When Titans Clashed: Russia’s Defeat Of German Fascism 1941-1945

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When Titans Clashed: Russia's Defeat Of German Fascism 1941-1945

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“Little, perhaps nothing, of the experience of most Western readers and historians will have prepared them for what they will find in the history of Russia’s War’’ – Richard Overy

Written by Dr. Leon Tressell

In 2022 we commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, which marked a turning point in the war against German fascism.  Stalingrad represented the first nail in the coffin of the German Wehrmacht.  Russia’s war against German fascism lasted four years and took an immense toll on the people of the Soviet Union with over 25 million soldiers and civilians killed. As Overy notes, “The cost of the war dwarfed the sacrifices of any other fighting power.’’

In the West lip service is paid to the massive price paid by the Soviet people during the course of the Nazis war of annihilation on the Eastern front.  Mainstream media, politicians and even school curricula will highlight the contribution made by Allied forces during the D-Day landings of 1944 but will remain curiously silent over the events and the vast battlefields of the Soviet Union.

Thankfully, there are a few Western voices that recognise, however significant the Anglo-American role in defeating Hitler’s armies was, this was fundamentally brought about by events on the Eastern Front.  Hitler’s war of extermination ended by destroying its German initiators and by embedding a Soviet presence in Central and Eastern Europe for over half a century. In this article we shall review the evidence provided by Professor Richard Overy, who is one of Britain’s leading historians of the Second World War, in his book Russia’s War. This fine piece of research helps us understand more clearly than ever the enormous achievements and the horrendous price which the Soviet people paid for victory over German fascism.

Overy provides a fascinating account, revealing how the Soviet Union was able to defeat the German Wehrmacht which, in 1941, had the best trained, most well-equipped troops in the world, as well as the vast resources of a subjugated Europe at its disposal. It is worth recalling that at the outset of the German invasion of the USSR most governments expected Hitler’s forces to rapidly triumph over the Red Army. After the German invasion was launched American Secretary of State Henry Stimson informed President Roosevelt that the unanimous opinion of the US Chiefs of Staff was that:”Germany will be thoroughly occupied in beating Russia for a minimum of a month and possible maximum of three months.’’

Richard Overy starts with a brief description of the development of the Soviet Red Army from the October Revolution of 1917 to the highly damaging purges of the late 1930s, when the Red Army leadership was decimated by waves of arrests and executions. Estimates vary, but there is no doubt that tens of thousands of officers were executed or sent into internal exile. This had the impact of greatly weakening the effectiveness of the Red Army as a fighting force. It greatly encouraged Hitler in his decision to prepare for a full-scale invasion of the Soviet Union and enabled him to feel secure about his planned attack on France in 1940.

The author describes in a dramatic manner, the disaster which befell the Red Army during the year which followed the German invasion of 1941, when it lost 6 million soldiers to the Nazi onslaught.  As Overy reveals, the Red Army defeats of this period, which brought the German army to the gates of Moscow, can be largely put down to the incompetent military leadership of Stalin who ignored repeated warnings of the impending German invasion. His interference in the work of Red Army commanders during 1941 only served to turn Russian retreats into full-scale military disasters.  Professor Overy also gives credit to the tactical brilliance of German military commanders, whose mastery of rapid mechanised warfare was unsurpassed at that time.

During the winter of 1941-42, when the Wehrmacht was laying siege to both Moscow and Leningrad, the Soviet Union appeared close to defeat.  Yet, by the spring of 1943 the balance of forces on the Eastern Front been decisively transformed in favour of the Red Army.  Richard Overy puts this down to several interlinked processes.

The Russian economy was completely reorganised during the winter of 1941-42 as German troops pressed 500 miles into Soviet territory.  Thousands of factories were dismantled and moved to the Urals and Western Siberia.  The entire population was mobilised on a vast scale into war production and the armed forces, that were made up of the Red Army and the partisan units behind German lines.

Overy pays tribute here to the critical role played by the state owned planned economy in the successes of the Soviet armed forces.  Despite the loss of most of its how industrialised western regions, the Soviet planned economy displayed a great flexibility and organisational power that enabled it to out-produce the vast German economy.  By 1943 the Soviet Union was out-producing Germany in the critical areas of aircraft, tank and artillery production.

The other factor following the massive defeats 1941 and 1942, was that the Stalinist bureaucracy which governed the Soviet Union was forced to ease its iron grip on Soviet society.  As Overy notes: “The emergency freed many Soviet officials, managers and soldiers from an atmosphere of passivity and fear of responsibility.’’

On both the military and home fronts, this led to a period of ‘spontaneous de-Stalinisation’, which unleashed the long suppressed initiative and creativity of the Soviet people at all levels, ranging from Red Army generals and factory workers.  This led to a great improvement in the morale and efficiency of the armed forces and the military economy, which were temporarily freed from the dead weight of bureaucratic control.

As Overy points out, despite the significance of the Anglo-American role on the Western front, it was events on the Eastern Front, which broke the back of the German war machine.  Over 80% of German battle casualties occurred on the Eastern Front where the overwhelming weight of the Wehrmacht was concentrated.  In June 1944 the Wehrmacht had 228 divisions facing the Red Army and only 58 divisions facing the Western allies.

The Nazi leadership of Germany never expected the Soviet Union to recover its economic/military strength following the devastating losses of 1941-1942. Nor did it expect the Red Army to be able to reform its armed forces, adopt new tactics and produce commanders of remarkable ability. Besides this, Soviet military intelligence again and again was able to outfox its German counterparts which gave Red Army offensives from 1943 onwards a major tactical advantage.

Richard Overy points out another critical factor that contributed to the Soviet victory and that was the role played by women in sustaining the Soviet war effort and the modernization of the armed forces especially in critical the field of weapons production:

“It is a myth that the Soviet Union won the war because it had endless spaces in the East from which to suck its manpower. The Soviet Union survived only by mobilizing two-thirds of its women to run the factories and farms, and by modernizing its armed forces so that they did not have to rely any longer on raw numbers of men, but could rely, like the American army, on mass produced weapons.’’

By early February 1943 the Red Army had inflicted a decisive and crushing defeat on Army Group South following the conclusion of the Battle of Stalingrad. It was the first nail in the coffin of German fascism. Hitler had lost one of his most experienced armies which was an irreplaceable loss. This was followed by the devastating and decisive defeats suffered by the German army at the Battle of Kursk in July 1943 and Operation Bagration (summer 1944) that destroyed Army Group Centre, which at that point, was Germany’s largest and most experienced military formation.

Russia’s War looks at the course of the apocalyptic struggle on the Eastern Front from the point of view of the Red Army troops and ordinary Russian peasants and workers.  It also notes the high price which the Soviet people paid in the defeat of fascist barbarism.  Overy pays tribute to the forgotten victims of the titanic struggle waged by the Soviet people in their defeat of German fascism:

“There is no dispute that the Soviet population suffered out of all proportion to the sufferings of Soviet allies, and suffered in many cases not a quick end from bomb or bullet but an agonizing end from starvation, or torture, or enslavement, or from countless atrocities whose mere recital still, after the accumulation of almost sixty years of further miseries world-wide, humbles and defeats the imagination.’’

On 2 May the capital of Hitler’s thousand year Reich fell to Soviet troops. The German garrison surrendered to Marshal Chuikov, who had led the Red Army’s grim resistance at Stalingrad. Yet fighting continued in the south where 600,000 Germans continued fruitless resistance to the Red Army in Czechoslovakia.

Hitler’s successor Admiral Doenitz had fled to Flensburg in Northern Germany where he engaged in surrender negotiations with the Western allies. On 7 May General Jodl, Hitler’s chief of operations, signed an act of  unconditional surrender in a ceremony orchestrated by the United States.

On hearing of this news Stalin was furious as he believed that the Soviet war effort was the real source of Hitler’s defeat. He refused to accept the German surrender to the Western allies on 7 May:

“The surrender must be arranged as a most important historical fact, and accepted not on the territory of the conquerors but at the place where the fascist aggression sprang from.’’

Marshal Zhukov was ordered to arrange a new surrender ceremony in Berlin as Stalin was keen to, ‘demonstrate to the world the important part the Soviet people and their leader played in the downfall of Hitler.’

At 12.43 am 9 May Field Marshal Keitel signed the surrender in front of Zhukov and several senior Western generals. In the evening of May 9 between 2 to 3 million people gathered in Red Square to celebrate the hard fought victory over German fascism. To this day the Russian people have celebrated 9 May as Victory Day as they remember the terrible sacrifices their country made to defeat the bestial regime of Hitler.

The people of Europe owe a great debt of gratitude to the Red Army and the Soviet people for their freedom from fascist tyranny. Despite its somewhat dry academic style, Russia’s War conclusively proves that it was the Red Army which was largely responsible for defeating Hitler’s armies.

Instead of gratitude, we have the current situation where most Europeans support the Russophobic hostility of the EU towards Russia.


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Russia and Germany were titans once and are now dwarfed between the US and China. Germany is a full on american, liberalist puppet and Russia has an economy of the size of Italy, terrible demography and its armed forces seem too incompetent to subjugate even Ukraine. Sad times for these major continental powers of Europe


despite russian small economy compare to usa and china, russia is not a dwarfed country as you mention, russia can still compete with this two titan, russia can be self sufficient despite hardship while usa and china cannot.

it is an insult to compare the economy of italy to russia where as russia can sustain all its needed supplies on its own while italy cannot, it can maintain its arm forces with the level of usa and china while italy cannot, it can survive the sanctions while italy cannot, russia have a vast of land that italy dont have etc….

russia can be as rich as china and the usa but didnt chose to as russia prefer to deal with the equal partners instead of threat and coercion

Rebecca Amador

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jens holm

You still dont get it. We and Italy too are mcuh bigger as Nato.

We are much more productive. But we have chosen wellfare for Our populations.

The versions for Italy can not handle sanctions is not true. We and they has to restructure a lot of things and help each other. Thats a good reasons for being in the wetsren economies and its many affiliates.

And no. As long as Russia behaves aas it does inside itself, it can not devellop. We have the same kind of mihav about it since I can remember. Now even the russian low life eduxcation systems is almost not there.

Denmark dont say we are the biggest because we have Greenland as autonome. Our perspective is GDP pr capita. Thats 60.000 dollar thats more then twice as much as Russia. Italy is about 40.000.

For us its about how we are doing pr person and how we do it. We dont add icecreme from Greeland and make Putin into tauga Woods in fire.

I might tal Russia down. But Russians hardly know how the rest of the worldis. We often know Russia better then themself.

Italy as well as we has our own problems too.


They are subjigating ukraine with minimal effort, ukrainians with western help have built fortifications in Donbass that run for 20 miles, it will take time clear it it out but eventually it will all break


This minimal effort will ruin Russian economy faster then you think. Two months and Russians lost more soldiers than in Afghanistan. Just think about how this turned out for Moscow

jens holm

Its trying to find Kursk the not yellow submarine west of Norway.


Bof, blablabla

Chris Gr

Yes this is true, however, there are other forces like India or Latin America that can exploit this. At least, the non-European forces.


Eastern Front land warfare was rather primitive led by two brutal dictators of which one was backed by American lend lease material.

Deplorable Commissar

” one was backed by American lend lease material. ”

Russians conveniently forget this part. Without Western support Russia would have lost. Even Stalin admitted that much.


Rubbish. The war was lost by Germany at Smolensk, and it became irretrievably lost in the first week of December, 1941 when the Russians counter-attacked at Moscow. All long before the Americans did anything besides aid Nazi Germany.

Deplorable Commissar

You have much learning to do. Study harder before you make a fool of yourself.

” Most famously, Soviet dictator Josef Stalin raised a toast to the Lend-Lease program at the November 1943 Tehran conference with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

“I want to tell you what, from the Russian point of view, the president and the United States have done for victory in this war,” Stalin said. “The most important things in this war are the machines…. The United States is a country of machines. Without the machines we received through Lend-Lease, we would have lost the war.”

Nikita Khrushchev offered the same opinion.

“If the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war,” he wrote in his memoirs. “One-on-one against Hitler’s Germany, we would not have withstood its onslaught and would have lost the war. No one talks about this officially, and Stalin never, I think, left any written traces of his opinion, but I can say that he expressed this view several times in conversations with me.”

Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, America sent arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion. Totaling $11.3 billion, or $180 billion in today’s currency, the Lend-Lease Act of the United States supplied needed goods to the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945 in support of what Stalin described to Roosevelt as the “enormous and difficult fight against the common enemy — bloodthirsty Hitlerism.”

400,000 jeeps & trucks
14,000 airplanes
8,000 tractors
13,000 tanks
1.5 million blankets
15 million pairs of army boots
107,000 tons of cotton
2.7 million tons of petrol products
4.5 million tons of food


Western sponsored informational horseshit repeated by the paid shills around the world..
1. Unverifiable citations (Stalins.. Chruschev was such an idiot that he may said that)

2. Your numbers are pulled from someone arse – on some cases they are overestimation by 25% to 45%…

3. By the end of Battle for Moscow (turning point of the war in the East) only 2.1% of the Lend lease have been send – practically no effect on the battle..

4. By the end of the Battle for Stalingrad only 14% of lend lease have been send – little effect on the battle outcome – not to mention that not everything send have arrived in USSR. In first 2 -3 years many convoys have fallen to the Nazi Uboats – but americans still count it as a help delivered..

5. 56.5% of the lend lease have arrived in the years 1944/1945 – when outcome of the war was already decided

6. Great Britain have received 3x (3times) the amount of help that USSR received – so go wonder why they didnt defeat Hitler by them self :)

7. Even France with no army, no territory and no impact on the outcome of the war have received 33% of the Lend lease that USSR received.. Go figure…

jens holm

That too. Thanks. Some only see few pictures instaed of the movie.

jens holm

When You go back like that I can too.

It was a mistake not stopping the airplane attacks on UK, when Churchill said NO WAY. Those experianced pilots and the many airplnes was gold for Brabarossa.

It was a mistake to let 400.000 good soldiers attak the Balkans. Balkan could and would never attack Germany as well as Italy. By that they lost a lot of very needed capasity in transport. Here Britts was a helping hand for Stalin.

Thats why Britts had no good troops in egypt.

Barbarossa also was delayed by the weater. No matter what it should have started 14 days before it did.

By that they as minimum had reached into the real suburbs of Moskva by speed and lack of defence.

It was very bad Omen. The russians had some fast reserves but Stalin also got the Sibirians troops Hitler was not aware in very good postions.

Finally he some time before that should have forced or bought Franco to take out Gibraltar.

jens holm

The war should have been lost at the Stalin line.

But Stalin left the very good defence there and made improvisations at the Molotov Ribbentrop and devastating decidings according its whole warfare system since 1938.

By that Hitler never would have reached much more then this with his horsepower only.

Millions of soldiers and civiliens was killed because of that. The Germans even got millions of tons of Russian equioment for free. Parts of that was used well by the news second class SS troops against Stalin.


“Russia has an economy of the size of Italy”

As reported by US corporate media and measured in GDP … a statistic in which destruction caused by natural disasters like hurricanes are seen as an economic benefit.

“and its armed forces seem too incompetent to subjugate even Ukraine”

Russia has no desire to “subjugate Ukrainians” in fact the operation in the “Ukraine” are to liberate Russian land and Russian from the subjugation of Galician Ukrainian domination. After fighting Galicians in 1922 and from 1941 – 58 the Russians want nothing to do Galician Ukrainians as long as they are nice agrarian peasant folk who consider the pitchfork a primary weapon of war.

As far as the USA / western European economies why is it that the USA has to print $trillions of USD debasing the currency just to keep their economy from collapsing and their economic war on Russia hurts them more than it hurts the Russians.

Calling an economy strong when you have to take such extreme measures and start wars to keep it afloat is out and out bullshit. The USA is about to be hit by triple whammy inflation first caused by printing money, then due to commodity and energy shortages due to sanctions and finally due to a demand shortage of consumer goods shipped from China. It’s about to get ugly.

helene matz

completely disgusting when western countries or should we call them yank lap dogs even brain wash their children about evil russia.these cowards wish to forget what pain and sacrifice the ussr suffered and that the world would have looked quite different today if the little insane corporal and his western tacit supporters such as the nazi sympathisers much so in the english aristocracy and their degenerate monarchy,its sickening that the germans are on this bandwagon of visceral hatred once a nazi always a nazi,regarding the west its a a,licking yank poodle and it will fall like a house of cards from depravity arrogance and degeneracy


you live in the past

Chris Gr

Degenerate monarchy lol Czarist Russia was far better from both Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.


Why you lie ? Thr Red Army commited crimes so unspeakable that no “Nazi” comes even close to that. You want proofs ? No problem ! Here two proofs – 1) one article, and 2) the harder proof: Old Red army soldier (VIDEO PROOF !!) admits it himself, the massrapings of german women ordered by his commanders.

1) Article from 20.02.2005 even from the anti-german newspaper magazine WELT regarding Red Army going into german territory in 1945. WORLD on SUNDAY Take the women as prey … So Russian tank spearheads rolled down a line of refugees south of Gumbinnen near Großwaltersdorf on the Rominte. In Nemmersdorf an der Angerapp the soldateska slaughtered the residents. They nailed raped women to barn doors, smashed the skulls of small children with rifle butts. The people were “almost exclusively bestially murdered, with the exception of a few who were shot in the neck,” reported a witness after the end of the Second World War. Goebbels propaganda extensively celebrated the massacres in Großwaltersdorf and Nemmersdorf as a “new storm of the Huns”. The shocked, threatened German population was spurred on by the reports to flee.

This corresponded exactly to the calculations of the Soviet dictator Stalin, who had shortly before agreed with Roosevelt and Churchill that the German areas east of the Oder and Neisse should be annexed to Poland and the Soviet Union, respectively. In order to make large parts of East Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania ethnically “swept clean” as they advanced, leaflets were issued to Soviet soldiers calling on them to murder and rape. “Kill! The Germans are not human!”, “Break the racial arrogance of the Germanic women by force, take them as lawful prey!” it said in the millions of pamphlets distributed. The number of more than one million raped women proves that they met with approval among the Red Army soldiers. The excesses were only partly an outburst of revenge for the unspeakable atrocities committed by SS and SD task forces earlier during Germany’s war of annihilation against the Soviet Union. Rather, the soldiers of the Red Army had been prepared to commit their cruel work with a clear conscience. https://www.welt.de/print-wams/article123849/Nehmt-die-Frauen-als-Beute.html

2) Or here, look and listen to that old red army soldier, and him remembering and admitting massraping german women on orders of his commanders in 1945. https://bit.ly/39M5V9x (There are thousands more of these proofs, but of course the jewish medias in the west and also in of course in russia do not show them to the public. Try to re-post that video on RT.com, and see what happens !)

Last edited 7 months ago by Sörenson

You thing that you are going to sway some idiots with this baseless crap? You will have to try in mental asylum for believers…

jens holm

USA changed BRD into a puddle form being nazis crawling all over. Thye had the upprhand in that change.

I remember those nazis comming here high abob´ve the rest of us showing us no respect.

USA made BRD into a statepartly semilar to USA with selfrule in many thinsg. It not even had a fort Knox.

USA also gave the new West Germany help just as the rest of us. They could have punished them and the nazis in te other countries more.

Instead they rewarded good behaving and after good habits for may years,they know are themselves but not as Nazis but another kind of state.

You seemes to ignore Germany only were nazis from 1933 to 1935 and there before that was a very chaotic democrasy by Ebert and others.

It was the Punishment mainly by the Frech which made the many small Hitlers and Stalins in Germany, where one Hirtler became a winner and after some years a dead looser.

I think they did well. Germany and the rest of us are doing well too.

jens holm

I see no brainwash about Russians. We know most things in Russia better then the Russians are allowed to.

They can compare and learn about us, because they are forbidden to or as minimum kept away.

You seemes to have erased that we have changed a lot since then too. Thats done by debate and selection by that.

I will remind You we systematicly work hard to make no birth for any nazis by removing the reasons for them.

We have them in the open here as well as the extreme socialists. They can say we keep them´down and people donrt know about them.

The results are they and we know they are veruý few. Nazis might be up to 0,1%. In the socialist camp there might be 2% of 8% in the parlament. The socialist do have influence but its for bettter wellfare for most of us. They also are enganged a lot in a cleaner inviroment and production. That was the reason for they were made.


the germans nazis really were the good guys tho, its the jews who are the real evil, they make gmo food, agent orange, covid 19, zika virus, aids and a lot more, the world would have been better off without that jewish rat scum


but at the time of “Nazi” (which is Jewish slander) none of the things you mentioned were invented by them. So there most have been something else at the time you are speaking about in 1930-45.

Peter The Ungrateful

“the germans nazis really were the good guys tho, its the jews who are the real evil…”

Spoken like the good NaZi you are. m(

jens holm

If You put an antivirus program on Your computer, You will be gone within 60 seconds.


Beware. History is written by the victors.
The peace-loving Soviet Union with all its bitter sacrifices is a story which was imposed on many people in my country, until no one wanted to hear it any longer. The truth is that many people suffered because of Communism. And there were Russian war crimes. Do your research, you will find out many things which do not fit into this story.

The truth is only the truth and nothing but the tr

Well, lay out the evidence of war crimes, if there is something to lay out.

Katyn. Massacre of thousands of innocent Poles by Stalin

The truth is only the truth and nothing but the tr


Last edited 7 months ago by The truth is only the truth and nothing but the tr
jens holm

Thats a waste of time.

He has learned from birth, that if any come with facts its a signal for showing his behind, fingers in the ears and closed eyes.

Putin and Pavlov did that knd of behaving.

Most of them also fall asleep, when You say work. They only work, when they feel for it. .
They not even use chewing gum unless they are paid for it.

He just tell You facts. Thoise are well organized and shown for the whole world by internet.

Much as Your connections is pigions.

Peter The Ungrateful

Yes, people have suffered because of Communism but how does that contradict the love of peace, or more precisely the hatred of war? Plus, Communism really turned Russia/USSR into an industrial power house, so a lot of people also profited from it.

Deplorable Commissar

” Communism really turned Russia/USSR into an industrial power house, ”

For a few decades till they ran out of money and collapsed in on itself.

jens holm

And the rest about it as well as statistics about it are gone.

We all know how it was before that. It was very bad too.

Chris Gr

Yes, that’s correct. Unfortunately, most people don’t want aristocracy but want either corrupted “democracy” or communism or fascism.

jens holm

I dont think we do here.

Chris Gr

Danes are still believing the “democracy” myth.

Joseph Day

No doubt ther we’re war crimes on all sides, don’t be naive.
I was told by an eye witness a whole platoon of US soldiers raping a Vietnamese girl. A very young one

jens holm

Thats right. It often is a question of levels in culture or lack of same.

We try and try. The americans almost paid their soldiers, so they could pay prostitudes. I hope it lowered the level.

The worst for me are the many in families, which condem people, which are raped and even name them as unclean.

It goes for the babies too. None of them has chosen their fatheror mother.

Deplorable Commissar

” And there were Russian war crimes. ”

Technically, those were Soviet war crimes, and more appropriately, Khazar war crimes.

jens holm

Khazars being more then 800 years old is a sensation.

Chris Gr

Yeah but there are descendants like the Nogais.


Exactly, lots of russian war crimes, often so bestial that nobody but red army soldiers would be so low and subhuman to commit them. For example: Mass-rapings of the women of the enemy. Ordered directly by the red army commanders. German government and commanders of course refrained from ordering their soldiers commiting such wicked anti-christ-like-things like mass-raping the enemies women. No. Such disgusting behaviour was only put up and done by judeo-communist UDSSR commanders and leadership, ordering the red army soldiers to commit these bestialities. Here: ,Look and listen to that old red army soldier, and him remembering and admitting massraping german women on orders of his commanders in 1945. https://bit.ly/39M5V9x (There are thousands more of these proofs, but of course the jewish medias in the west and of course also in russia-media do not show them to the public. Try to re-post that video on RT.com, and see what happens !)

Last edited 7 months ago by Sörenson

Correction: 1939-1945
War started when Russians and Germans attacked Poland together. Only later on Hitler and Stalin started arguing and attacked each other


The world owes President Putin and the Russian people a debt of gratitude for their efforts in eradicating the scourge of fahclsm and nahtzism where-ever it rears it’s ugly head.

First germany, and now 75 years later …. in uKRAPistan !

God bless you President Putin and the people you lead !



Wouldn’t have done it without Western support

jens holm

chewing gum

Chris Gr

This is just communist propaganda. The thing that made Germany and the axis lose was that they had no colonies and no free spaces.


The Nazis lost because they believed their own propaganda. They lost because they choose war instead of peace. If they had stopped with Anschluss of Austria, they would be a powerhouse to this day, and loved for it. Instead of concentrating on a productive, peaceful civilian economy and human rights, Nazis choose a destructive war economy and grotesque genocides.

Ukraine and US-NAYOYO had innumerable chances to choose peace and cooperation. They choose racist stupidity and violence instead. It will destroy them utterly.

Deplorable Commissar

” The Nazis lost because they believed their own propaganda. They lost because they choose war instead of peace. ”

No, they lost because they were fighting most of the Western world and Soviets at the same time. Similarly , Russia is also fighting most of the Western world now. We’ll see how things turn out.


Exactly, and in addition german government and commanders refrained from ordering their soldiers to mass-rape the enemies women. Such disgusting behaviour was only put up and done by judeo-communist UDSSR commanders and leadership, ordering the red army soldiers to commit these bestialities. Here: ,Look and listen to that old red army soldier, and him remembering and admitting massraping german women on orders of his commanders in 1945. https://bit.ly/39M5V9x (There are thousands more of these proofs, but of course the jewish medias in the west and of course also in russia-media do not show them to the public. Try to re-post that video on RT.com, and see what happens !)

Last edited 7 months ago by Sörenson
Chris Gr


Chris Gr


jens holm

I agree. It made no sense to be that big that fast. They might have taken half of POland as well by not attacking Brittain.

jens holm

People also forget Germany until 1933 was no real State but more a unification.

Preusssen became big bigwars to Denmark, Austria and France taken land from them and they also got internal land inside Germany.

We see the same for many countries of today. .

Chris Gr

The big powers of Europe were small states back then. I mean in the 18th and 19th century.


Although the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union brought Eastern Germany under its power and indirectly controlled the Balkans and Eastern European countries. We may be more or less indebted to the Soviet Union for defeating Nazi Germany, but this does not mean an affirmation of Soviet misdeeds.

In exchange for “gratitude” to the Soviet Union, we cannot turn a blind eye to Russia’s misdeeds. This is what led to the “collapse of the Soviet Union.” Poor security, numerous acts of corruption, low press freedom, low economic growth, and so on. Both the Soviet Union and Russia were inferior to the West in many ways, so they were simply given up on.

If you want to be adored, change your behavior.


Russia and all other Soviet Republics deserve honour for their destruction of Nazi Germany. It took only 4 years to complete this awesome task. It won’t take that long for Russia to annihilate the Banderite Nazis and their incompetent NAYOYO trainers.

jens holm

Actually it started in 1930.


Lev Lopukhovsky: Soviet military personal losses 1941-45: 14,600,000 deceased soldiers. During Finnish-Russian Winter War 1939-40, 105 days) : 167,976 deceased soldiers. Price of victories was terrible bloody. Almost all lost in 1991.


The greater evil won WWII and still rules us.


jens holm

Clark Kent is from Kentucky and has a Barbiegirl.

Putin’s Bane

Very actual. A superpower invades a country. The people in that country defend themselves heroically and defeat the enemy when it tries to conquer a major city with support of the USA. It is 1941 all over with different ideologies.

Jair PG

Viva Russia!!! People support Z, V and O

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Until Barbarossa the USSR was best of bst friends to the Nazis.

Moast of the rest of Europehas been in war fir 4 yers. many here will say, that germany ould not have won with no steel, iron, coal, nikel and a lot of food by the Russian support.

Before that they both celebrated dividing Eastern Europe.

And after May 09-1945 Europe all the way to west of Berlin got Stalin instead of Hitler.

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How much Lend-Lease was sent to Russia?

In total, the U.S. deliveries to the USSR through Lend-Lease amounted to $11 billion in materials: over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks, about 1,386 of which were M3 Lees and 4,102 M4 Shermans); 11,400 aircraft (4,719 of which were Bell P-39 Airacobras) and fx1.75 million tons of food, clothe and medicine.

None of that was denmande to be paid back and the lists are much longer.

There should be american flags in the whole europe this day even in the toilet windows.



1. By the end of Battle for Moscow (turning point of the war in the East) only 2.1% of the Lend lease have been send – practically no effect on the battle..

2. By the end of the Battle for Stalingrad only 14% of lend lease have been send – little effect on the battle outcome – not to mention that not everything send have arrived in USSR. In first 2 -3 years many convoys have fallen to the Nazi Uboats – but americans still count it as a help delivered..

3. 56.5% of the lend lease have arrived in the years 1944/1945 – when outcome of the war was already decided

4. Great Britain have received 3x (3times) the amount of help that USSR received – so go wonder why they didnt defeat Hitler by them self :)

5. Even France with no army, no territory and no impact on the outcome of the war have received 33% of the Lend lease that USSR received.. Go figure…

jens holm

And best greetings to the family of those many Russians killed by Stalin as well as for the uprisers in the warshava Ghetto.

Stalin made them finally find peace – in heaven and some in Gulag in delay..
Stalin seemes to have a better father for jews then Hitler.


When Russia turns off all gas flowing into Urupp in the coming winter the masses might just finally rise up and destroy that angloZionaZi empire of shit that has been exploiting them since the bankster takeover of USSA in 1913. Germanistan is delusional and appears more than willing to destroy itself for the third time for the oligarchs that own the evil EUSSR and have lashed Urupp like the proverbial albatross around the scrawny neck of the mob in the Washing town sewer. This will end very very badly for all involved but none more so than the German masses poisoned with 80 years of apple pie hubris and eternally schlepping their fake burden of khaZar gas chamber guilt.