Who Is Instigating Hot War Between NATO And Russia?

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Over the past few months NATO member states have sharply increased their pressure on Russia. The Euro-Atlantic establishment is strengthening the image of Russia as a fierce enemy. It is very useful to have such a foe to justify your own reckless foreign and domestic policy.

The situation has already led to a recognizable deterioration of the relations between the two sides undermining problem-solving mechanisms, like the UN Security Council or the OPCW.

The most alarming result of these actions is a growing military escalation between NATO and Russia in the Black Sea region and in Eastern Europe overall. NATO member states have increased their airspace activity and the number of ground military exercises near Russia’s border.

A notable development of this escalation happened on August 23 when British jets launched from the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base near the Romanian city of Constanta aiming to intercept a Russian Be-12 maritime patrol aircraft heading over the Black Sea from Crimea. Earlier, on August 21, two British Typhoon jets from the same Romanian air base scrambled to intercept two alleged Russian Su-30 flanker aircraft launched from Crimea. On August 13, British jets intercepted Russian Su-24 warplanes over the Black Sea.

According to the British side, these interceptions were carried out “to deter Russian aggression” in the framework of “the NATO Enhanced Air Policing (EAP) mission”. In all these cases, the Russian jets were far away from any part of what could be described as NATO airspace. On August 25, the Russian embassy in the UK described these actions as “reckless and provocative”.

Meanwhile, multiple NATO exercises took place in Poland and the Baltic States in close proximity to the Russian border. During summer 2018, the most notable of these were:

  • Saber Strike 18 took place in Poland and the Baltic States and involved 18,000 troops from 19 countries.
  • Swift Response 2018 was staged across Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia and involved thousands of soldiers from 10 different states.
  • The naval drill Baltic Operations 2018 involved about 5,000 personnel, 60 aircraft and 42 ships and a submarine from 22 nations.

Additionally, NATO member states, led by the US and the UK, are carrying out a large-scale anti-Russian propaganda campaign accusing Russia of provocations – for example patrols in neutral airspace over the Black Sea, employing “chemical weapons” in Europe – the Salisbury and Amesbury cases, and intervening into European and US internal politics by various means. In the framework of this narrative, Russian military drills, which it carries out within its own territory, are described as signs of aggressive and obstructive behavior. All attempts by the Russian side to appeal to the voice of reason are denounced by the Euro-Atlantic diplomats and the MSM as propaganda.

Furthermore, the MSM and the NATO leadership are consistently fueling military hysteria among servicemen of the military bloc’s member states. According to experts, the current level of anti-Russian propaganda has reached that of the hottest days of the Cold War and in some cases even exceeded it.

The current tense situation as well as continued attempts by NATO member states to pressure Russia by military means contribute to the increased probability of incidents involving the two sides. In a worst-case scenario, these military incidents could lead to deaths on both sides, local hostilities and, if a de-escalation mechanism is not developed, to an open conflict.

This approach poses a direct security threat to Eastern Europe nations unwittingly involved in this dangerous game.

Another important fact is that recently Russia has changed its military doctrine. Earlier, the Russian military doctrine, as well as the Soviet one, was to allow the use of nuclear weapons only in response to an aggressive attack by nuclear strike carried out by the enemy. The modern Russian military doctrine allows the use of nuclear weapons as a defensive measure in case of a conventional attack on its territory.

Russia has the world’s second most powerful military, but its ground forces are still outmatched by the combined ground forces of NATO. This factor also contributes to the possibility of a nuclear response by Russia if a fully-fledged war starts. The question appears to be what do the US and British elites hope to achieve by fueling anti-Russian militarism?

Could it be that their goal is to provoke a big regional conflict in continental Europe? Indeed, this would allow them to achieve several goals. On the one hand, they would draw Moscow into a large-scale conflict far away from their own borders and put Russia in a situation where it could suffer irreparable damage. On the other hand, the same kind of irreversible damage would be caused to the continental industrial complex and the European economy in general.

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Russie Unie



Not Jewish, neocons and Zionist perhaps.


Rothschild Zionists

Walter D.Burnett

Not Jews. Zionist Satanist Rothschild’s.


Yeah this article explains all the good reasons why this latest CW false flag in Syria feels really tense. That and the Russians have really upped the ante. The killing of the leader in Donbass was not a good sign either. 120,000 at his funeral, yikes, freshening up animosity for what?

The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that Russia and her allies seem good at actual results on the ground. F.uk.us wins all the games of propaganda and economic sanctioning. But by winning they mostly scare the shit out of all the world, are we next? Then those threatened, virtually every state, look for a new way to feel safe. These knots of economic cooperation are going to wind up hog tying the Empire. It is only a matter of time.


The majority in the West where I live are just as much subjects of the Rothschild banking realm as are the people on Wall Street or in the London banking centre. Everything seems to be coordinated towards their concentration of power and wealth such that if someone even breaks out with an alternate currency to those they control, they are going to be punished. It is the same on the national level when nations try to break out of their strangle hold and nationalize their resources or trade outside of their present leading world reserve currency – the US petrodollar. They are not only punished but if they persist, they are destroyed. That is the message our NATO nations are giving right now to Syria, Iran, Yemen, Venezuela and Russia. That is the reality.

We need alternate financial systems and real trust busting, and not like the sham effort when Standard Oil was diversified. It will probably take a revolution to achieve any real reform and we we will have to fight like hell to do it because most of the people in our society do not want to rock the boat as they are content simply to ignore the facts and the atrocities that our nations commit. They even chose to ignore the steady destruction of own Western civilization as they pander to the favors of the evil cabal running things. If it was just financial control they were exercising for stable economic development that may be fine, but the bastards feel they are entitled to control everything from what you digest in your morning media right down to the flakes you eat in your breakfast cereal.


Also, China, Libya, Philippines, Brazil, Italy, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. Problem is they have signalled the entire planet. Your stuff is ours, you can pay us rent on it or just process it for us. That you live in peace is not a guarantee that we won’t send proxies to fuck you up, the whole time paying us to protect you from them. You know like the mob.

They have overreached, more and more people see it for what it is. Every day the dominated work to loosen the chains. They build new organisations to fight oppression.

All the old institutions are fatally compromised. A common thug on the street could be more morally responsible than F.uk.us and fiends. His word might mean something. With F.uk.us they are guaranteed to F.uk.us!


You make a very erudite case Frankly.
The trolls do not seem to infect the forum here much now and the majority of posts add positively to the debates.
They get bored if being shot down in flames I suppose :)


It used to make me want to block and run but now I stand and fight, it’s amazing how as you stand up to them they reveal so much weakness and always hate.


That’s very true. They are also not very imaginative but I suppose that’s the result of following a narrative. I have blocked the most tedious trolls and will continue to do so. I have better things to do, such as chatting with you :)


Yeah sometimes it seems like they are just a diversion from more important actions. It feels important to bear witness to what has transpired for those who might wander through here on a quest for truth.

So often the Empire is pushing the latest narrative, acting as if everything that has been repeated on the MSM endlessly is a fact. I like to just keep bringing up the past, never explained, never proven, discrepancies. It seems very important to Empire to get us caught up in the latest thing totally ignoring what happened last week.

A website that just shows US military “mistakes” for instance would be a real eye opener. Just a running account of civilian, friendly fire and accidental mayhem they orchestrate. It is simply too consistent and helpful to terrorists to be dismissed.

Your writings and links are some of the best on this site.


I appreciate your writings as well Frankly.

I wonder if the White Helmets were modelled on this lot :)

“The first effective use of poison gas by German troops in April 1915 left the British Army scrabbling to find a way to retaliate in kind using chemical weapons. The Special Brigade was formed consisting of civilian technical experts and experienced front line soldiers to deploy the new weapon. They first saw action at the Battle of Loos in September 1915, where they opened 5,500 cylinders of chlorine, releasing 140 tons of gas and relying on the wind to blow it towards German lines. However, a sudden shift in the wind direction led to chlorine gas being blown back across the British trenches. In addition, retaliatory German artillery fire hit and burst further cylinders of gas, releasing them in the British lines. The chlorine killed ten men, and injured approximately 2000 more British soldiers. Later on in World War I, both sides would progress to using poison gas shells fired from artillery guns to prevent any more such incidents.”



Seems I have read that Syria and Russia have signed on to the OPCW conventions but the US hasn’t? Thus increasing the irony of the US throwing such a fit about it. Or is irony a strong enough word. It’s way past hypocrisy too.

Like Israel having nukes and it is against US law to give foreign aid to those who have not signed onto the Nuclear proliferation treaties yet have nukes.

It’s kind of like incestuous behavior when the villain knows he has AIDS. Somehow the death penalty does not do the crime justice, it demands something extra for such insidiously evil behavior.

This to me is why Empire seems increasingly desperate. They know what they have done. Caught and exposed they will face a very cruel fate. Note the fate of whistle blowers.


What we see with the NATO cries for being ready for war with Russia are principally designed to further the profits of Western arms manufacturers and the banks that support them I think.

I would think that few NATO crazies actually want a shooting war with Russia BUT there are a few in the Deep States of all the NATO nations who covet the immense mineral wealth of Russia. A national wealth that the Crazies managed to plunder during the 1990’s.

This Russian national wealth owned by the Russian People and now protected by the actions of President Putin, is all that can save the NATO nations from hyper inflation in the future and they want that wealth before China gains insurmountable strength.

There is obviously a lot more to this that I have not understood yet. :)


What these Plutocracies don’t understand is that they’ll never achieve their goals, only radioactive rain and underground living the rest of their lives; assuming of course that they’re members of the upper elite.

Promitheas Apollonious

they understand it much better than you do as they are the ones who pick up the pieces and pay the damages. maybe you must understand also that they dont have a choice as winner get it all. So no matter how senseless what they do look like still is either win or lose everything.

Tommy Jensen

We already have Saudi, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Britain, Japan, Ukraine, m.m. in our pocket.

We got Sovjet in our hollow hand in the 1990´es but slipped it again because we were too careless. It wont happen again…………LOL.

So why do you guys thing its so impossible for us to strangulate both Russia and Iran??? Just asking you guys…………………………………………..LMAOL.

Promitheas Apollonious

keep on dreaming. In the mean time back to reality…………………

Bobby Twoshoes

I hope you realise all your trolling just reinforces the stereotype of the ignorant, arrogant American, I bet you are obese too.

Concrete Mike

Hes actually the king of sarcasm…itntook me a while tobfigure itnout

Bobby Twoshoes

Well, sarcasm is the lowest form of humour… I don’t think he believes the things he says, or anything outside his own immediate desires for that matter. From what I have seen I think he has a personality disorder similar to narcissism except nobody has ever given him the positive criticism he craves so he has learned to be validated by the negative emotion he can cause in others. He may be too unpleasant to love but at least if you hate him you know he exists.


” Well, sarcasm is the lowest form of humour ”

and to complete the old adage you need to add

‘ and the highest form on intelligence ‘ :)

” It isn’t “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”, it’s “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit… but the highest form of intelligence.” If the second half of the quote didn’t give it away, the fact that it’s from Oscar Wilde, well-known witticist from times gone by, should give you a clue.6 Jun 2013

Bobby Twoshoes

Fair enough, I still don’t feel the latter part is relevant in this situation, it was a throwaway preamble to my main point anyway…


In fairness Tommy is taking the piss out of the US. He has a very dry sense of humour :)

Bobby Twoshoes

Maybe… It’s often difficult to discern intent on the internet. If he is only pretending to be an abrasive troll then he is doing a bang up job and he never breaks character to boot.


They can all inbreed together then in peace :)



Even if they’re the only survivors, that would be the toughest challenge ever faced by them in their entire pathetic existence. I would go so far as to say that if only one of them survived, he/she/it would commit suicide, not by any physical means, but the two halves of it’s brain would be at war until the host died from the battle.


And Trump will likely be with them as well. He could run English language classes to pass the time. :)


On a more serious note…. they didn’t like him when he was elected and they keep trying to find ways of getting rid of him. How long has the Deep State been investigating him for ‘collusion’ now? They keep failing to accomplish that feat politically. The fact that he acquiesces on bombing Syria and threatening Russia from time to time is probably the only thing that has saved his neck so far. I do believe though that if Trump actually damages sacred cows like NATO, for example, they’ll bypass the political solution and jump right to the JFK solution, for they have a compliant and faithful vice-president waiting in the wings.


That makes sense.


Yeah living like a mole, wondering when your body guards are going to come and put you on the BBQ, what a life! Read that is their biggest concern, loyalty of the slaves, why they spending so much money on robotic devices.


You are absolutely right on. NATO has become not a defensive tool for the globalists but an offensive tool of expansion. NATO now includes Macedonia and likely the middle east in the future. It will create an excuse for US and European conflict in any part of the world. As Brzezinski noted the country that controls Asia controls the world. This is ultimately about a Unipolar world and until people wake up we are all pawns.

Nigel Maund

Good commentary FG ! Although time is fast running out!


Thanks Nigel.


Obviously you don’t understand even what you’ve written- Russian national wealth owned by the people?!! Tell that to Putin and his kleptocract Buddies.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia should strengthen ties with Iran..because in case of war vs NATO…Russia would play these cards..1º Close Hormuz strait…2º Cut gas and oil to Europe…3º Ask Algeria and Azerbajan to do the same… 4º make attacks with cruise missile,ballistic missile and long range air to ground missile to oil refineries and depot beside power plants in EU..5º launch long range antiship missile vs petrol&LNG ships to avoid supplies…so in few days NATO army will collapse…anyway I think that no army would face vs Nuclear superpower…we have seen what happened in North Korea…

hope springs eternal.

Day one- Nuke DC and Tel Aviv. Peace.


What a brilliant idea :)

hope springs eternal.

Thank you, Florian!

paul ( original )

Putting to one side for the moment the evident truth that Western Politician
are evil down to the core of their beings; it is also evident that
they are engaged in the classical practise of diverting the attention
of their populations on to an external enemy. This is basically trick
number one from their bag of dirty tricks. They have not the sense to
understand what they are doing. They well may end up provoking an all
out war. If that happens so be it and I hope I will survive long
enough to enjoy the sight of these people decorating the end of a
long rope.

PJ London

‘But when he is disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.’
– Plato on tyrants, The Republic

paul ( original )

Yes a very old trick indeed.

Val Shadowhawk

Let us hope!!

Dušan Mirić
Walter D.Burnett

Rothschild/Vatican-Jesuit/Freemasonry Illuminati controlled NATO hard at work.

Concrete Mike

Good ol gadaffi. Who woukd have thought 7 years later we all miss him

Walter D.Burnett

Muommar Gaddafy was planning to set up a gold based economy. The Rothschild worldwide banker elite would not let that happen, so pphhtt went Muommar. As such, the U.S. receives the entire blame.


His people certainly do .

Walter D.Burnett

Apt illustration. The Rothschild’s have with subterfuge and financial coercion, orchestrated, supported, financed and profited from both sides of every war and conflict since the American Revolution to date. They were behind most high profile events such as 9/11, etc. Following WW1, they organized and established The League of Nations, which later in April 1946, handed over all their assets and properties to the United Nations and here we are today. The U.S. herself is not so much to blame for the recent wars such as in Turkey, Syria and elsewhere, but the blame lays with those who are in control of the world, The Illuminati. They are working against Russia, since their booting out the Rothschild ‘central bank’ and arresting many of the “bankers.”

Vince Dhimos

Things that affect Russuphobic hysteria: US upcoming elections this fall, elections in UK and EU in May 2019. The imminent victory of Assad over US proxy terrorists in Idlib. There is a sense in the West that all is lost. All those lives and trillions for nothing. How can this happen to such nice people as us???


Russia isn’t cooperating with the Jew world order’s hegemony project because it’s a threat to Russia. So it’s using the NATO Jew 3 to cause problems in Europe to try to slow down their progressing defeat in Syria.


Why didn’t the Russian planes disabled the British planes with their ‘famous’ electronic warfare, that can disable even destroyers?

Concrete Mike

You dont show your dick to every passing girl on the street my boy. The element of surprise tastes so much better.


You stepped over some sort of line there. Tastes maybe did it. Why even bother with the Kosher Kid?


Bitching about every girl crossingyour way and complaining why is she so far from home is an element of even greater surprise, but not my taste.

Real Anti-Racist Action

AIPAC and many other Israel lobbies who own and run the UK government, the US government, and parts of the European Union. I am posting the proof below with sources. Just look at Al Jazeera new documentary on how the Israel lobby runs England. And the US documentary has been put away, or else Qatar will be invaded by Saudi Arabia.

Jens Holm

Vert biased version. Hardly anything about the increased Russian acrivity.

Icarus Tanović

You’re playin tough? I’ll show you who’s rough!


What is driving all this NATO jingoism?
The smell of impending death. Some European politicians are now openly toying with the idea of a European defense network that includes Russia at the possible expense of the United States. There are those within NATO who have always considered the alliance as a tool to affect the break up of Slavic territories reaching all the way to the Urals and beyond, so for them, it’s a matter of use it or lose it. They have, at best, a decade in which to unleash a world war on the planet. The forces that oppose them are growing in strength and number. If they do not act quickly, the anglo-izionists will not be able to act at all.

Dagfinn Klausen

If Trump is Chabad and high level Mason, compromised by trips on “Lolita express”, he is totally controlled by Masonic Zionists and Israel.
Their dollar based monetary system is coming to an end, so a reset has to be initiated.

If Donald Trump has been assigned to this, for them, important task, he may proceed as follows:
– “US Economy is thriving”, is just hot air, but people believing it
– “Assad vaging chemical attack on his own people” is running out of steam, and must be replaced by something more convincing, like Operation Blackjack, as described by The Telegraph.
– NATO Military presence is increasing in Black Sea and outside and inside Syria, ready for action, and will respond acording to article 5

Then dollar reset, blamed on the war.
Banking system saved, and Israel having weakened its neighbour countries, they regard as a threat.


I recomend this article.
Norwegian translation.
English version
“Behind the Anglo American War on Russia”
By F. William Engdahl
11 September 2018

Dagfinn Klausen

Very Interesting Thank you.


No, I have not read that.

Dagfinn Klausen

Suggest reading it.
For me, it was an eye-opener.
Authour Williiam Guy Carr was possibly assasinated, after the book was released.


I have researched how the migrations are financed through the UN system today, and the nations and private donors have given 3,249,999,178 this year.



Thank you.


WW3 is inevitable.
Putin knows it and tries to get some more time because US-NATO-ISRAHELL is on decline and Russia is steadily growing.
And I can agree, people in the East Europe are utterly brainwashed, especially young people in big cities.
They are the new “lost generation” thanks to Soros and his minions in mainstream.
I can say, that for example Austria and partly Germany !?!?!?!?!?!?! has much better relations with Russia then so called east bloc countries, especially Poland behaves like idiot.
Not mentioning Ukraine.

PJ London

Every day that the war does not start, allows Russia, China, India, Iran and others to get stronger, whilst USA, UK and Europe get weaker.
Every day USA NATO have fewer allies or dependants and Russia China have more.
Every day, the population of USA – NATO are waking up to the propaganda lies and attacks on Russia, and the populations of Russia China (et al) are becoming more patriotic in the face of the attacks.
Putin and Xi are doing wonderfully well in being restrained, which is driving the Trumps, Mays, Merkels crazy.
With luck, the west will self-destruct through an economic meltdown precipitating a civil war – revolution, meaning that the rest of the world does not have to do anything but be patient.

“In economics, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could.”

— Rudiger Dornbusch

Concrete Mike

I agree with you.

Merkel is questionnablenright now. She knows its betterbfor germany tondo business with russia. This issue of german russia business has caused 2 world wars, maybe 3 soon.

In a crazy way, i see merkel as europes erdogan, sitting on the fence, playing both sides. This is good, shows that nato is not as united as it pretends to be.

Lets hope cooler heads prevail.

PJ London

NATO’s (Anglo-American) purpose “To keep Russia out, Germany down and France in.”
De Gaulle caused a short problem but that got solved.
Merkel is incredibly weak but there is no one to replace her. She knows that from an economic viewpoint Russia-China-East is the future, from a political viewpoint it is suicide. She went along with Soros for too long.
AfD may get enough support but they have a long struggle, the migrant crisis may just be enough in a year or three to swing the country back to Nationalism, and that scares the cr*p out of all the other countries and parties.
Putin and Xi playing King Log.
The west should pray that they do not get to meet the Bear or the Dragon.

Panthera Pardus

I would write off the UK as a fighting force, it is collapsing from within, not only this video look at the suggested playlist.
In Turkey you see turkish people walking on the street dressed in a civilized manner with the inevitable veil for the women – also in Russia, you can spot the muslim but they are pretty normal – you do not see this proud show of third world dressing style.
It is the payback for having being a colonizing power ? r.i.p. UK we will not miss you



It looks like ‘kicking out time ‘ after Friday prayers. They block the streets like this all over the country :)


The way I see it, the Zionists that run the U.S. and the U.K. are going to be moving to the East, as Brzezinski implied. When they say that power is going to shift away from the West and move to the East, I think they mean Their power. So before they leave, they are going to destroy the U.S. by poking a stick in the eye of every nuclear armed state that they can so that the objects of their military, financial, electronic and psyop aggression will be forced to nuke the U.S. in retaliation. In this way they will effectively destroy the U.S. without having to take the blame for it. That is the political side of things. On the religious side, the Synagogue of Satan will kill off the Christian population in the U.S. as a mass human sacrifice. It is a win/win for them.

This has been planned well in advance, with our economy being subverted and used to fund the Chinese economy and military for something like 30 years now. This is similar to how the U.S. was key in building up the Japanese and German militaries before World War Two. The effect is also something of a repeat of the technique used by the Synagogue of Satan in taking over Russia and Germany and making them fight each other, thereby killing off as many ethnic Germans and Slavs as they could manage, many of whom were also Christians, by the way.

They have deliberately left our military, our economy and our infrastructure vulnerable to EMP, nuclear, biological and chemical attack. They have been fighting for years to keep our borders open and vulnerable to a ground invasion. The slave masters of America will probably make good their escape while the U.S. citizens are left holding the bag.

Same drill, different century.

Nigel Maund

The Rothschild’s headed Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal realise that their evil debt financial system is coming down very soon and wish to engineer a war to distract the masses from blaming them for the coming financial holocaust. They have targeted Russia which they wish to destroy to bring under their control in their long sought desire to establish Global Hegemony for their extremely evil Fascist Dictatorship under a single Global Government, World B

Brother Thomas

WW2 left continental Europe in ashes, and left the US not only the uncontested world superpower but also created the post-war boom in the US which lasted well enough into the 1970’s.

This video report made me wonder if the US would like another war fought on European soil, as one way to “make America great again”?