized countries – like Latvia replacing Belarus flag with ‘opposition’ symbols.

jens holm

Thats not even his point.


massive public support for Assad—in CIA USA oligarchy election rigged, ruling class installed senile vegetable prez


As a rule of thumb, all modern federal general elections are held in nation states that comprise the territories held under an existing government’s control. As further rule of thumb, any (foreign) armed terrorists that are occupying the territory of an existing and internationally recognized nation state, are not entitled to participate or vote in that state’s federal governing system. Because, rather obviously, when individuals, from both within and outside of a state, take up arms in violence against the state, and openly accept foreign sponsorship in wages and weapons to do so, they rather clearly choose to self exclude themselves from the conventional political process of that state. Period. You moron.

Last edited 1 month ago by JensFromTheBlock
jens holm

If people has no choise because its taken away hard, thats no election or selection.

Syria by hte Baathists has not been a state for decades. Every map shows that. Not even bunches of Russian, iranian and Hesbollas support shows that.

Baathist are new Feudals producing nothing only taking in money for themself for external and internal corruption. Its very semilar to what kremling and KGB was and is.

Syria has not been a state for decades. States includes people. Assads exclude people.


backward night porter in colony owned by USA believes her vote matters…does your boyfriend allow you to vote when u r on your knees?

jens holm

Whatever. We do 60.000 dollar pr capita. We have the lowest corruption in the world. Covid is undr hard control. We invented windpower, which no is spread out in the whole world.

We even are qand advanced part of the Anerican Marslander. Thye dont plunder us as well. We have plus in trade there.

We are not like Yours having needs 5 times a day in non mixted facilities.


LOL – the US federal election process is an open joke. The Bush family delivered the US Presidency to Bush Jr through his very own brother Jeb, then Governor of Florida, ordering the notorious Florida Recount. That recount, of course, gave Bush Jr the required numbers. Just think about that for a moment – its just straight up family ruling oligarch stuff. US election fraud…err…ya think… Whilst that was an extremely blatant example of the ease of corrupting the voting process in US – it was certainly no isolated event. The US federal voting system has obvious state to state discrepancies, maintained to explicitly maximize potential for fraud if required – that is why they run those absurdly unreliable electronic voting machines – that can be tampered with, via software, to either malfunction (invalidate vote) or self vote (machine refuses to validate certain candidates) – the current US election fraud regime has been going on for decades.

Last edited 1 month ago by JensFromTheBlock
jens holm

I have told them their election systems suchs and many many times. Our system cant do as theirs. They should have the same fair system all over.

We fx also dont register vus as voters, because we all pr definition are, if we are 18 years old or more. Only few hard criminels and very few psykic handicapped and seniles are not.

We are all registrated exact where we live and also has to have a bank aquant.

By that they send us a letter(or soon a protected mail) telling what kind of lection it is and when its open and where.

When we arrive the controllers are from all poplitical parties controlling each other against cheeting.

We give them Our birthday and we are given the list with political parties and persons in them, we can hoose. We make a cross inside a tent and alone aprt from blind ones and trempling spastics.

Iur system has mistakes too. By that its best to have som ID so You are not gone in the system or can vote twice.

We vote as them in schools, sport facilities and county halls.

Its also possible to vote in writings before the election day.

Counting votes exit pols and like that is done by the 2 biggest TV and Radio channels and several smaller ones are controlling them.

Greenland and faroe Island are autonomes each having 2 seats, which are cheep costing less then 20.000 votes each.

The election areas do change by Urbanisation, so more seats slowly goes to the urban areas as correction by numbers.

At the end of the lection we has cmpensation votes to make the last % s in seats more accurate. We have no “Winners takes all”.

jens holm


Israel is an Apartheid State

The elections in America are not free nor fair with the electoral college.

Good job Syria. Hopefully, the rest of the terrorist occupied territories in Idlib and in the North can be taken back.


electoral college irrelevant in oligarchy, inverted totalitarian procedural republic like DPRK where election laws only exist in dictatorships like azerbijian

Florian Geyer

Its laughable that ANY members of NATO would be impartial observers of any elections anywhere.
The NATO cabal is directly responsible for funding and training the sub human jewhadi monsters who were recruited to destabilise the Middle East and Africa.

jens holm

Ypu forget GB and Farnce are main operators as well as Tueks are on their own too. You also ignore Golan.

And Your “WEST” is not West like that. We just think the people by own hands and heads tigether could make a much better living in almost anyway far from Assads and Jihadismes.

Assads destroy much more every day then there is build. The build more inlegoland then in Syria. see some prestige houses for highly corrupt Assads only.