“You Can’t See or Hear It” – Israel Reveals Details of Its New High-Energy Laser Technology


"You Can't See or Hear It" - Israel Reveals Details of Its New High-Energy Laser Technology

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On January 9th, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that it had made a breakthrough in laser weapon development. Israel has reportedly developed a new laser technology to intercept aerial threats, including rockets and anti-tank guided missiles.

The new laser technology “makes the security apparatus more lethal, more powerful and more advanced,” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said.

He said that this new weapon would be added to Israel’s other tools for waging war.

“We will add a laser sword when dealing with threats from the North or the South. The enemies of Israel better not test our resolve or our abilities” Bennett warned.

Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Rotem, head of the Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Research and Development, said that a new stage of warfare was incoming.

“We are entering a new age of energy warfare in the air, on land and at sea. The R&D investments made by the DD [Directorate of Defense] R&D in recent years have placed the State of Israel among the leading countries in the field of high-energy laser systems.”

This is a development 10 years in the making according to reports.

“This is a dramatic solution to rocket fire,” said Dubi Oster, head of the DDR&D Optronics Department. “We have been working on this for years. But it is challenging to get a good-quality beam to stay the size you need at the range you need… for example, a beam the diameter of a coin from here [in Tel Aviv] to Herzliya.”

According to Oster, the ministry was able to take several laser beams and, with an advanced algorithm, connect them to get one strong beam that is able to intercept and take down a variety of threats.

Based on high-energy electric lasers rather than chemical laser technology, the robust system will complement the other layers of Israel’s aerial defenses and will be a strategic change in the defense capabilities of the state, the ministry said.

According to Brig. Gen. Rotem, some of the advantages of the high-energy lasers include the ability to continually use the system at lower cost, higher effectiveness and with efficient management.

This would, in turn, lead to a lower number of missile interceptors used by the Iron Dome and other defense systems, since they aren’t exactly cheap.

“During a war, missile interceptors will at one point run out, but with this system, as long as you have electricity, you have a never-ending supply,” he said.

“This is a weapon that you can’t see or hear,” Rotem said, and every time it is used it would be quite cheap, since it only runs on electricity.

The use of two different and complementary technologies – kinetic air-defense-like systems, such as the Iron Dome, and laser platforms – “is a game-changer,” Rotem said.

Three programs for the development of high-energy laser weapons demonstration systems have been launched as a result of the reported breakthrough:

  • a ground-based laser system to complement the capabilities of the Iron Dome;
  • development of a maneuverable platform-mounted laser system to defend troops in the field;
  • development of a laser demo system mounted on an air platform to intercept threats above cloud covers and for the defense of wide areas.

“This is one system with many options – the weapon of the future,” Rotem said.

In 2020, there are trials planned of the new development and they are likely to be interesting.

“This technology enables the development of highly effective operational systems that will serve as an additional layer of defense to secure the State of Israel by air, land and sea,” the ministry said.

Just before New Year’s Eve, on December 30th, Israel announced that it had developed a new small-scale laser weapon, to be used in intercepting balloons and multicopters, frequently used to carry explosives or flammable weapons over the borders.



  • Ilya Grushevskiy

    Good for roasting Palestinians too I suppose.

  • bob

    Way to go Israel!

    Should work wonders against third world junk that the mullaphiles think can destroy anything,which we now know they can’t,ie blowing up tents in Iraq won’t win you a war

    • klove and light

      learn reading first moron………..These are all TRIALS…TESTING and all be done in labs…….you Folks are light years away of any such weapons of laser beams…….

      ps. quess what moron….just found an article from 1983, were nasa and others tell us how in 2020 man will have cities on the moon…………..

      • bob


        I bet if this type of weapon system was announced by Putin, all the Putin fan club would be here blathering about more Russian weapons and what a genius Putin and the Russians are!

        I wonder if this laser system would be good against hypersonic???

        Looks like Putin’s fan club have been slam dunked by superior tech

        Well done Israel,of course if Iran want to test this system out, I’m sure the IDF will be happy to oblige a full demo!

        • Damien C

          Lasers if viable would be the only thing to defend against hypersonic projectiles.
          However unless you’re you have a nuclear power plant strapped to the source projecting enough power to cut deeper than 25mm at a distance beyond 20 metres is is a massive task.

          Now you have to think about projecting that power over a distance of 340 miles to the hypersonic missile and keep it on the target for 1 minute to cut through 25 mm

          This is way beyond mankinds scientific abilty at present

  • Albert Pike

    “…as long as you have electricity, you have a never-ending supply,”

    Well this suggest it does need substantially more juice than a light bulb or two…

  • klove and light

    hahahah….. they are still YEARS away from a laser beam weapon beiing used as a missile interceptor…..and i´m not writing about 2 or 3 years… i mean 10+ years if ever……….same jew Propaganda as their bullshit useless iron dome…….i will quote from the IDF report of the hezbollah war 2006 and the Impact of Israels air defense….

    ” the average success rate of the iron dome was 22% during the hezbollah war 2006…………….”

    it is in the Internet out in the open the IDf report of Missile defense during hezbolah war 2006……..

    ps. the americans have a similaR SUCCES RATE..Patriot System or THAAD System around 20-30%….

    the russian Systems have a way higher rate… S-400 has a 75+%rate at Missiles and 90+% at planes..

    the issue here is quite simple to explain, which also explains the difficulty with “laser-beam” weapons Shooting at fast moving Targets ie. missiles

    the RUSSIANS use “close Impact” technology

    the americans and Israelis use “full Impact” technology

    the difference is that the russian Missile does not have to “Impact” or “HIt” the target to destroy it, rather the russian Missile will explode at a particluar range FROM target to destroy it….

    the american and israeli Missiles have to “HIT” the target Point blank….. and hitting a fast moving target is a lot harder to accomplish than the Technology the russians use of “close Impact”……

    anyway, that explains also the difficulty with laser beam weapons that target fast moving Targets……..just not possible nowadays from the tech standpoint…Maybe in coming years…

    • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

      I have doubts that it works in the rain too

    • Ewan

      True True. Zio Hasbara pumping out BS like a sewer pipe. Remember the 2nd Gulf war the “amazing success of the Patriot”. Well, in reality, it hardly intercepted WW2 Scuds the Iraqis were sending.

    • John

      I agree klove, it is a propaganda blurb.

    • Jake321

      Yeh, those Russian missiles are real effective in taking down civilian airliners and their own spy planes.

      • Dipshit, they destroyed hundreds and hundred of american planes in Vietnam alone… go to hell and ask McCain…
        American patriots tho can’t even intercept a cheap yemeni drone lol. How many iranian missiles were intercepted? 0.
        American air defense is broken, worthless pile of shit… just as your “brain” 😁

    • Peter Jennings

      The isreali regime warns the world that they now have a weapon which one cannot hear or see? Sounds like wishful thinking with a tint of desperation.

      The regime should let us see it in action before they brag about it. They did the same about the Iron Dome, and then went quiet after Hezbollah called it out. The Patriot missile was also shown to be a dud.

  • Z.P.

    Laser gadget is for “destroying” little children’s balloons.

    More civilian killings from US terrorists in occupied Afghanistan.
    “at least 60 civilians, including women and children” died in US drone strikes in Shindand, a town in southern Herat. The outlet reported that four armed drones attacked several homes, targeting Mullah Mohammad Nangyalai, the regional leader of an insurgent faction of the Taliban led by Mullah Mohammad Rasoul. Some 30-35 Taliban fighters were also reportedly killed in the attack.


  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    that is gonna fuck up those kites and balloons.

    send up a glitterball, see what happens

    • Peter Jennings

      Maybe a disco inferno for any mishaps.

  • Assad must stay

    Why do I feel this will end up like how effective “iron dome” is? Lmao

    • Ewan

      Jake321 and his troll army getting beat up real bad on this forum. Just hope they have the only weapon that can prevent hezbollah and 100 000 PMU’s from invading Israel and sending them back to Khazaria – balls.

      • Helen4Yemen

        I have been wondering if Jake321 will ever show up here
        again now that I am here commenting. I had blocked it for
        years but I unblocked it yesterday. I doubt Jake321 would
        dare come here again, we shall see.

        • Jake321

          You are always wrong.

      • Jake321

        It’s not the weapons I have that count but those that the Israelis have which includes a top military with a couple of hundred mostly thermonuclear missiles.And support from by far the most power country on the world. No one in Israel has ever been to Khazaria so how would they be going back there? On and Khazaria hasn’t exited for over a thousand years. So guess the Jews of Israel will be staying right where they are and anyone who seriously tried to change that reality will not be long for this world even it it means turning the attackers and their homelands in to glow in the dark parking lots.

  • Ewan

    IDF should ensure its planners lay off the Star wars movies for a while.

  • Rodger

    Lasers…. a bit of shiny foil and they are useless. :’)

    • good american

      I’ve already got my tin-foil hat, it shouldn’t be difficult to make anti-semitic tin-foil armor.

  • good american

    Hmmmm.. sounds rather suspicious. You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, and they didn’t want to test it against Iranian missile tech.
    Sounds like propaganda for Israeli public consumption coming out so soon after the Iranian Surprise.

    • goingbrokes

      I think they’ve got plenty of undeclared military tech, and it just gets rolled out at politically convenient moments.

  • Helen4Yemen

    We will add a laser sword when dealing with threats from the North
    or the South. The enemies of Israel better not test our resolve or
    our abilities

    The question is: who the hell are you? A bunch of Europeans who feel
    so ashamed of their European blood but would love the Middle Eastern
    blood. These aliens arrived in our region as Israelite returning home but
    what is so odd is that these aliens look like the Germans but like no one
    in the Middle East. Their DNA is the purest of all Europeans at 100%.
    Ben Gurion must have repeated a thousand times he was not taking
    anybody’s land but taking back his that he left behind 2000 years ago.
    These creatures must be pushed out of Palestine by any means

    • Jake321

      And who will do that? You? Do note that Ashkenazi Jews on average have about 50% Levant DNA markers. And maybe to you most look European, but do note that all your Nazi and even Islamist friends always post mimes of Jews with Mideast features. Oh, and Ashkenazis are NOT a majority of the Jews in Israel. There are just as many from Arab and other Muslim states. Try to keep up.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Who will do that? The same Arabs who kicked out the Crusades, the British, the French, the Italians. The Ashkenazi depends on US power for his survival. Jew hatred in the Middle East is above 96% but in Germany, Britain, France only 6%. Why is the white man not willing to return home. He will miss the billions of free US$, that is the reason, is it not?

        You are saying Ashkenazi mama is European but papa Abraham? It means then that when the Ashkenazi is “returning” only 50% of him is returning bringing with him his other 50% European? Alan Dershowitz is 99.9% European. What do you think happened to him that he missed out on the 50% Levant DNA? And why “Levant” since Abraham was from Ur in Mesopotamia and according to the Bible he hated Levant women?

        • Jake321

          You are intentionally playing stupid. As most all the DNA studies show there is on average about 50% Levant ancestry center on where Israel is today for the Ashkenazi Jews. So by definition, some one who is European Ashkenazi is typically about half Mideastern. They are NOT just European. Oh, and if you are Yemeni what say do you have anyway about the Levant? That’s not your area. And as a non-Jew without Israeli citizenship what say do you have about Israeli policy? You are an outsider with zero interest and no power but a sick obsession which has no real world meaning. But you are funny with your intentional ignorance.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Gideon Levy – Haaretz reporter after he did his DNA test with 23andMe
            and his results were 100% Ashkenazi:

            “There’s not a trace of the Land of Israel in my ancestors’ journeys in
            the past 275,000 years. They never saw it, not even through binoculars.
            It’s the definite end of my Zionism. My deep connection with the Land of
            Israel faded in an instant and became nonexistent. My parents and my
            grandparents had no previous connection with Palestine/Land of Israel.
            My paternal forebears moved from East Africa to Europe via the Caucasus.”

      • Helen4Yemen

        What right do you think a Jew from Yemen or Morocco has to Palestine.
        That would be the same right a Kenyan has to Uganda? There is no way
        you can provide evidence that there are more non-European Jews than
        European Jews. The day we kick out the European Jews, the other Jews
        will in a hurry get their stuff and flee. It is the Ashkenazi who has the deal
        with the US govt to receive billions of free money.

        He look! White Ashkenazi don’t look German,
        hell no, they look like their cousins, the Arabs!
        L a u g h i n g !

        • Jake321

          Whose this “we” big shot? The Jews of all backgrounds have their country and there is nothing a non-Jewish Yemeni has to say about it. Don’t like it? Tough! Try to chance it by force and die. Some things should be very easy to understand even for a bigoted idiot like you.

          • Helen4Yemen

            The European Jews are on Arab land only by the use of force
            and not because the Europeans have a right to it.


            Lieutenant Colonel Harold B. Hoskins
            September 27, 1943.

            In regard to Palestine, the President seemed well informed on the
            complications with the Arabs not only in Palestine but throughout
            all the Middle East if a Jewish State were established in Palestine.
            I had the opportunity to emphasize again what he had already been
            told—that the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine can only
            be imposed by force and can only be maintained by force


            Lieutenant Colonel Harold B. Hoskins
            March 5, 1945.

            I said that the Zionists had attacked me particularly for the statement
            in my 1943 report that a Zionist State in Palestine could be installed
            and maintained only by force. I asked the President (Roosevelt)
            if he agreed with this conclusion, which the Zionists continue to
            deny most aggressively, and he said he fully agreed with me.



  • <>

    Well done, our defense industries prove once again why they are one of the best in the world. Made me proud!