White Helmets Accuse “Assad Regime” Of Using Chlorine Gas In Eastern Ghouta. MSM Repeats

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On March 15, the White Helmets, a notorious pro-militant propaganda mouthpiece, accused the “Assad regime” of conducing a chlorine gas attack in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta.

According to the White Helmets, the attack took place in the militant-held village of Hammuriyah late on March 14. The group claimed that many women and children had been targeted by the attack but that their number and condition are not yet clear.

The mainstream media already spreading reports about the new “chemical attack” using the White Helmets’ claims.

It’s interesting to note that the new “chemical attack” came just few days after the US had threatened to strike Syrian government forces in response to military opartions or “chemical weapons” usage in Eastern Ghouta.

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Here we go again – the stage is set now for the US stike. They have their excuse

leon mc pilibin

The only difference this time is that there will be a welcoming committee waiting for the zionist missiles and their carriers,,interesting times ahead.


Don’t worry it won’t happen as this time Russia said it up-front ‘Nyet’

No US or UK planes will dare to fly


Well, the brainwashed zombies are ready to believe this nonsense. Some of us already knew about this false flag some days ago. So no surprise.

Gregory Casey

They’re at it again, unfortunately. This is the last gasp of the militant Jihadis in Eastern Ghouta hoping that their paymasters in Washington and London, cheered on by Nikki Haley at the United Nations, will suddenly appear in the skies and bomb the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and Iranian Forces wherever they may be active in Syria. I strongly believe that US and, possibly UK & French Foreign Legion Nationals remain active in Eastern Ghouta and this call by the White Helmets is specifically designed to enable these rats to escape their Maker and bullets of Republican Guard and other Syrian Special Forces.


Don’t forget that White Helmetsrats are invented and organized by the British and proven payd/ Funded by British MI 6 and US CIA !

Gregory Casey

I know they are funded by CIA and MI6 …….. all the more reason to believe there are British and/or American Personnel remaining inside E Ghouta.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are 12 countries that are major contributors to the Whitehelmets nd also the ones whom are the major players in the Conflict funding these terrorist gangs belonging to Al Qaeda.

Cheryl Brandon

they get funding from world governments including Japan/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/CIA and /EU and others.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Great article on US operation Juniper Cobra by Whitney Webb in the mintpress.com. helps explain why and what they are doing and intending to do in Israel now.


Russian air force should have targeted them too!


Chemical attack, with Syrian forces only some hundred meters away right…


The problem is the western MSM reports never offer any realistic details about how chemical weapons actually work – just hysteria to garner support for more aggressive NATO intervention. As you point out, chemical weapons are completely useless and counter productive in any conventional urban combat such as East Ghouta. It was well established in Iraq-Iran war in 1980’s that chemical artillery has very, very, limited practical combat use – only really use is as area denial weapon on large, preferably flat, uninhibited battlefields. That makes chemical artillery a non starter for realistic combat operations – not really worth bothering carrying around.


I agree chemical weapons are held as a deterrent against long range attacks from a foreign power to provide retaliatory capabilities. Useless as a battlefield weapon.

BTW It appears that SAA have captured the area where they claim the attack took place. So this story will rapidly fall apart.


Solution: Target white helmets! Take their skulls!




jonhson larouche jacques cheminade ahaha!


WRONG- this type of propaganda is never aimed at the literate or educated. It’s aimed at dribblers who read tabloids, watch reality TV, and live for the soap operas. The TRUTH matters not. FACTS matter not.

What matters is what the other side (the TARGET) does to counter the propaganda. And in Putin’s case he consults his jewish inner circle, who tell him not to worry (guess why), so he sits on his hands as always.

I am watching Russia get slaughtered in the battle for hearts and minds across the planet. Our side does NOT grow- but worse we become more and more silent (out of our cozy little echo chambers) because the people around us are so perfectly programmed now, it is dangerous to even try to mention the truth.

And in our echo chambers, zionist horrors like The Saker actually control the hearts and minds of the less bright amongst us.

Ariel Cohen

Zionist horrors like you, you frickin whack-job . .Go back to Kiev, or Tiblisi and get a job doing something useful for society . .

You can call me Al

Look Boerre – stop being so logical here.


The problem is that the UNITED STATES, DEEP STATE, thing that the rest of the world is as STUPID AND IMBECILE LIKE THEY ARE, and will believe their FABRICATED FALSE FLAG.


Notice how one line DRIBBLE always gets the most upvotes. Well DUH, the Deep State always LIES- think you are clever pointing this out?

The question is WHY the Deep State lies, and why Putin is so dreadfully hopeless at pre-empting well know psy-op tactics, rendering them pointless in the first place.

Atrocity propaganda is a well-known and well researched tactic. It WORKS only when the other side is utterly hopeless- and guess what? Putin’s side is utterly hopeless. Case in point…

WW1 and atrocity propaganda was used to crucify the German State. WW2, and Hitler had learnt the lesson of all of Germany’s earlier propaganda failures, so Hitler pre-empted and rendered useless 99.9% of all attempts at atrocity propaganda against the nazis- to the extent that the Allies never even bothered to point out the atrocities the nazis were actually carrying out (which is why the world ended up so shocked AFTER WW2 ended).

We know the jews completed their take-over of the mass media outlets after WW2. This is why Britain can rely on world ‘journalism’ to lie in unity that ‘facts’ prove the ‘guilt’ of Russia in the nerve agent false-flag. But Putin not only thinks the jews are the ‘good guys’ (or more like the ‘master race’), he states whenever he can how loyal he and Russia are to the jewish cause.

So today there is a giant jewish knife in Putin’s back, but Putin simply shrugs his shoulders and dribbles “I’m sure it’s all a big mistake”.

Meanwhile the atrocity propaganda against Russia converts more and more ordinary people. And NOT necessarily because they believe it. But because increasingly Putin and Russia look like giant LOSERS, and few ordinary clods want to be on the ‘losing’ side. Psychology. How ordinary people think and feel and behave. What most of you here ignore.

Upvoting a moronic one liner proves you ain’t fit for purpose. Sorry to be so hard, but that’s the truth. Our side is losing because most of our side can’t read more than one short paragraph, never cracks open a book or reads a serious analysis, and thinks it’s all a ‘football hooligan’ game anyway.


Psy-ops are like marketing or “one line DRIBBLE”, if you prefer. It targets the larger audience because that is more effective. So counter psy-op or counter propaganda should do the same don’t you agree?

Regarding Putin and the “Joos” I can always reccomend a documentary called
“the rise of putin and the fall of the russian-jewish oligarchs” which you can find on youtube.

I find it interesting that the current spout of anti Russian sentiments in the western press coincide with the fall of some of the more powerful oligarks that rose to power following the fall of the USSR.

leon mc pilibin

This was already made clear a few days ago by Russia that this fake attack was coming..It seems the zionist terrorists are a bit behind schedule,lol.But that wont make any difference to the liars in uk,and jewsa .


White Helmets reality: £millions from UK govt. & others.

John Doran.


wank helmets wank again.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

assad gassed nobody


the whole his office.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes





Anyway Russia has said they will respond. This alone will make sure no US planes dare to fly nor useless Tomahawks able to reach their targets.

It’s about time Russia redeem itself from being a pussy talking about Partners or Western colleagues when the western partners having been having a gala gala time accusing russia of everything .

Promitheas Apollonious

russia redeeming herself with what she shown already stopping before the victory and arranging for turkey to get what they got in syria that will be united with the pieces isis has already under their control and US and stick it to the russians, make me to look at them with a lot of distrust in what they are trying to achieve. My understanding is they got scared facing the americans and their bigger mistake is they try to make friends in time of war with their enemies and reason with them.

Somewhere along the way they lost their balls and now they are looking for them.

Boris Kazlov

You guys really don’t understand Russians, Putin said it clearly: our response is assymetrical, Russia is weaker in conventional weapons and troop numbers so they will have to use tactical nukes which can lead to an unpredictable nuclear escalation, Russians are perfectly aware of this and they are NOT backing off, that is why Putin spelled it clearly for them in his last State of the Federation address.
But it was like speaking to the wall or worse, wall does not talk back.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not you guys friend, I am only one person and I do understand Russians and Russian mentality and way of thinking very well. I also understand what plays on the ground and I dont think Russia has a problem in conventional war on his home ground.

And outside of it if you notice again they have no problem since they use man power form the countries they helping and not their own. For the moment Russia does not take the initiative but follow and respond to what thier enemies are doing thus wasting too much time – energy and resources.

But as I say earlier we dont know everything as they do that is going down so we wait and see then we judge.

Ariel Cohen

Is that your real photo Promitheas, or are you hiding from something? Looks like you lost your balls “somewhere along the way” also . .

Promitheas Apollonious

Did I touch a nerve, defective DNA?

Ariel Cohen

Nothing like that bud. I have an excrement allergy . .

Boris Kazlov

So your allergy should go against yourself , your family and all your fucking Jewish shit.

Ariel Cohen

Always a failure of intelligence when someone has to resort to expletives. . .

Promitheas Apollonious

Don`t leave any one to walk out of there alive. This is the rats who can not live and fight another day. Eliminate them and then send them, to UK/Usrael to do as they please with them.

Ariel Cohen

Soon that fat pervert sitting on his arse in London (SOHR), chewing on falafels and sipping turkish coffee will be confirming the chemical attack . . .


comment imagecomment imagecomment image


Chemical Weapons lab factory run by terrorists discovered by SAA after liberation. Most of the equipment came from UK USA, SA. SAA also found Chlorine containers.comment image

John Whitehot

meanwhile another F-18F fell in Florida, all on board perished.

It must be the black year of the Hornet.


So, the SAA crushing their enemies relentlessly and only days away from complete victory in Ghouta decide to target women and children with a chemical in order to give the Yankee Skum an opportunity to attack them legitimately. For fuck sake are these fucking Morons only capable of repeating the same Lie over and over, have they never read Aesop’s fable of the boy who cries wolf. But then again we live in different times where MSM suppress all the information they do not want in the public domain. For example, the overwhelming weight of international legal opinion is that any intervention in Syria, other than by invitation of the Syrian government, or pursuant to a Security Council resolution, which doesn’t exist, is illegal. Yet we have the Yanks supported by their lapdogs Holland, Germany and Denmark to name but a few, illegally occupying and attacking SAA and its allies. While through msm lies, obfuscations and secrecy have been supporting this state of affairs ever since


Indeed they have now used this gas excuse so many times you can no longer call it a false flag – it needs a new name. False flags work best if used sparingly – not every week


Don’t think I have referred to these petty lies as false flag events in a long long time, however, whatever they are called they still have the potential to get a lot of brave Syrian soldiers killed.


Targeting the women and children first… classic military doctrine out of the textbook, allways hit the greatest threats first. Hospitals, Kindergartens, bakeries, markets, “sweet little babies” …


Erste, du bist ein Arschloch, aber das weisst du doch. Als naechstes, solltest wissen, woher du kommst. Die Hauptstat des Faschismus.

Boris Kazlov

He is richtig, babies and women draw a stronger emotional response than an old fart like me, that is why they use them, regretfully they don’t show the atrocities they commit against Syrian civilians, Syrian babies and women have been maimed by their airstrikes and shelling.

northerntruthseeker .

I want to see what our friendly neighbourhood Hasbara/JIDF agents that infiltrate these comment sections will have to say about this one…

Chomma Chopz

This was expected, same modus as in Aleppo? All the false flag signs where there for weeks now. Mad Helley’s rants, threats upon threats. Lapdogs UK & France licking away. Difference this time, Russia will kick back


Kill em, kill em all!

Eskandar Black

Must be comedy hour, all White Helmets employees, who are apparently not British agents, should be rounded up and burned alive, in British flags, and be pissed on for water by any citizens of E Ghouta who would put them out.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You got it it’s “Open Mike Pompeo night” with their usual oft repeated lie , only problem the SAA controls Hamouriyah as thousands of citizens left that region.

Cheryl Brandon

Just to remind people; Warshington HELLMETS/hooligans/Henchmen was created in 2013 by James Le Mesurier in Turkey. This is atypically UK affair. James Le Mesurier Red flag. Why does a mercenary have to create an “emergency service”/”humanitarian group? They have support from USA DO Defense/ Japan/UK off course/EU and Qatar. Why would UK need to create a humanitarian group who only saves injured terrorists when, there is a Civil Defense Worker operating in Syria since 1957. WH’s are a DISINFROMATION ASSET/AGENTS of the Global Mafia Hit Squad. THEY ARE NOT IN SYRIA FOR SYRIANS.

Eskandar Black

White Helmets are a state sponsored terrorist organization, they should be called out by everyone on obvious material and physical support, and crimes including manufacture and use of chemical weapons, war profiteering, kidnapping, and attempting to overturn the Syria, a sovereign nation.


Great and clear evidence of….”WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” that was Bush, Blair, Aznar told us, didn’t they ? Only USA people (with few exceptions) can believe this garbage.




And what is the proof you low life scum of white terrorists you fuckheads. your times is coming to an end no more white helmets no more making what you want to make soon SAA you execute you too.


Putin is using the years late operation in East Ghouta to HIDE the fact he has agreed to the de facto PARTITION of Syria. Even so, and even though Putin has once again agreed to give the Deep State almost everything they asked for, the Deep State still wishes to try to use events in East Ghouta as the final excuse for Britain, America and France’s week long air blitz of Syria.

Will junky white helmet lies be enough? Nah, they’re a busted flush. But with the false-flag in the UK, the Deep State believes it may have enough support amongst the technocrats of the West to go ahead anyway. This is why Putin has recently ramped up Russian military assets in the region.

In other words, Syria is now a real potential for starting WW3, as Putin’s government has explicitly stated it will sink British, French and American ships if they engage in strikes against Damascus- the only reason those ships are in the region.

It is no coincidence that Britian chose poison ‘GAS’ for its false-flag in Britain. Modern poisons of assasination are creams and liquids. But Britain wanted a propaganda conflation of all claimed use of “poison gas” by Moscow.

From zero to full blown nuclear war can be as little as TWELVE HOURS. Once Britain and America clash with Russia, Russia has less than an hour to act against NATO facilities across Europe before those units attempt pre-emptive strikes of Russia proper. Russian strikes against NATO facilities in pre-emptive self-defense trigger automatic nuclear strikes by the USA.

Putin bets the life of everyone on Planet Earth that France, Britain and the USA will not go ahead with their long planned intention to strike Damascus. The false-flag in the UK proves he is losing this bet.