Washington Says Hezbollah Prepares Attacks In United States, Offers Bounty For Two Group’s Members

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Washington Says Hezbollah Prepares Attacks In United States, Offers Bounty For Two Group's Members

The US has announced that it’s offering a total of $12 million in rewards for the capture of two senior Hezbollah members, saying the Shia group is plotting attacks inside the US. The announcement comes as Washington contemplates canceling the Iran nuclear deal.

A $7-million bounty applies to Talal Hamiyah, head of Hezbollah’s external operations. Another $5 million is being offered for Fuad Shukr, the group’s senior military official, accused of masterminding a 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 US Marines.

“It’s our assessment that Hezbollah is determined to give itself a potential homeland option as a critical component of its terrorism playbook,” US National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen said, citing recent arrests of alleged Hezbollah operatives in New York and Michigan. “And that is something that those of us in the counter-terrorism community take very, very seriously.”

The State Department designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization in October 8, 1997. In February, the US offered a $5 million bounty for Mohammed Ali Hamadei, a Hezbollah member who allegedly took part in the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in which US sailor Robert Stethem was killed.

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Here we go. AIPAC should be destroyed. Trying to set up a reason for an invasion of Lebanon and/or Syria. Perhaps Iran can be added to the mix for supporting Hesbollah.


List of Israeli assassinations

“In 2006, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected a petition to declare targeted killings illegal. The court recognized that some killings violated international law”

Targeted killings by Israel Defense Forces

Gary Sellars

hell, these Caballists can even assassinate an Israeli PM (Rabin) with impunity (only jailing the fall-guy), Why would they care about petitions…

John Whitehot

sooner or later dude, patience.

888mladen .

You mean patsy?

Clive Hurston

It’s utterly pathetic to witness a once strong, proud, independent nation like the United States become a humiliated, belittled servant and lackey to Israeli regional and supra-regional interests. It’s getting so bad that you can tell what the Zionists are planning next by the statements that come out of the White House and Zionist controlled US MSM . .


I completely agree, it’s pathetic.



It’s the other way round; by pretending that the zionist proxy manipulates the US state, the US state can imply that their contractor is to blame, knowing that anyone who criticises the zionist antisemite filth will be smeared as an antisemite.

Gary Sellars

The idea that hezbollah would perform “operations” in North America is simply absurd, and these allegations show how ignorant the Muricans really are. AIPAC playing it’s usual games, and Murican goyims are acting like fools.


You are right, and of course there’s the small matter of Hezbollah never attacked anybody, they just defend and do it very nicely. Their presence in Syria is their first operation outside of Lebanon. They never performed terror attacks, because they are not terrorists.
US in 2003 “decided” that the 1983 bombing was Hezbollah’s doing, despite Hezbollah was created in 1985, a mysterious group named “Islamic Jihad” claims the bombing ‘by phone call’. Nobody knows it’s members because all the evidence of their existence is just a few phone calls. Many believe the bombing was done by Israel to bring the US to the mess they created, Hezbollah didn’t exist then so they created Islamic Jihad to put blame on somebody else.

This announcement is ordered by Israel, no doubt. They want to ready the Americans mentally for another aggression by Israel which is itching to do something about it’s humiliation by Hezbollah, but fully knows that it can’t attack alone. They need to drag the US or at least put the cost of war on US’s shoulders.

On second thought, they may be right somehow: If US helps Israel to attack Lebanon, Hezbollah will hit the military targets in US mainland and overseas, and will hit them hard. After all, it’s not fair to sit safely on one side of the world and destroy people’s homes on the other side.
IF US helps Israel to attack, they’re going to find out what their own medicine tastes like.

Tommy Jensen

They ARE fools.

John Mason

Maybe a ‘Wanted dead or Alive” bounty on Clinton, Bush, Blair, Obama, Trump for their actions in distabalizing the globe and causing destruction, abuse of Human Rights, war and regime change all done under false prtences, lies and deceit. Problem is that the ‘bounty’ would have to be very low due to the trash qualities of those concerned.


Nice idea.
The bounty can be crowed funded: Each person, 1 dollar.
$Billions will be gathered.


The Washington barbarians are ooooh so predictable.

Policy Wonk

I have found it very difficult to find much evidence linking Hezbollah to terrorism. The Marine Barracks bombing was tragic, but it was not a terrorist act. The U.S. invaded Lebanon and the people resisted with armed force. That is not terrorism. Assuming the 1985 aircraft high-jacking was committed by a member of Hezbollah as claimed, that’s over 30 years ago. It’s quite easy to tie Saudi Arabia or the Muslim Brotherhood to a deadly global terror network. Why not put the Saudi royals on wanted posters? After all, they murdered 3000 Americans on 9-11. Accusing Hezbollah of terrorism is typical CIA black-ops.


There’s no evidence linking Hezbollah to any terror act whatsoever.
There are many accusations repeated 24/7 for decades, but the proof never comes. If you ask for evidence, you will be a terror sympathizer.
US accuses North Korean leaders of being mad, Iran as the main terror supporter, Russia of aggression and elections meddling, China of currency manipulation, Assad of killing Syrians, Hezbollah of being a terror group and now Pakistan of backing Taliban. Have anybody seen any proof of these?

US won’t accuse it’s master, Israel and won’t bite the Saudi hand which feeds it, despite numerous American lives they took, let alone millions of other nations’ population.

888mladen .

“Why not put the Saudi royals on wanted list” My thumb up.

Hassadnah Abraham

Hezbollah planned to attack US???? Unbelievable!!!
If You said MOSSAD Israel with the help of CIA did the plan…it is extreamly possible and it did happened many times before…incuding 7/11

888mladen .

Like Las Vegas shooting which was a pure False Flag Op.
Watch for 32nd floor of the building right in the middle of the frame, any muzzle flashes?



Bogus claim, but that is how framing someone starts! All they need is someone who looks a little like either of those men, arrange a little shoot-out have some bodies displayed, oh and they dropped their passports under the sofa where they were shooting, so case closed. And the policy of burning the bodies without any external involvement guarantees that no one is going to find out who they really were. Aren’t those terrorists so bad…


Whoever bombed and killed the 241 US service personnel in 1983 in Lebanon , made the US realize they had no valid reason to be there . That may have saved thousands of American lives .
Thirty-five years latter is a bit slow on the thank you .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There were links to a Mossad operation in the attacks back then as they were interfering in actions being carried out by Israel and it’s Lebanese proxies they were mad about that. They had multiple attacks on various countries and Israel was angry and quite adamant that all foreign forces leave.


Who still denies that Israel fully controls US foreign policy?

How can American soldiers still accept to be used like trash for Israel????


A very simple, absurd, yes, pathetic attempt to discredit Hizbullah. Of course, H. is gaining strength and influence *in the region*. That is what they’re concerned about, this is why they win. They are in the region and concerned with it. There is, of course, no reason whatsoever at all, for H. to attack the US. The immediate beneficiary of this kind of false claims isn’t so much Israel but the “IS” and HTS.

eric zweistein

In other news:

Washington say Aliens preparing attacks on Disneyland !

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Breaking News: Habara Troll spotted more on News @ 11!!

Wahid Algiers

Hands off of Hezbollah and its members or you will pay a high price Uncle Shlomo.