Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

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Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

The Oil Stills of Al Mansura near Al Raqqah Photo: David Rose

Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

It is well known that Syria suffers from stifling economic crises. The most severe of them hit the fuel sector, in which the Syrian state may soon emerge from a shortage, until it faces another shortage, within the ongoing petrol, diesel and gas crises in all the Syrian governorates.

These crises are the result of the thefts of the Syrian oil derivatives by America and Turkey, which control most of the Syrian oil fields in the north and east of the country, noting that the largest number of these fields are under the American and SDF control.

This control and the thefts of the oil derivatives, their smuggling and selling outside of Syria contravene all international laws and norms saying that the sources of the subterranean wealth in any country belong to its people and are managed by their state, and any external control over these sources is a violation of the national sovereignty of the country.

Who Is Behind Attacks On Illegal Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Of Turkish-Backed Militants?

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Amid the aggravation of Syrian crises and failure of diplomatic efforts to secure the transition of the Syrian oil to its owners, the Syrian government has recently changed its approach towards the theft operations that affect the oil wells, especially since these important strategic materials have come under the control of terrorist organizations and armed factions affiliated with Turkey directly from the fields under the US control.

The new trend appears through the targeting operations that have affected several times the illegal oil burners, the militants in the areas of “Jarablus” and “Al-Bab” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, especially since this oil comes from the areas controlled by the “SDF”, meaning that the SDF supplies the militants with the stolen Syrian oil at a time when all the regions of the Syrian state are suffering from crises.

This confirms that the Turkish claims about its intervention in the Syrian war in order to fight the “SDF” are false, as it’s supplied with oil from the areas under the control of the factions and the terrorist organizations through the support of “SDF” , which has become categorically rejected by the Syrian state.

Some locals believe that the recent attacks, although are unprecedented, are nothing but an announcement by the Syrian state that it will no longer remain silent about the abuses and thefts of its oil, that it will defend the rights of its citizens, and it will not accept the continued loss of these resources while the country is experiencing such severe crises.

The Syrian state takes into consideration the Russian efforts that seek to achieve understanding between the Syrian state and the “SDF” with regard to the oil resources that the SDF controls, noting that these Russian efforts wouldn’t have existed in the first place if it was not for the continuation of the Syrian stance towards the “SDF” at its moderate level, among the rejectionists. Due to its violations of the Syrian unity, and the calls for it to abandon the foreign support, considering that the Kurds are part of the Syrian component.

In the recent times, understandings have emerged between the “SDF” and Damascus, with Russian coordination, which stipulated to open the door for transportation of flour from silos and warehouses under the control of the “SDF” to the regions of the Syrian state.

This is an important consensual step that could pave the way for the return of part of the stolen Syrian oil.

However, what is certain for the Syrian state is the dependency of most of the “SDF” decisions to America that supports it and controls the largest number of the Syrian oil fields, in contradiction to the international principles and laws.

The thing that completes the American crime against the Syrian people is that the theft of the oil derivatives that are the right of the Syrians and their sale outside the country, coincide with America preventing the entry of fuel into the country through supplies from foreign countries, through the unfair sanctions imposed on the country and forcing various countries to submit it, as it has placed dozens of obstacles for the countries that break this blockade, such as Russia and Iran.


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